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Most Energizing by Tom on 10/18/2017

By far the most energizing of all of the strains. Doesn’t cause anxiety and gives an “I can do anything” feeling. Great product, great customer service!

Life saver by Jennifer on 10/17/2017

I would be lost without kratom. Specifically red and white. I combine them everyday to fight my depression, anxiety and pain. Great product as well. I love the kratom from this company. Definitely worth your time and money! Fast delivery as well!

Incredible help with my depression by Sylvia on 10/17/2017

This is my second order from kratom capsules and I couldn't be more pleased. Kratom has provided incredible help with my depression, anxiety and fibromyalgia pain. I wish I'd found kratom years ago. Both of my orders arrived shipped free and were arrived very quickly.

Great product by mike c. on 10/16/2017

I work in a position with a lot of tension. Taking this product really helps me relax and go about my day stress free.

Impressed! by Kat on 10/15/2017

Surprisingly good for pain and anxiety!

Completely wrong order and no word from anyone at the company. by Steven on 10/15/2017

I ordered 5 bottles of Bali Powder, instead I got 1 bottle of Bali Capsules. I've tried to reach customer service on 3 occasions, but as of writing this I have not gotten a reply. I like this product, but unless the company tightens up their customer service I'm not buying from this vendor anymore. There are a lot of Kratom companies on the web, I've stuck with this company because I support both Bitcoin and Kratom, but getting ripped off is where I draw the line. I doubt this will get posted because of the moderators.

Good on pain. Just need to play around with how many capsules to take to get the right effect. by K&D on 10/15/2017

Good on pain. Just need to play around with how many capsules to take to get the right effect.

It actually works. Can get back to everything in life again without the pain by K&D on 10/15/2017

It actually works. Can get back to everything in life again without the pain.

Always Reliable by Nick on 10/14/2017

I’ve now tried all of the different Kratom strains available. And although all of them offer similar benefits, I do feel that the Red Vein is worth the slight price premium. It seems to require the least amount of caps to deliver the needed results. I echo the same positives that you see from other reviewers. I've now ordered dozens of times, and have gotten every order in 2-3 days, using free shipping every time, going from south Florida to central Illinois, mind you. The shipping is 5 stars along with the product in my opinion!

Best by Le on 10/14/2017

Best on the web!!!!

Very good for chronic pain by Bob on 10/14/2017

Ordered some to try, as I mainly take red vein indo for chronic back pain. This strain is very comparable to the red vein indo and green maeng da. After trying it a few times, so far it is very good for pain as well. It is a good option for those who like to switch strains. It definitely helps with my chronic pain, personally the red vein indo works the best for me but this strain is very very much right on par with the red vein. Very good quality and did not seem to be any worse on my stomach than other strains. Always great service here at kratom capsules.

Super Green Malaysian is good! by Rita on 10/14/2017

I used this strain for my chronic, debilitating pain but it takes me 5 or 6 capsules to get the relief I'd like. It's a good fall back on use for when I can't afford the others! Thanks again!

White Maeng Da worked really well!! by Rita on 10/14/2017

I ordered this strain to add to my regular dose of Green Maeng Da and it gave me more pain relief than the green alone.. I was very pleased!! Thanks so much... I need the extra kick it gave me since the Green sort of makes me too laid back. I needed something extra!! Thanks again KratomCapsules for your speedy service!

Yellow Vietnam Rocks! by Rita on 10/14/2017

I tried it along with the regular Green Maeng Da and it helped give me a lot more energy... I used 3 Maeng Da and 2 Vietnam (I seem to have a high tolerance... either that or it's because I've had gastric bypass surgery back in 2003.. but things don't get absorbed in my system as well). It's getting expensive for me to continue with the products but they help so much more with my severe, chronic pain and fibromyalgia more than the NSAIDs & tylenol and I'm sure much better for my liver. I will go on as long as I can! Anyway... this strain really helped me get off my butt and get things done!

Great Product by Lance on 10/13/2017

I have been using this product for some time now. It really helps me out with some anxiety issues and also with recurring back pain.

Great Product by Lance on 10/13/2017

This strain seemed to work well for me. It helped with my back pain and also with some anxiety. The delivery was super fast, like always. I highly recommend this company.

Best by Le on 10/13/2017

Absolutely the best!

