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Red vein indo by Scot on 05/25/2018

Works well for my knee pain and help me sleep

Maeng da by Scot on 05/25/2018

Works good for my knee pain

Great natural feeling by Stephen on 05/25/2018

Taking just 3 of these capsules leads me to have a very natural, relaxed and sociable experience. Thanks.

Great Products by Tanya on 05/25/2018

I found their products to be v helpful for pain and energy level. Would definitely order again from this company!

Awesome product! by Dale on 05/25/2018

I have been very impressed by the level of quality from Kratom Capsules! Always consistent good quality with amazing results! Helps manage my pain and keep me motivated and in a good mood! What’s not to love! Wish I would have known about this years ago!

Great for the price by Melissa on 05/25/2018

Same result as Maeng Da but much cheaper! Love these!!!

A+++++ by Robert on 05/25/2018

Wonderful product, does wonders for chronic levels of pain. It simply works. Very good quality

LOVE IT! by Vicki on 05/25/2018

I go back and forth between Super Green and White Maeng Da because I love them both. The quality and service are the best I've experienced since starting kratom about 6 months ago.

LOVE IT! by Vicki on 05/25/2018 was the first company and my first kratom experience. I have since tried a couple of others, when you were out of stock, and they pale in comparison for qualtiy, results and service!

Relaxing by Dale on 05/25/2018

Very good quality and definitely works! Seems to be more of a relaxing strain compared to the Bali and Super Green Malay! Great to take of an evening to help wind down and relax!

besst for pain by Joyce on 05/24/2018

My favorite but my timing is bad when I try to order...its always out of stock. I will keep trying, because I want this one.

Didnt really fill them by dean on 05/23/2018

I tried the yellow because the mega green was out I really didn't care for the other too much but the price and the shipping and the company I love

Great for muscle pain by J on 05/23/2018

Have tried several types, the Red seems to best for my muscle pain.

Super Green by Timothy on 05/22/2018

Price and quality are great!! Seems that the capsules contain more powder than other online stores. Great way to start the day with the Malay.

Great! by Zachary on 05/22/2018

Works great for an energy boost!

Life changing by Jerry on 05/22/2018

Kratom has made my life better. Keep it legal sign the petition.

best by Devan on 05/22/2018

best energy best quality best hands down

very good by Timothy on 05/22/2018

I like to end the day and relax with the Vietnam strain. It also relieves pain from a long day.

Good to mix by Tabitha on 05/22/2018

2 nd time around trying, and when mixed with super green, nice combo. Can't wait til all strains restock. Best products and best customer service anywhere.

Amazing by Scott on 05/22/2018

Fantastic products, great support and staff. Highly recommend

Love this product by Carolyn on 05/21/2018

I prefer is strain over others I have tried. So happy they finally got this product back in stock as I was going on a trip and was afraid I would not have them. I now can go and not stress.

Great product by Christine on 05/21/2018

So far, this is the best statin for energy I have found.

Green Maeng Da Thai by linda on 05/20/2018

This product works the best for my anxiety. It allows to live a normal anxiety free life - thank

Great product by VICKI on 05/18/2018

Great product!!! Works very good!!! Will continue to buy from you!

Great of Relaxation by Deborah on 05/17/2018

Perfect for the end of the day. Excellent product and excellent customer service!

Suprised by Allen on 05/17/2018

I tired this out instead of red and works great!

Pain Relief by John on 05/16/2018

When taking 5 capsules the arthritis pain becomes livable. I plan on using this product as long as it is available. Pain relief with no narcotics high. Finally..

Growing on me by Tabitha on 05/16/2018

Yellows are working ok for me, 2nd order, still prefer Bali, but yellow slowly becoming my second favorite. Great company.

Always Reliable by Peter on 05/16/2018

I’ve now tried all of the different Kratom strains available. And although all of them offer similar benefits, I do feel that the Maeng Da is worth the slight price premium. It seems to require the least amount of caps to deliver the needed results. I echo the same positives that you see from other reviewers. I've now ordered dozens of times, and have gotten every order in just a few days, using free shipping every time! The shipping is 5 stars along with the product in my opinion!

