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A++ by George on 07/14/2019

Best Bali on the market

A++ by George on 07/12/2019

Best Bali on the market

Great for pain by Ben on 07/12/2019

For the price, the best kratom for pain. Also, have trouble sleeping and the bali(or any of the reds) help tremendously for falling and staying asleep.

Great Kratom by Ben on 07/12/2019

Red Vein Indo is great for my foot and knee pain. Highly recommend

Consistent by T on 07/12/2019

Consistent quality, helps with sciatica and joint pain, fast ship time.

Mix by Ashley on 07/09/2019

I mix this w the white and it's a perfect blend for energy, combatting depression and anxiety.

Fantastic customer service & excellent product by Annie on 07/09/2019

I love purchasing from this site and have been for years. The service is very fast and customer service is top notch. The capsules have helped me with my arthritis and add to my focus. Fantastic all the way around!

The Best by Tonya on 07/07/2019

The is definitely my preferred strain. Decent prices and fast shipping. Highly recommend the products and vendor.

Great product and reliable company by Lisa on 07/07/2019

I have been using the Bali strain for migraines and anxiety for about 3-years now and have purchased through various companies. The quality from is much higher (a little pricier but well worth it for the superior product).

Red Vein by Fatina on 07/03/2019

Helps me Sleep Every Night. Love it

relief by Joyce on 07/02/2019

Red vein helps when I'm out of pain pills. It helps with my pain and with the symptoms of withdrawal.

very good to work with by Dortha on 07/01/2019

very good for pain and wont make me feel sleepy

Great pain management by Kathryn on 07/01/2019

I am very pleasantly surprised by how effective this product is for chronic pain. After multiple surgeries, I've been left hurting most the time, I've found this to be a great alternative to the medication I was receiving. I'm thankful to have access to something that actually helps.

Bali Kratom by David on 06/29/2019

Very fast shipping and kratom quality is superb. Have been ordering for years and never have been disappointed. Bali works the best as far as concentration and mood enhancement out of all the ones I have tried. Have suffered with depression and social anxiety disorder and kratom turned into a fix all, which is a whole lot better than taking multiple prescribed medicine.

Really helps my shoulder pain by Dave on 06/28/2019

I have chronic neck and shoulder pain and this stuff makes life so much better!

Real pain relief! by Savannah on 06/27/2019

I am a 29 year old woman and a stay at home mom of a 2 year old. My husband is a truck driver so most of the house stuff and child care is left up to me 80% of the time. I have been battling with fibromyalgia for some time and have tried Lyrica and Gabapentin. It is well known that both of those medications have the side effect of significant weight gain. That is a serious problem for me since I had gastric bypass surgery in 2014 and lost 125lbs. I did end up gaining weight on those medications and then quit then. Once I lost the excess weight I started researching alternative pain relief. Since I live in Georgia which limits medicinal cannabis, I knew that was a lost cause. I ran across the documentary “A Leaf of Faith” on Netflix and it really caught my attention. I eventually found my way to I tried a few different strains and once I found out that the Red Vein Indo worked best for my fibromyalgia, I have been a loyal customer ever since. $22.99 might sound expensive for 50 capsules, but when you know it works for what ails you, why bother for anything else? I do not experience any adverse side effects that the news or the FDA might have you believe and I take it every morning. It is not addictive and it does not give you a “high,” it is just natural pain relief.

Always order these by Heather on 06/27/2019

We find they work best when you use a different strain each day and this is always in the mix

Awesome by Wayne on 06/26/2019

I take for Pain and Focus and it is really helping...Love this and better then opiods.

Glad to have found this by Griff on 06/25/2019

My wife and I have found the Bali capsules to be great for arthritis pain and no side effects.

Always awesome by Pete on 06/24/2019

I have to say that in all the time I have been using KratomCapsules, I have been very pleased. Not only is the product line amazing, the shipping is free and the customer service is spot on. They are quick to respond, eager to make things right and are always pleasant. Not that I have had many issues, but perhaps a question or a small glitch in the US Postal Service. No matter what it is, you can count on the good folks there to make your experience perfect. Thank you very much.

Best by Brian on 06/24/2019

Super Green is the best all around strain. Helps me most with concentration and nerve pain

Fast shipping by James on 06/22/2019

Good product.

Works for us both by Deborah on 06/21/2019

I love this for pain, I have herniated disc and hip pain. My husband just had a total hip replacement and tried this for the first time. He said his pain was cut in half! That says a lot! I use white Maeng in a regular basis without the bad side effects of pain pills. This product is amazing!!!