Always Works! by Wesley on 10/13/2017

Awesome and potent powder. I won't buy from any other vendor...only!

Always Works! by Wesley on 10/13/2017

Awesome and potent powder. I won't buy from any other vendor...only!

Great by Boymom on 10/13/2017

I favor these over the green maeng da now Lots of energy

Great for anxiety and pain by LeAnne on 10/12/2017

I have been ordering for some time now for myself for chronic back pain and my husband for anxiety. It is incredible how well this stuff works.

Works well for insomnia by Rosemarie on 10/12/2017

I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night. This product really helps relax me enough to fall asleep. I don't wake up groggy the next morning like when I take any sleeping aids. Great product!

Excellent by Brenda on 10/11/2017

I am super happy with my past order. I have finally found a strain that fits my needs.. My orders are always here within 2 days and they are always prompt when I have questions. Very pleased

Great product! by Amy on 10/11/2017

Really helped my anxiety and sleep. Great product!

Not diff by Sara on 10/10/2017

Only 4 stars because it isn't any different than the green malay that I usually get. I get a feel of being "ok" instead of dreading people and counting down the minutes to bed time.

Not as good as I was hoping by Harry on 10/09/2017

I got this along with the yellow just to try. From what I can tell, the white has zero effect on me.

Great energy! by Lindsey on 10/09/2017

I love this product, I struggle with depression and also have reoccurring ovarian cysts that cause pain. This strain really helps get me moving on a day where I'd rather stay in bed. I work in a fast paced environment where this helps keep me alert and full of energy It also helps take the edge off the pain when I get a cyst Thanks!

Upset my stomach by Harry on 10/08/2017

Seems to be a bit more potent than the others as it upset my stomach until I figured out the best dose. Overall though it helps pretty good with my back

Super pleased by Sylvia on 10/07/2017

Really helps with my anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia pain.

5 stars! by Allen on 10/07/2017

Gives me the energy to get through my day. Will continue to order this :)

Loved it! by Ashley on 10/06/2017

I'm trying not to take opiates anymore for pain, this was a great alternative and helped a lot! It also helped me to relax and lower my stress levels. I'm planning to order again, and eventually start buying powder and empty capsules to save $

Very pleased by Connie on 10/06/2017

Once again I've been pleased with my order and recommend it.

Amazing! by Linda on 10/06/2017

This is a great addition and has given me great amounts of energy throughout the day with less capsules use than others I have used! This is by far the best product I have used! I will continue to purchase this product as I take it daily!

Good stuff by Wesley on 10/05/2017

My first time to try the Yellow V. A lot like the Green Maeng Da. It works very well and is a new favorite. Lots of energy and focus. I still prefer the Red vein for pain though.

Always Works! by Wesley on 10/05/2017

Do not be fooled by other vendors. Only ALWAYS WORKS! This Red Vein Indo is the best on the market.

ole red by steve on 10/05/2017

this has become my go to for my arthritis pain ..IT WORKS

Super quality by Jeremy on 10/03/2017

So happy you guys added white vein! Super energy and focus and great mood booster!

Excellent. by Azeb on 09/30/2017

Iowa helps me to have a good night rest.

Excellent. by Azeb on 09/30/2017

Excellent product!

Great for anxiety and relaxation. by Meagan on 09/30/2017

A nice calming effect. Helps my mind calm and stop worrying. Relax and sleep!

Great Product! by Dio on 09/29/2017 is the best and only site I use anymore. Their products are great, and come sealed in bottles that make you feel comfortable about your purchase! I love the energy they give me! I recommend them all the way!

Works great! by jaime on 09/29/2017

AWESOME STUFF. I like to take a couple before I work out in the morning. Keeps me focused and my energy up, pain down. Great for hangovers too!

Best for energy by jaime on 09/29/2017

This is by far my favorite for the energy boosting that I need. Better than coffee!

Awesome by Le on 09/29/2017

Best on the web!

Love it by Jeanine on 09/29/2017

Works great prefer this to anything else

chronic pain by John on 09/28/2017

This site has always been quick with orders. Using kratom to help with chronic back pain. It's been very helpful for those days where the pain isn't to severe. Day to day it helps with the pain and makes it manageable without opioids to mess with your head.

Mang Da by Connie on 09/28/2017

I have been pleased with my purchase. It is far superior than other brands I've purchased.