Best Strain by Pete on 05/16/2018

I have used the Red Vein strain for years and it is simply amazing. I have used others and they are all amazing. But the Red Vein is the best. Not only is the strain the best, this site is the only one I will use for Kratom. I have heard horror stories about other sites, the product and so much more. I have never had an issue, but am confident if I did, the people at Kratom Capsules will address and correct it. Thank you and keep it coming.

Excellent by Stacy on 05/16/2018

I've tried them all and this one is the best. It seems to be the strongest. Always fast shipping.

top quality by MaryAnn on 05/16/2018

I have ordered from other places before. What you get from this product is great pain relief without that wiped out feeling, actually lots of energy. I will definitely buy again. Out of stock currently I signed up for email alert, hope it comes before I run out. I only need two for a dose. Great value.

LOVE by Devan on 05/15/2018


I love the Yellow Vietnam kratom!! by DC38 on 05/15/2018

Another amazing product from Kratom Capsules! I love the effects of this strain. Very mellow, very calming! I highly recommend trying it!!

Awesome!! by Michael on 05/15/2018

This is great stuff. All I need is 2 caps for a great mood and energy. If I need more pain relief I take 4 caps and it works great. Love it!!

Highly Recommended!!! by Deborah on 05/15/2018

Best Kratom company around with best products. I’ve tried many company, they exceed with their product and customer service!

So helpful! by Diana on 05/14/2018

Great product. I got this when y'all were out of Bali super premium. Doesn't give as much energy but4 works well for pain.

Yellow Vietnam caps by Lynda on 05/14/2018

Not bad, but they make me tired. Better taken at night. I like Bali better during the day. Helps my migraines. Thanks!

Prefer othe products. by Carolyn on 05/14/2018

Works but not as well as some others I have purchased. Prefer Super Gree Malay over this product ,

Great Stuff! by Diana on 05/14/2018

Great product! Works great easing my back pain.

Milder than other strains by Kevin on 05/13/2018

I agree with some of the other reviews. Makes a nice mix with the red or white vein. Good middle of the road strain

Effective in pain management. by Sam on 05/12/2018

I've tried the green maeng da and white maeng da and the yellow Vietnam works really good too. I take one teaspoon of powder mixed with 8 oz of grapefruit juice to manage my back pain. Works great!

Works well by Kristie on 05/12/2018

I like it the best so far. 5 capsules makes me pretty sleepy so 2-3 during the day is best.

Great strain by Amanda on 05/12/2018

Great strain for the price! Works very well for pain and energy.

Great product by Amanda on 05/12/2018

I have tried about every strain. This one is more mood stabilizing and gives you energy. Definitely would recommend this to anyone!!

Great by Angela on 05/12/2018

Alot different than i had read it to be.. good as an in between booster or alone for energy and mood.

Steady success by Angela on 05/12/2018

My go to in the morning!

Yellow ok by Tabitha on 05/11/2018

Got because out of Bali. It's ok, does sealed balanced, if that's what you want, does help...mood pain, but prefer little more energy. If your new, this company's customer service is great, responsive and very helpful.

Recommended by Charles on 05/10/2018

Calming and pain reducing. Outstanding customer service. Good, consistent quality.

Product Was AWESOME by Antoine on 05/09/2018

First time trying yellow vein. Worked great! I take for depression and anxiety and it worked very well!

This stuff works! by Catherine on 05/08/2018

I have been using this for awhile now for pain incurred from an auto accident. Works very well. Highly recommend.

Works well, but not as strong by Melissa on 05/08/2018

Not as pleased as with the green. Have to take more for the same effect.

love this product! by Joyce on 05/08/2018

I haven't slept through the night for years. I take 2 of these about 2 hours before bed and I sleep all night

Consistent product. by Nancy on 05/07/2018

The pills are consistent with each other and are the same gentle remedy for my headaches from one bottle to the next. I like it because it works.

Great!! by John on 05/07/2018

This is the best!

Always satisfied with service! by Melody on 05/06/2018

I always get my order on time, the process is very simple, and the product is always the same and to my Saturday ion.