I’d give you 100 by Tania on 06/21/2019

Bali Kratom changed my life, taking Kratom has controlled my osteoarthritis pain and working in the restaurant industry and been on my feet for 10 hr shifts. I can feel the huge difference, it puts me in a great mood and full of energy and feel no pain on my knee.

Red Vein Indo by Maxwell on 06/20/2019

Hello when I do a review I want to be honest. I have used Yello Vietnam, Green Maeng Da and of course Red Vein Indo. I tried to read product descriptions about Kratom everywhere on the web. At one time I thought Green Maeng to be the best for me. It is best for me, however The Red is best for me also. With the Red I found a more energizing feeling and now I am leaning more towards Red Vein Indo. The thing is I will alternate use the Green more for pain and relaxed state. I recommend the Red if you want to get down.

Support team by Maxwell on 06/20/2019

First let me say I have been using Kratomcapsules Green Maeng Da and a few others for years. I find the green very helpful. Any pain I might have had disappeared. It also helped me stop using Marijuana immediately. I had to stop the smoke was hurting my throat, I had no withdraw. I have tried Kratom from another site they work, but here at Kratomcapsules I feel, have better grade and potency. I can’t wait to make my next order. I did have issues what’s important is that support was by my side making sure I was a satisfied customer

Bali by LeLe on 06/20/2019

Best on the net

Works amazing by Rob on 06/20/2019

Red vein indo works amazing for chronic pain!

Great Product by Leslie on 06/20/2019

This has really helped the pain in my hips from my Ankylosing Spondylitis. I’ve tried others but this one seems to be my favorite. Love it !!!!

Relaxing by Bri on 06/18/2019

I was expecting this strain to be more energizing than anything, but I ended up being very relaxed (which was probably for the best as I'm a very high strung person). I only took two capsules and had this effect. Still an awesome strain though!

One of our go to’s by Heather on 06/17/2019

We find we have to switch it out frequently but this one is always in the mix

Good at night by Beth on 06/15/2019

For me reds,help with pain but make me sleepy, so good at night.

Upper back pain by Michael on 06/15/2019

This strain is really good for my upper back pain. I take nothing else but this and it has alleviated so much of the irritation and inflammation. Excellent pain relieving effect.

Awesome! by Sabrina on 06/14/2019

Super great as a pre-workout! Always gives me the kick I need to get through intensive workouts!

Great product by Thomas on 06/13/2019

I have tried all the strains, This is one of my favorites. I use the powder form and it is great for mild pain relief for my lower back and knee issues that I have. Kratomcapsules is great to order from! always recieve my orders in a timely fashion,Thanks!

Bali is great all around strain by Br on 06/12/2019

Bali is a great all around strain. Whether it's for pain relief or anxiety relief, Bali super premium works very well

Very pleased by Ben on 06/10/2019

Similar to the bali, though I find it a little less sedating. Would recommend.

The Best by Southernbelle797 on 06/07/2019

I have headaches frequently. All kind of different reasons given. Drs. don't want to prescribe anything to help. I read an article about red vein indo kratom and decided to try it. I only have to take one capsule and my pain is gone! I have no side effects and it works better than my 3 Excedren Migraine every 6 hours. The effects last all day for me. I recently had bad neck pain and got the same results. Don't let big Pharma do away with this great pain relief!

Fresh!!! by Allen on 06/07/2019

Even capped, this stuff reeks of freshness. Every time I pop open the bottle, the scent of green leaves ground up lead to my daily dose of purity promised.

Highly Recommend! by Tonya on 06/06/2019

Just tried this strain for the first time and loved it!

CLEAN by Tony on 06/04/2019

By far the least side affects of any Kratom I've used so far. Some gave me terrible headaches/hangovers but this one seems to be the cleanest out there. It doesn't leave my feeling queasy or unsettled like some have in the past. My fiance is particularly sensitive to this as well as she uses Kratom to treat her fibromyalgia. And even she says its the highest quality she's experienced.

Love it! by Melissa on 06/04/2019

Been taking for a couple years and Bali is my favorite strain by far! Helps with anxiety and gives me energy but does not make me jittery ...Perfect!