Green Maing Da by Wesley on 09/28/2017 is now the only vendor I will use. It's always the best! everything else is a waste of time and money. I've tried 7 other vendors and it's all bunk.

Red Vein Indo Kratom Powder by Wesley on 09/28/2017

6 months and 7 vendors later I have come home to as my exclusive shop for Kratom. It always works! Everything else is bunk.

Pleasantly surprised by Jennifer on 09/28/2017

I didn't think I would like the Bali, cause I go for the energy strains but this strain is 1 of my favorites! I get a nice mellow chill but I still have plenty of energy!

Love this product & company by Jennifer on 09/28/2017

KratomCapsules was the first company I ordered kratom from & since then I have tried many vendors but I keep coming back to order! Great product & customer service & I love the red indo! Can't wait to try the new strains!

Finding best mix by david on 09/27/2017

I usually mix a tsp of powder with applesauce and take 2 pills. This is the perfect amount to relieve my stress and neck pain

Best product, best value by BB on 09/25/2017

Bali is by far the best strain and has the best value!

very good by eugene on 09/25/2017

used for many months and it is effective and always top shelf from these guys. mood enhancement is great pain killing is great.

If you like Maeng Da, you must try white! by Michael on 09/25/2017

It is great! Stimulating with a great euphoria! Outstanding for anxiety and my PTSD! Highly recommend!

THE BEST by Armik on 09/24/2017

The best kratom ever especially for chronic pains and also a good mood booster alternative.Thank you kratomcapsules.

Clarity of mind PLUS pain relief! by Adam on 09/24/2017

I have used Red Vein for a while and it still works great, but I decided to order Yellow Vietnam as well this time. It is AMAZING!! I have severe back and neck degeneration and scoliosis along with anxiety. It only took 3 of the Yellow Vietnam to completely kill my spinal pain and both calm my nerves while giving me clarity of mind I so seldom have. 4 capsules help with insomnia. Fast as always shipping and excellent communication. This will be my first choice strain and I like that it's easy on the stomach. Thanks!

Very helpful by Nykki on 09/23/2017

I have had 4 back surgeries and have chronic pain since 2006. I'm weaning off the narcotics (rarely take them now) but I still have pain that OTC pain relievers do not help. Heard good things about this and thought I would give it a try. I am so glad I did. It helped my pain quote a bit and I was finally able to get a decent sleep at night! I would highly recommend Kratom to anyone who has chronic pain and doesn't want to deal with the narcotics anymore!

Preferred over Bali by Kelly on 09/22/2017

Ordered both Red Vein and Bali and seem to get slightly better results with the red vein. I suffer from knee and back pain and the red vein is a little bit better for me in those areas, but at higher doses. Still a solid product though. Side effects may vary depending on your tolerance.

Pretty good stuff by Mandy on 09/22/2017

I order from Kratom Capsules all the time. Each time has been a good experience. They have free shipping, and my product usually arrives within 2 to 3 days. I love it! This time around I bought the Super Green Malaysian Kratom. I like that it gives me a bit of energy when I take it. I buy kratom because I suffer from chronic pain conditions, herniated discs, fibromyalgia, and arthritis, and after taking 3 capsules of this strain I felt pain relief in my back and body. Good stuff. I will say the best strain I've taken is the Maeng Da, but the Super Green Malay is a big help too.

Incredible quality by AJ on 09/22/2017

This website consistently supplies very high quality kratom. The dosing is accurate, and the pills are perfectly capped. 5 / 5 stars, I will definitely be ordering again.

So far so good by Jenn on 09/20/2017

I've been using red vein and I heard it was good to switch between strains to increase effects and benefits. I've noticed with the green maeng da Thai that it calms me down more when I take it in the evenings. It has incredible relaxing effects like the red vein. Since I just started it about a week ago, I'll keep an eye out for pain relief. I haven't noticed yet because I'm still taking red vein in the early afternoon. The mixture could be taking away the pain completely because I've been content. ☺️

If you like the Maeng da by Mike on 09/20/2017

You will love this. The energy this strain provides is hard to match. Considering I normally blend strains the potential for this to be super energizing is definitely there. Another amazing product and service provided by the only vendor I use. Can't wait for more strains to be capsulated to experiment with from this company as every variety has its place.