Always satisfied with service! by Melody on 05/06/2018

I always get my order on time, the process is very simple, and the product is always the same and to my Saturday ion.

Didn’t work for me by Cheryl on 05/06/2018

I thought I would try this strain for my chronic back pain and neck pain. I took recommend dosage of 5 capsules- no effect. I tried increasing dosage the next day to 7, sad to say it did nothing for my pain. Not sure if my body just doesn’t respond to this strain :(

Very good product. by Herbert on 05/05/2018

Works very well for my pain and anxiety!

Great pain reliever! by Herbert on 05/05/2018

Green Maeng Da Thai seems to work best for me and my pain. Have been wanting to try the white, but has not been available. Great safe product and works!

great stuff by wayne on 05/05/2018

great stuff

The Red Vein Indo Kratom is great quality for the value by wayne on 05/05/2018

The Red Vein Indo Kratom is great quality for the value

Best, but always out of stock! by Debra on 05/04/2018

I really liked this product, but it is never in stock! Don't like the other products as well.

White maeng da by April on 05/04/2018

This is my favorite of all kratom. I take it every day unless you are out of stock. Which makes me real sad.

Good for relaxation by Tabitha on 05/04/2018

Good for relaxation and bed time, not so energizing, as usual shipping and customer service awesome

Amazing Quality by Deborah on 05/04/2018

I usually have to take more than the recommended dose, do not do this with this one. Amazing quality.

Excellent Product by Deborah on 05/04/2018

Excellent product, contacted customer service because it was sold out. Extremely quick responde and excellent customer service.

Helpful by Damekia on 05/03/2018

Gets me up and going in the mornings when I'm hurting.

Unbelievable product and customer service!! by RONNIE on 05/03/2018

I am a longtime Kratom user and have not felt this amazing feeling of being pain free, calm, motivated and positive thinking since I first tried green malay 5 years ago. They are the best capsules I have ever used in the last 5 years. I love the convenience of capsules for going out, but will definitely be trying their powder for days spent at home. I feel so lucky I decided to try this company. I am also a Senior Citizen, grandma, wife and mom and do not often do reviews, just had to do this one..!

Good product by Jennifer on 05/03/2018

Product is great. Price is a but higher than some other vendors.

Another awesome product! by DC38 on 05/03/2018

Bali super premium kratom is another awesome product from! I love the effects of this strain and highly recommend trying it! Thanks and keep up the good work!

Great by Contessa on 05/03/2018

Great product can't wait for it to be back in stock. A little disappointed in how much is out of stock right now though.

Great as usual by Tabitha on 05/03/2018

Great as usual. Prefer powder, but was out, that's why 4 not 5 stars. Fast shipping awesome customer service

Precisely as advertised by Nick on 05/03/2018

Very good for an overall calming and happy feeling. As stated by many, this has mood boosting effects at lower doses, and has a pain relieving effect at higher doses. Very nice alternative to the RX options, and who doesn't love an all-natural product! Caps are the way to go.

Calming by Cheryll on 05/03/2018

Was great for both relaxation & pain management.

Low dosage by Nancy on 05/02/2018

I find that low doses, one capsule or two clears up my brain fog in the morning. I've calmed my coffee addiction with one capsule of Kratom and feel better for it but wonder if I'm replacing one problem with another. The affects of Kratom feel natural and normal. The people in customer service and shipping are really on the ball.

ZZZZ.. by Damekia on 05/01/2018

With my Fybro I can finally get a good nights rest! Thank you!

GREAT by Devan on 05/01/2018


Favorite Strain by Pete on 04/30/2018

I have used Red Vein for years and absolutely love it. It is much more effective on my back pain than are opiates, and I don't get agitated like when I take pain pills. Not only do I love the Red Vein strain, I would not buy my Kratom from any other place, never have and never will. I was fortunate enough to find kratomcapsules years ago and have not had a doubt since I ordered on day one. Thank you for all you do in terms of helping those in need, for education, and for providing a perfect product with awesome customer service. thank you.