Bali by LeLe on 06/03/2019

Great stuff

Great products by Mildred on 05/31/2019

This product was recommended by a good friend. She gave me a few capsules to try. I have been using This product ever since! A few months ago I was late in reordering and had to do without for a few days . I had forgotten how much pain I had without this product . I won't be forgetting again !

Super Green is the best by Kawika on 05/31/2019

Super Green Malay is the best strain in my opinion. It has the awesome pain relief aspect of it, and it like lighten your mood to make you feel great. The best of both worlds. I will always buy super green malay. Sadly they have been out of stock for a while now but I can see why, and im guessing because of its popularity, thats why its been going out of stock more often. Keep up this good strain and you will always have me as a loyal customer! Thanks you!

It works by Kawika on 05/31/2019

It does help the pain relief but not as great as Kratom. But it does its job and thats the main thing!

Convenient by Beth on 05/30/2019

Usually get powder, more product and I don't mind taste, but these capsules are convenient when out and about. Always a good product

Well Balanced by Todd on 05/30/2019

This is an excellent strain for daily use. It has a very balanced and calming effect, excellent for anxiety. It won't interrupt sleep patterns or cause nervousness. All around great product

LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!! by Denise on 05/29/2019

First, let me just say that Kratom Capsules is such an awesome company! The customer service is outstanding! This company truly cares about its customers. White Maeng Da powder is wonderful. I have just switched to the powder form and I really like it for control of the amount of Kratom I can use depending on my needs that day. This is an awesome strain for concentration and focus. I have a very busy life, and the White Maeng Da really helps me focus on my work for the day. I am slowly trying all the different strains this company offers, and I really am pleased with the different results of each. If 'you have pain issues (which I do) the green maeng da works great. I can't say enough about this wonderful company and their products!!

Nice product by christie on 05/28/2019

This is one of my favorite strains.

5 stars by Robbin on 05/27/2019

Worked better than any pain med I have used!

Works great by B on 05/27/2019

Perfect all around strain, for everything from pain relief to concentration. Very pleased

Helps with pain by jack p on 05/26/2019

I had shingles and this product helped with some of the worst pain. It's also helped me to with withdrawal from narcs.

Bali Super Premium is great by mike c. on 05/25/2019

When I'm feeling tired and rundown, I take 3 of these capsules and my energy level goes up considerably in about 15 minutes. Great product.

Green Maeng Di Thai by Dustin on 05/24/2019

Ordered 2 oz of kratom. I can’t recommend it enough I take 2 grams in the morning and 2 more grams about 4pm, it gives me the energy and focus I need during the day and relaxes me at night. I’ve started giving it to my dog as well and he is about 85lbs and takes a gram at night for his arthritis and he absolutely loves it and has since started sleeping thru the night. It truly is an amazing product! I look forward to buying more

Great Quality and works fast by Mark on 05/24/2019

I usually alternate between the White Maeng Da and Red Vein Indo. Both are very good and give similar results. I find the Red Vein is best for chronic pain and also helps with sleeping at night. Great company to purchase from. Keep up the great work!

Works great -One of the best I've tried by Mark on 05/24/2019

I have been taking the White Maeng Da for almost a year and it never fails. Gives a feeling of relaxing along with a mild boost of energy. Works well for pain and discomfort. Never lets me down

Good stuff by Zach on 05/23/2019

Works pretty good for both energy and pain relief depending on dose

Pain Relief by Jane on 05/23/2019

Fast shipping. This works and I am trying the white next

Fibromyalgia by Jane on 05/23/2019

I was fed up with gabapentin side effects. This is much better.

Overall awesome by Pete on 05/23/2019

I have written quite a few reviews, and feel like I always say the same thing. But it is worth it because there may be that person out there who is on the fence with respect to the company, the product, or service. I have to say that this is one of the best companies I have ever worked with. The only complaint is there are sometimes stock issues, but that is due to the demand and the quality of the whole picture. I use all of the strains and each of them works a little differently. But I have to say that any time I have had an issue, customer service is right there.....immediately. I have never had a bad strain, and any shipping issue has been brought on any the post office, not Kratom Capsules. So thank you for all you do for me, my back pain, my insomnia and other issues. Kratom is the most amazing product, and Kratom Capsules is the most amazing company. Thank you.

Great Product!! by TV13 on 05/22/2019

Great Products and customer service!!

Fast delivery by Keith on 05/21/2019

Fast free delivery and good pain relief

Excellent by Joe on 05/20/2019

Works great, fast service

Love this product!! by Annie on 05/20/2019

These are the absolute BEST! Great for pain relief and anxiety!

