When it comes to choosing a kratom strain, you've got choices. We keep a variety of the best and most popular strains on hand for our customers to help make your kratom routine even more convenient, and help you to chill and take the edge off after a long hard day, or improve your mood when you get up in the morning.

Different Strains for Different Folks

An old friend used to say – “if everybody liked Chevys, they wouldn’t make no Fords.” That old saying rings true when it comes to people choosing kratom strains for a daily routine – what that means is that different people have different preferences! And the strains that they choose reflect that.

First of all, there's not just one kind of kratom. There are several dozen kinds, for example, red or green Bali, or Red Vein Thai, or Yellow Sumatra or Indo strains.

Here's the interesting thing – each strain comes with its own exact levels of different kinds of beneficial impact. People make detailed charts about how each strain impacts a person's mood, or helps with a particular type of balance mentally and emotionally. These charts and documents help them to pick neatly from the kratom menu and explore in detail how all of these different strains work.

Rotating Kratom Strains

Some of the most complex kratom routines go even beyond picking a favorite strain.

In the kratom community, you might hear people talking about avoiding something called ‘stagnant strain syndrome.’ They're trying to label the impact of sticking with one strain for so long that you lose out on the opportunity to micromanage your kratom impact with dynamic strain choices. In other words, your body builds up a tolerance, and that strain just isn’t doing what it used to. No problem – just switch it up for a bit.

We accommodate rotating strains with our collection of products that feature Bali, Thai, and other kinds of kratom. We have deliberately put together an excellent “menu” of kratom choices to allow you to select the best options for you and your personal use.

The Coolest Natural Regimen

CBD and hemp are everywhere right now, but kratom still isn’t getting the attention that it deserves. As a safe legal supplement, kratom is something that lots of people are going to be curious about if they see using it in public. That gives you an opportunity to spread the word – about this interesting alternative – and to be a trend-setter in your peer group.

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