Helps my pain and gives me energy by Crystal on 09/18/2017

Good product! Helps my pain and in turn gives me energy

WOW by Danielle on 09/15/2017

This is really energizing! But it does leave you with a killer headache so be cautious with your consumption rate!

Best strain of krAtom by Jo on 09/14/2017

Best strain I've tried

This product helps manage my ongoing neck and back pain. by Woodrow on 09/14/2017

Great product for pain management. Will definitely use as a regular therapy.

Really works great!! by Amanda on 09/14/2017

This strain of kratom is my absolute favorite!! It helps give me energy and helps with my back pain. I have been told that I need to have back surgery but have put it off with using this product. Absolutely love it!!!

Best of the best by Le on 09/13/2017

Doesn't get any better!

Love these products by Jennifer on 09/12/2017

I switch between Maeng da and other strains and find these products to be very helpful with my pain and anxiety!

Amazing by Jennifer on 09/12/2017

This is my favorite strain of Kratom. It has literally been life changing for me. I broke my neck 25 years ago and deal with pain on a daily basis. I also tend to experience anxiety and this product helps so much with both pain and gives me a sense of calm. Would highly recommend this product!

Very satisfied by Debbie on 09/10/2017

This product is great to help wind down after a busy day. The fast service and delivery of Kratom products is also a major plus.

Better than prepackaged capsules by Steven on 09/09/2017

I need less of the powder and feel so much better than taking the capsules. I save money too!

Great pain reliever/ mood enhancer by Mitchell on 09/08/2017

Bali Super Premium works great. It doesn't have any bad side effects. Works quickly and actually does exactly what it's supposed to do. Doctors tend to push very addictive drugs on the public and the stuff doesn't work nearly as good as Kratom. Give Bali a try, you'll love it..

Makes life easier by Mitchell on 09/08/2017

Super Green is my favorite. It works great, and helps me make it through the day. Gets rid of the pain and lifts your spirits. I honestly can't live without it. It is safe and you won't be disappointed.

Works better than anything else I have tried by Connie on 09/07/2017

I find this product to be helpful for my back and hip pain. Additionally, I feel that it gives you better mental clarity instead of mental fogginess that some other products do. I highly reccommend the Green Maeng Da!

Best Mang Da I've had by Mark on 09/07/2017

Definitely ordering kratom from here from now on. Blows head shop kratom out of the water!

Great by Scott on 09/07/2017

Very happy. Great product. Highly recommended.

Great by Scott on 09/07/2017

Very happy with product. Works great

Energy by DeAnna on 09/07/2017

I just started taking the Super Green Malaysian to help with energy and it gives me the boost I need. I also take this with the Red Vein Indo and together I do not get sick in the stomach like other strains have in the past. I highly recommend for energy and the Red Vein Indo if dealing with pain. Thank you Kratom Capsules you rock.

Works for pain by DeAnna on 09/07/2017

I have tried other strains and i must say the red vein indo is my favorite. It does not upset my stomach like the Bali or Mang Da has in the past.I deal with chronic back pain every day and this is definitely the best. I will continue to order from this supplier.

Improves my mood by Rosemarie on 09/07/2017

The most noticeable effect is an overall improvement in my mood and motivation. I only need to take 5 or 6 capsules in order to feel the effects.

Quality by Jo on 09/05/2017

Love kratom , great products fast shipping

Chuchuhuasi by J on 09/05/2017

I love combining 2 of these with the Maeng Da Thai, it gives it a nice boost!

Great product by Kenny on 09/05/2017

I have been taking Kratom for Degenerative disc disease and I must say it's far better than being hooked on opiates! Been there, done that. I recommend Kratom to anyone who is struggeling with opiates to give it a try. Weening off with Kratom is definitely the way to go. Thank you.

Precisely as advertised by Nick on 09/04/2017

Very good for an overall calming and well-being feeling. As stated by many, this has mood boosting effects at lower doses, and has a pain relieving effect at higher doses. Very nice alternative to the RX options, and who doesn't love an all-natural product! Caps are the way to go.

Excellent Product by Amanda on 09/04/2017

My husband and I have been taking Kratom for quite some time now. We prefer the Green Malay or the Maeng the best!! Highly recommend both!!

Very happy with product by Sheila on 09/04/2017

Helps so much with my back & hip pain. Really a bonus when I need an extra boost of energy and clarity of what I'm doing.