Pretty good by Chrystal on 05/20/2019

I like this strain. Mello and calming

migraines by Jennifer B on 05/20/2019

I suffer from 3-4 migraine episodes per month and am under the care of a neurologist. I have found that though triptans (prescription meds) help a lot with many of the more severe symptoms, I still have trouble with fatigue, muscle pain, focus, impatience and general malaise. The white maeng da thia kratom capsules help ease the remaining symptoms and get me back to work and put me in a better and more creative mood (I have a career that requires creativity). But most importantly, I am a more patient mother with the help of the kratom.

Great for energy and pain by ME on 05/20/2019

The white maeng da is great for energy and pain. Tried white maeng da from different vendor but it did not give me same energy and pain relief as from Kratom Capsules. This is definitely one of my favorite strains.

For Pain by Kris on 05/19/2019

This works well for pain but the nausea threshold seems lower than other strains. I've had quite few capsules that are only about half filled as well.

great stuff by Ben on 05/19/2019

good for pain, safer thank ibuprofen or most NSAIDs. Also helps me get to sleep if im feeling restless

Love this product. Great for energy by CPT on 05/18/2019

Been purchasing this product for some time now and love the energy it provides.

Love it by Ashley on 05/18/2019

Can't say enough about this strain. I got off of all meds because of kratom.

Great product by Ron on 05/17/2019

Great for pain relief. Definitely will order again.

Great product by TDawgz on 05/17/2019

Fantastic product

super bali by Ted on 05/16/2019

This is by far my favorite product. It gives me great energy and reduces my anxiety.

Great Energy by Hotmail on 05/16/2019

This is by far my favorite product. It gives me great energy and reduces my anxiety.

Works well for pain by David on 05/16/2019

I had gout, and if you have ever had gout then you know what I mean when I say it is Extremely Painful. Tylenol #4 with Hydrocodone did nothing for the pain even when I took 3 of them. This Kratom stopped the pain with the very first dose. I've been on fire so I know what pain is and this stuff stopped the severe pain of gout. I highly recommend Kratom for pain management. You do need to modify your diet to compensate for constipation. I just ate a piece of Pumpkin Pie every time I took some.

Does its job by James on 05/16/2019

The White Maeng Da Thai is awesome for pain relief. It works wonders. But personally, I rather the Super Green. However, recently its been out of stock, then it was in stock so i order couple bottles. But it didnt seem the same, I was questioning is this really the super green?? So I'm ordering the White Maeng Da Thai again cause I know its good quality and it does its job!!

Great strain by Debbie on 05/15/2019

This strain work's great for my neck pain And gives great energy

Best by LeLe on 05/15/2019

This is the best online

Best strain ever! by Jason on 05/14/2019

I have tried several strains and this is the best I found for chronic pain relief. I have several disc issues and this helps keep me going all day. It also works well for mood enhancement. The price is right, and this site makes ordering very easy. I will be back every month to replenish my supply.

Super Green works wonders by Brian on 05/14/2019

Super Green Malaysian is my favorite. It helps me with my constantly nagging nerve pains, and also does extremely well helping manage my ADHD. I'm very pleased with this product. Thanks

Love it by Jana on 05/13/2019

A friend told me about these so i looked them up and found this company. I an happy with both. The pills help relieve the pain and the company is great, responds quickly to emails and i receive my order pretty fast. Ive been recommending both to friends and family.

Works great by Jan on 05/13/2019

They work great, will be re-ordering.

Chunky by Jackal on 05/12/2019

Works well but large chunks left at the end, unpleasant to drink, not finely ground enough

Calming by Jackal on 05/12/2019

Good, not as nauseating as some other strains can be for me

Didn't really work for me by Jackal on 05/12/2019

Had to take u to 1.5 grams more than my usual amount (2 grams) to feel anything, not worth the price difference for me

Energy and pain relief by Susan on 05/11/2019

The white maeng da reliably provides energy without the jitters as well as mild pain relief. It’s my favorite strain. As always, use caution as kratom side effects are poorly understood.

Red Vein Indo helps me very much with daily stressors by Antonio on 05/10/2019

I work in the health care field in a very busy E.R. and Red Vein Indo has been very helpful in dealing with the daily stressors I in encounter in my job and life. It has made a difference for me using this natural product.