Great by Linda on 04/30/2018

Great product! Really helps with my anxiety. Ordering is a breeze and order ships quickly.

The best by William on 04/30/2018

This is really the best Kratom I’ve had! I’ve been buying from the supposed best for years but this is the best!

Amazing! by Linda on 04/30/2018

This is an amazing strain, and I've tried them all! This is great for a mood lifter and boosts energy.

Fantasic by Linda on 04/30/2018

Out of all the strains, this one is great for pain relief!

Great product! by Linda on 04/30/2018

Best strain so far!

I have no negative thoughts by Maxwell on 04/30/2018

I prefer the Red Maeng and the Green which seems to be out of stock. That means every body else like those two. I switch from the Green to the Red Maeng Da for alertness and they seem to erase any negative thinking that hunts me

The Yellow is pretty good by Maxwell on 04/30/2018

The Yellow Vietnam Kratom is good , I like it better then the White Maeng and see it as equal to the Red Maeng. I prefer the Green Maeng Da however everybody seems to be out of stock, I'm sure this got to go with the politics customs and stuff. For my mental stable mind, and that is what it helps me with most, although I do have back pains and other pains that they seem to easy the discomfort, they seem to give me peaceful mind and extra sharp alertness. Thank You

The Yellow is good I use it in placeof the Green Maeng by Maxwell on 04/30/2018

The Yellow Vietnam Kratom is good , I like it better then the White Maeng and see it as equal to the Red Maeng. I prefer the Green Maeng Da however everybody seems to be out of stock, I'm sure this got to go with the politics customs and stuff. For my mental stable mind, and that is what it helps me with most, although I do have back pains and other pains that they seem to easy the discomfort, they seem to give me peaceful mind and extra sharp alertness. Thank You

Very happy by Alisa on 04/30/2018

Very good product; super fast service; top quality!

Helps with the pain by Kevin on 04/29/2018

I've had a torn rotator cuff for about two years. With this I have been able to avoid taking any thing else, including ibuprofen. Great quality. Thanks

Great Product! by Michael on 04/28/2018

Quick delivery and high quality product. Will definitely be ordering the white vein again as soon as it’s back in stock

Life saver !! by Lisa on 04/28/2018

I can’t believe I am no longer dependent on opioid drugs. I was on oxy., Vicodin, muscle relaxers and Xanax. I’m now taking 4-6 kratom pills a day along with drinking kava. I have 6 pinched nerves, two herniated discs and a bulging disc, degenerate disc disease and scoliosis. I’m was in constant pain all day everyday to the point I couldn’t get out of bed, even with all the drugs. Now I can do everything I love again ! I’m back at work and in college. I’m gardening and reconstructing our new house! I’m so happy and can’t believe the difference in how I used to be. Trust me this is an honest post and admission and I’m proud of what this plant does for people like us who really need it . Thanks guys for being awesome!!

Shikata ga nai by Dan on 04/28/2018

I am using Kratom to try to reduce the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. After years of high dosages of morphine, you can imagine what I'm going through. Kratom is taking the edge off a little, and I'm glad to have it, but nothing short of divine intervention is going to get me through this. I'm combining it with the akuamma seeds to try and kill some of the underlying pain that got me into this situation in the first place. We shall see what happens.

So far, so good. by Dan on 04/28/2018

Am using this to help manage symptoms of "opioid" withdrawal. So far it appears as though it may be helpful. Time will tell. I'll give it 4 stars for now, maybe raise it to 5 later if it works out.

Great product! by Joyce on 04/28/2018

This product helps me relax and sleep better.

Great product! by Joyce on 04/28/2018

I have been taking pain pills for years and with this product I have cut my dosage in half. I am hopeing to stop taking the prescription pain meds all together and just use Kratom Red Vein Indo.

Great product by Steven on 04/27/2018

The Red Vein Indo Kratom is great quality for the value. Have re-ordered several times and very happy with the strength and quality.

Great product and pain reliever! by Herbert on 04/26/2018

Fast shipping and great product!!

Great product by Patrick on 04/25/2018

This strain has made a significant difference for me. I deal with a lot of pain daily and this product has really helped a lot. So glad I tried it!