Great Product for Pain by Jeremy on 09/04/2017

Green Maeng Da is my favorite powder. it helps with my chronic back pain better than anything otc. swallowing it is pretty tough so I usually take it in capsule form, within 45 minutes I can feel my pain decreasing tremendously. The customer service is great to work with as well, I always get my packages in 2 business days

love it by Jeremy on 09/03/2017

this as well as all of Kratom Capsules products work great for chronic pain. I would recommend buying the powder by itself and ordering empty capsules online to make your own as it is cheaper but I think this site is spectacular. I've had multiple back and neck surgeries and nothing over the counter works as good. I would also argue this works better than sone prescribed pain medicine

Kratom capsules by Taz on 08/31/2017

This is the best site to buy kratom. I've checked out other sites with cheaper prices but the product does not compare to KC. This site is #1.

Great Product by Paci on 08/31/2017

This is a good substitute for maeng da. Great product.

Incredible product. Great for motivation and chronic back pain by Kristin on 08/29/2017

I love this product it is so much better than anything you could buy it at the drugstore for pain etc. it gives me so much motivation and makes me feel very euphoric and I used to be in pain 24 seven with back and neck problems and these get rid of all of that pain

Excellent by Collin on 08/29/2017

Perfect replacement for conventional pain reducers, works like a charm!

Excellent by Mi on 08/29/2017

Excellent product, great customer service and prompt shipping..

Best by J on 08/29/2017

Best strain of all

best yet.... by Richard on 08/29/2017

After trying several products from this company and others, I have to say that I have found the one to stick with.....this is the best by far!!!

A must have for chronic pain! Would give 10 stars if the option was there! by Bob on 08/28/2017

Kratom itself is very useful for many things, however, this particular strain and this company are by far the best out there! The red vein indo is absolutely amazing in terms of helping manage chronic pain. It has so many uses that are very beneficial. If you have chronic pain and either want to break away from opiates, or want something that in some cases is even more efficient than opiates, you must try kratom! have great customer service, and the quality kratom is the best! This is the one stop website to come to!

Best by Le on 08/28/2017

Hurry and get back in stock. Great for back pain! Great folks too!

i am a believer by steve on 08/25/2017

this along with red vein tremendousily help with my pain issues

great product by steve on 08/25/2017

yhis works as well with manageing complaints

ok by steve on 08/25/2017

i have basically stopped taking pain does help with the pain

Definitely buy it!!!! by mylai88 on 08/25/2017

Miracle pills!! They help make me feel so much better!!

Awesome by Paci on 08/25/2017

Love this product. Very potent and will be ordering again.

Good for the soul by Ashley on 08/25/2017

I am an addiction counselor and I have been suggesting kratom to my clients for nearly a decade. Bali in particular is a reliable way to help ease the craving for opiates. Shipping is also usually fast.

Great by Minh on 08/24/2017

I suffer from chronic back pain and these are a great alternative to prescription pain meds.

Pleased with... by CrC on 08/24/2017

Very pleased with these worked as described & have helped tremendously. Repeat customer here!

Always Reliable by Nick on 08/23/2017

I’ve now tried Maeng Da, Green Malay, and Red Vein. And although all three offer similar benefits, I do feel that the Maeng Da is worth the slight price premium. It seems to require the least amount of caps to deliver the needed results. I echo the same positives that you see from other reviewers. I've now ordered dozens of times, and have gotten every order in 2-3 days, using free shipping every time, going from south Florida to central Illinois, mind you. The shipping is 5 stars along with the product in my opinion!

Love this one! by Meagan on 08/23/2017

Definitely helps me mellow out...

Very satisfied! by Meagan on 08/23/2017

My husband takes this regularly and it helps his severe back pain as well as having a calming effect after a stressful day at work.

Love it! by Tim on 08/23/2017

Fantastic product and great place to purchase it from. Fast and easy. Highly recommended!

Excellent by Bmi on 08/23/2017

Great product, fast shipping..

Bali by Le on 08/22/2017

The best!!!

Decent by Aaron on 08/21/2017

A decent supplement strain to Red or Maeng.

Okay by Aaron on 08/21/2017

Good as a supplement to other strains.

Reliable by Aaron on 08/21/2017

Helps as usual. So reliable.