Good for pain, but I think the Green is better overall by Denise on 05/10/2019

So far I've only used the Green Maeng Da and the White, and while I think both work well for pain, I do prefer the Green for pain, mood and energy. I still have the Red to try yet, and will try pairing the White with the Green to see if that helps with a greater pain relief. Still, Kratom is the absolute best for relieving my pain! Will continue to order this amazing product!

A++ by justin on 05/09/2019

These help drastically with my anxiety

A++ by justin on 05/09/2019

These pills work great for my anxiety and I haven’t had a drink in 7 weeks.

Improving the taste by Glenn on 05/09/2019

I have advanced a bit more in using the powder and I will only order a small quantity of pills to use while traveling or when powder can't be prepared. I use a tall glass glass. It helps control the powder from puffing out into the air. I use a couple spoon fulls of plain yogurt and about three teaspoons of Kratom. Mix slowly. From there I can eat it but also sometimes add Almond Milk and it is then a drink. I have also tried adding honey, syrup and even chocolate syrup. After drinking, I dribble water into the glass to get every last particle. Still, the best aspect of the product is that when I sit or lie down, I feel restful, But all I need to do is get up and I have plenty of energy. I have chronic back pain, disk on disk. This product helps me live pain free during the entire day. I get up every morning with back pain then do a workout of lifting weights and cardio. I am 63. It needs to be legalized in every state. We give medication to children to control ADHD. I am not a medical person but don't see the difference.

Great for pain by Ben on 05/08/2019

Not as much mood enchancment as the other strains, but 2-4 work much better than Naproxen or Ibuprofen.

Excellent for pain by Dave on 05/08/2019

Used this product after minor surgery. It worked amazingly great for my post surgery pain. Did not have to use any prescription medication for pain.

Great product by Jerry on 05/07/2019

Fantastic! Just what I was looking for. Very uplifting, and long lasting. My favorite!

GREAT PICK-UP by MOHHIB on 05/06/2019

This product is super for energy after you get up, AND any kind of pain..headaches, backache, etc. Doesn't let you crash either!

5 stars! by Bob on 05/06/2019

Very very good and effective! On par with red vein indo and works perfect for chronic back pain. I only order from this website, best service ever!

Kratom review by Hope on 05/05/2019

I appreciate this product more than just about any other on the market. The effects are relaxing, reduces pain and even inflammation, and does affect an overall sense of well-being. I appreciate the natural pain-killing aspects And trust that this product and others that this website sales are supportive of my needs for staying as clean and as natural as possible.

Good product by Nicole on 05/05/2019

Works well for pain and gives me motivation to complete things.

Consistent quality and results. by CS on 05/05/2019

Excellent product and service with very fast delivery!

Energy! by ManlyMan on 05/05/2019

This type gives me more energy than my favorite (Green Maeng Da) but isn't as relaxing. Really good feels, though!

Relieves pain & gives a little energy boost so I can live an active life and find my bliss again by Carlene on 05/04/2019

I am unable to take NSAIDs so mostly I was just pushing through my days. When I discovered KRATom I was hopeful. My favorite of Kratom I have tried. Relieves pain & gives a little energy boost so I can live an active life and find my bliss again

Eases the pain-with an energy boost by Carlene on 05/04/2019

Extreme arthritic and knee injury pain was just dragging me down. I am unable to take NSAIDs so mostly I was just pushing through my days. When I discovered KRATom I was hopeful. White Maeng Da is by far my favorite of those I have tried. It controls pain to a manageable level & gives a little energy boost so I can get through daily task, live an active life and find my bliss again

Great product by Beth on 05/04/2019

Great consist quality, ships same day, what else is there to say.

Great product, and shipping time. by Mitchell on 05/03/2019

The product gave great energization and mild pain relief. Fast shipping times with tracking was helpful to keep watch over my order.

Red Kratom is awesome by Ginny on 05/03/2019

We're both 73 yrs old and need all the help we can get. The Red Kratom is a miracle and your service and prices are the best! So happy to have found your web page! Thank you so much!!

Works for back pain by Dave on 05/02/2019

Take 1 capsule about three times per day for lower back pain (arthritis+stenosis). Not complete relief but better than acetaminophen. Also use (prescription) lidocaine gel patch for complete relief. Would buy again, wish it came in larger quantities.

Keep coming back by Ashley on 05/02/2019

I keep trying other brands and strains and I keep coming back to this one it's the best for energy and pain relief.