Great by Aaron on 08/21/2017

Always great

Great by Aaron on 08/21/2017

Always great

Love this product! by Melanie on 08/21/2017

I have chronic back pain and kratom is the only thing that helps to keep my pain at bay. I would recommend this to anyone with chronic pain! It's natural and relatively inexpensive and it works!

5 Stars by Megan on 08/18/2017

Great product. Fast delivery.

GREAT!!! by Barbara on 08/17/2017

This product is wonderful, I will be buying more!

Red Vein by Joseph on 08/16/2017

This is a great product, it provides me the motivation and energy to work a full day, love it.

Effective and potent! Great product! by Melanie on 08/16/2017

Not only is the red vein effective, it's potent! Which means I have to take less than I would with other brands! Which saves me money and time! Love this site and it's products!

great stuff by jacqueline on 08/16/2017

works fantastic! wish they had a bulk option like before!

Awesome by Tina on 08/15/2017

I was in a bad car accident and ended relying on pain medicines. At first i was skeptical because so many products so will help with pain. Now i love it really does help with the pain and i dont have to worry about becoming an addict. So glad i found it.

definitely helps with lack of energy and alcohol cravings by jacqueline on 08/15/2017

alot of times when i try to do something like go out and clean up the yard or go to the grocery store i feel tired and un motivated. a lack of B12 or something. When i take this i really wake up and feel more energized and am able to do the basic of stuff again. Also if youre trying to cut back or quit alcohol this helps curb cravings!

highly favorable by william on 08/15/2017

my favorite so far

favorable by william on 08/15/2017

does a steady job

Wonderful by Barbara on 08/15/2017

This Product is wonderful, helps with my stress!

Great by Aaron on 08/14/2017

A good pairing with Ma Daeng.

Great by Aaron on 08/14/2017

Best strain imo. Sad it's usually out of stock cause its so good.

Powder works faster by Josie on 08/12/2017

I find the powder is stronger as well. Even more effective for pain. Mix in apple sauce.

Great Product by Dale on 08/12/2017

My favorite strand by far! Works great for mood, energy, and helps with the pain!

Red Vien Indo by Douglas on 08/12/2017

Red Vein Indo is a great substitute for Maeng Da. Works well.

Excellent by John on 08/11/2017

This is probably my second favorite strain next to maeng da!

Great by Minh on 08/11/2017

Helps relieve anxiety and helps with my back pain.

Pain relief with energy by Crystal on 08/10/2017

I've tried the Red Vein Indo as well as the Bali premium. The Bali gives me the energy and pain relief I need better than the Red Vein Indo.

Very pleased by Christina on 08/10/2017

Thank you for such a good product!

Great product! Great quality kratom! by Jessica on 08/09/2017

Love this company so much. This specific strain works well and lasts long. Very satisfied!

Bali Super is my favorite. by Sherry on 08/09/2017

The product helps reduce my stress levels. If needed I can take a higher dose to help with my pain.

Ok by Boymom on 08/08/2017

I still prefer maeng da. These were not as strong

Helps me sleep at night by Rosemarie on 08/08/2017

I use this product to help me fall asleep at night. I used to take prescription sleeping medication to sleep and now I don't have to take anything but this. It helps me relax just enough to fall asleep. Great product!

great product by Stephen on 08/08/2017

great product

great product by Stephen on 08/08/2017

great product

What I've tried before was great and going to order more!! by Le on 08/08/2017

Awesome product and company!

Excellent product by LUKAS on 08/08/2017

This is the only thing that i have found that workd for my back pain without having to have a prescription. Thank you!

Precisely as advertised by Nick on 08/08/2017

Very good for an overall calming and well-being feeling. As stated by many, this has mood boosting effects at lower doses, and has a pain relieving effect at higher doses. Very nice alternative to the RX options, and who doesn't love an all-natural product! Caps are the way to go.

Only place to buy by Steven on 08/07/2017

Best Quality on the Internet!

Hard to Deny by 4 Year User on 08/07/2017

I have had 6 knee surgeries in my life and kratom has been essential to my pain relief. I have used the various types provided on here and Maeng Da is the best (for me) by far. I recommend giving it a try!

Great product by Mary on 08/07/2017

I really like all of the strains that they have to offer, and the all help with my anxiety issues, but this particular strain is good, because it also gives me energy but takes away the anxiety at the same time! I would highly recommend this product. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 3145 user reviews.