Great quality by Tonia on 05/01/2019

I stumbled upon Kratom and I am so thankful. I feel it works better when you mix the white and green giving me a better mood. The red kratom I take at night and it helps with my back pain as well as helping me relax

Awesome. Helps so much with my pain with added energy. Will keep on buying. by Cuddy on 05/01/2019

Awesome. Helps so much with my pain with added energy. Will keep on buying.

Awesome! by Pete on 05/01/2019

I can't tell you how long I have been a customer, but can tell you I would not go anywhere else. Between the quality of product, to the customer service and responses, to the shipping being free and fast, this is the best place to be for me. I use several of the different strains, in capsules and powder. I love it all. Thank you for such an awesome company, staff, product and everything else. You guys are the best.

Great Product by Tbird on 05/01/2019

I have tried all types of Kratom and this is by far the best!

This is an AWESOME product! by Denise on 04/30/2019

I found Kratom Capsules through a happy accident! I was scrolling my feed one night and an article on Kratom popped up. After I finished the article, I started my research. Your company had high reviews. I read all of the customer reviews and chose Green Maeng Da Thai. When my order arrived (very quickly I might add, especially for FREE shipping) I took my first dose of just 2 capsules. I had almost immediate relief with that small dose. I suffer from arthritis in my knees and planter fasciitis in my feet. Some days I can hardly stand once I'm done working. This has been a life saver for me! I get a nice boost of energy and my mood had been lifted when I take them where I can actually concentrate on the task at hand. I just placed my second order today, trying another strand, the White Maeng Da, which also has great reviews. Thanks so much for this awesome product! I love that it is a natural product and I don't need any OTC pain meds or RX meds. :)

Great for chronic pain by Marc on 04/30/2019

Advil does not make a dent but this works with no other effect than relief. Really grateful for the availability of this product! Super-fast shipping (and free: lucky to be in Florida), generous discount for Bitcoin. Thanks!

Amazing Product by Ronisha on 04/30/2019

This is amazing!! No more energy drinks that make me feel horrible at the end of the day. I feel great after taking the maeng da kratom, with no crashing or jitters.

Very disappointed in quality by Dee on 04/30/2019

I take Kratom for pain and energy and it has worked wonders for me. This was my first and last purchase with Kratom Capsules. I’ve personally gotten higher quality at head shops. 5 capsules and (up) did not even relieve a headache. “Sabrina” replied after I answered an email from the company asking how I liked the product. I told them everything and said I feel like I wasted my money. She said they have strict quality control and remove contaminants etc, concluding that, “I understand your concern, it's always smart to be skeptical and to do your research on things.” ?? Do my research? How would that have helped me? I’ve used the same strain for a year with no issues. Maybe I got a bad batch, but I can’t imagine they don’t have a better way to deal with customers who didn’t have a great experience. A company that doesn’t care about a customer’s negative experience is not a company I would deal with again.

Life Changing by KORY on 04/29/2019

I am SO glad I found Kratom when I did. I would drag thru every day just doing the bare minimum to get by. This is due to chronic fatigue, sleep apnea and various daily pains from surgeries. I've used most of the different varieties over the past several months and I'd say the White is my current favorite. Haven't really had a problem with any of them so far. Personally I take 3 pills 3 to 4 hours apart and only 6 to 9 pills daily. It diminishes the aches and pains and gives me the energy I so desperately need. Thanks for providing such a wonderful product!!

Great stuff! by wigthe on 04/29/2019

Probably my favorite overall. I like to mix with Red Vein for the ultimate formula, one teaspoon of each.

Excellent company and product by Michael on 04/29/2019

Found my new favorite vendor

helped alot by Kelly on 04/29/2019

The only thing Ive tried that I can take in place of my Norcos

Good for relaxation and it's calming effect. by Forest on 04/28/2019

These capsules worked well to help relax and ease some chronic aches and pains.

Lucky to have found these guys first by J Zee on 04/27/2019

Great product, discrete packaging, but great service. Clearly knows how to work with new customers. I will definitely buy again. Highly recommended!!

Yellow Vietnam by Thomas on 04/26/2019

Take with Reds and eliminates pain Without narcotics

Fantastic Product by Thomas on 04/26/2019

I take 2 yellow & 2 reds! Takes prostate and leg pain away without narcotics

Very high energy by BRIAN on 04/26/2019

This one is my favorite so far. Gave me the most energy, less sedation. Did make me slightly nauseous later in day but I take a tablespoon, that's three teaspoons. I have a high tolerance to this type of thing. Effects lessened after a week. Going to take a break for a couple days and see how I feel. I was addicted to opiates 7 years ago and never really got my energy back, or could just be I'm 37 now....

Strong effects by BRIAN on 04/26/2019

Less energy and more sedative for me. Wanted to sleep in. Worked for pain. Seemed to have effects most similar to morphine, to my dislike.

Well rounded effects by BRIAN on 04/26/2019

Nice energy, I was able to complete alot of projects. Helped with back pain. Although it was slightly worse in morning, after a week it helped to loosen everything up.

Works well - tastes horrible by Pam on 04/26/2019

Works well if you can get past the taste

Works great! by Joyce on 04/25/2019

Works great. I recommend this product!

helps me by raymond on 04/25/2019

i have many sources of pain i have rheumatoid arthrhityis i have herniated discs ihave the bends whiicch is a like a stroke,the white maeng da reaslly helps alleviaste the pain

Green seem to work best as a sleep aid. by Bob on 04/25/2019

Green works as sleep aid. 2caps

Red & Green kratom for pain and sleep aid. by Bob on 04/25/2019

I have just started using both for arthritis pain and as a sleep aid .They work well as a sleep aid ( 2 caps) but I'm not sure the amount to use for pain so I'll need to test 3 & 4 caps next Ok

Great product! by Michael on 04/23/2019

Quality product, discrete packaging, and timely shipping. Priced right, considering a more consistent effect than any product purchased from other vendors.

Great by Jean on 04/23/2019

Product relieves my back pain!

Saved my Life by realsahmtalk on 04/23/2019

I know... "Saved my life" sounds a bit dramatic but it really did. I suffer from kidney pains due to surgery and if it wasn't for this amazing product I would be beyond hooked on opioids, which is the only thing Dr.'s prescribe.... I am happy to say that after being on opioids for four years I have not taken a single pill in over a year all thanks to Kratom. I have tried a few different strains of Kratom and they all work great but if I had to pick one I would say Green Maeng Da is my go to.

Great product by MC on 04/23/2019

One of my favorites. Relieves pain!

Green Maeng Da Thai by Nicole on 04/23/2019

Great for pain and gives me energy all around better mood...

White Maeng Da Thai by Nicole on 04/23/2019

A++++++ Great product and Great service!

Really works by Zelideth on 04/23/2019

This has help me with my chronic pain like nothing else.

One of my favs by Mary on 04/22/2019

This one and super green are my favorite. This one in particular is great for energy.

Love it by Cassie on 04/22/2019

Great to get thru the day

Love by Crystal on 04/22/2019

Love this For clean calm energy

The best for energy by Crystal on 04/22/2019

Love this even more than the white for energy!

Not as much effect by Glenn on 04/21/2019

I am going to try again but my first try with Red Vein was not as much impact as the others. I will continue to use it and all of the others to create variation. I want Kratom to be legal in all states. I do not understand the ignorance against it. It is so much safer (at least I think so) than alcohol or opioid drugs.

Found way to use by Glenn on 04/21/2019

I am not one to distinguish small differences in taste or effect (coke tastes like pepsi to me). I found that mixing the powder with a couple scoops of yogurt with a good stir makes the taste fine. If using plain yogurt just add a chopped banana. I probably use too much. I use about one third of a bottle but the best thing about all of the Kratom I have tried is when I sit or lay down to rest, I feel bliss. When I get up, I immediately feel energy. I cut back on drinking alcohol a lot. Alcohol does not have the pleasure for me. I also prefer Kratom over opioid. I had a few surgeries and know the effects of opioids and also recognize their addictive qualities. We need to have Kratom legalized in all states.

So far, so good. by David on 04/20/2019

Tried the Red Indo. First trial of Kratom. Been on opioids for fractured spine recently in addition to Lupus for many years. After the first dose of 5 I've seen an reduction of the effect already on day two, so I'll be trying different levels and have ordered some green and white to vary the strains taken which should help avoid tolerence to a specific one.

Quality Product by Teri on 04/20/2019

I’ve used this product for panic and anxiety disorder and find it very helpful. Would highly recommend. It’s expensive but worth it.

Amazing by Christiane on 04/20/2019

I try so many strains but this is the best. On the first try i could't believe that it works,calm,pain relieve and relaxed and sharp minded! Thanks!

White Maeng da by Suzie on 04/20/2019

Very good for pain and energy. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 4762 user reviews.