The best by Bob on 04/25/2018

Simply put, this company has the best quality and service. Best quality and does amazing job of taking care of pain.

Another awesome product!!! by DC38 on 04/25/2018

I love this stuff!!! The Green Maeng Da is energetic but also has a very nice mood lifting property. Another amazing product from Kratom Capsules!! I am very satisfied with this product and all the products I’ve tried! Thanks for the great work!

Love this site by Scott on 04/25/2018

Have great products and amazing customer service. Highly recommend.

The best by Lori on 04/25/2018

I found this site looking for capsules. I ordered the Bali and was very pleased! I bought one bottle so I could try it. I just put in an order for more! It really helps my pain and gives me calm energy! Great site, company and Kratom! Great prices also!

Awesome by VICKI on 04/25/2018

I was very pleased with this product!!

By far my favorite by Christine on 04/24/2018

This is the first product I purchased and I have to say by far the best. My only issue is 50 capsules do not last long at all. I take 5 in morning and 5 mid afternoon and so they only last 5 days :/ I am switching to powder and filling my own as I get a lot Moreno that way. But of course it’s always out of stock :( my biggest complaint so far is they don’t have what I need in stock. But the products are superb and are great !

Good quality product by Christine on 04/24/2018

Bought this because the site was out of the one I usually buy and I wanted try different strains. It is a nice pick me up without the jitters and pretty smooth. I put these in capsules but I did try it raw in powder form and it’s not bad. I would purchase again.

Great! by Zachary on 04/24/2018

Excellent for a boost of energy.

Works pretty well by Kristie on 04/24/2018

Works pretty well on the pain. Take on an empty stomach as it can make you nauseous. Found myself more tense (clenching jaws). Take late in the day as it makes you drowsy.

Kratom is a life saver (Red Vein Indo Review) by Petra on 04/24/2018

I suffer from fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. As long as kratom remains legal in my state and I can afford it, I will keep ordering. I find that the Red Vein Indo works best for me. I take just enough to take the edge off and it works better in regards to pain relief than Yellow Vietnam or Green Maeng Da. The latter has been my usual go-to but after trying the Red Vein Indo, I believe I will be sticking with that ine for a while. Thanks for prompt delivery, too!

Red Vein by Jim on 04/24/2018

Great Strain product.

Good - Not Great by William on 04/24/2018

I’ve tried red vein, green, and lastly the yellow. I think the yellow was the least favorite of the three. I’m thinking of trying a combination as some other reviewers have suggested.

Great service and product by ROCKY on 04/23/2018

Always been a top of the line product on every order fast shipping

Very pleased by Cheryl on 04/23/2018

Great product, helped me relax with some pain relief. Fast shipping Will definitely order again.

Great quality by Kay on 04/23/2018

I've tried several other brands, types, etc and this is my favorite. None of the gross taste of the powder, but it is quickly effective and helps so much with my headaches.

GREAT !!!!!! by Devan on 04/23/2018

Best quality hands down, don't go anywhere else for your kratom needs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good quality by kelli on 04/23/2018

I like the super green but not as much as the red vain indo.

Not as strong as Bali Super Premium, but still good! by John on 04/23/2018

For pain relief only, I would recommend the Bali Super Premium. But the Green Maeng Da was very relaxing and helped with my anxiety. Whichever one you decide on, these guys have a customer for life here. Amazing product, good prices, and super speedy responses. I'm glad I found them!

Great addition by Bonnie on 04/21/2018

Works great with green maeng da. Also works really well on its own at night to help relax you. Great for the price!

My favorite! by Bonnie on 04/21/2018

I’ve tried many different strains and I keep coming back to the Green Maeng Da Thai. Excellent pain relief! And gives you the boost you need or at a higher dose.

honest review by william on 04/21/2018

I tended to over do this product, so I've cut it loose

positive by william on 04/21/2018

my favorite

positive by william on 04/21/2018

nice , not my favorite but nice

honest by william on 04/21/2018

made me feel pretty good, but I had a tenancy to over do it, so I'm cutting it loose

positive by william on 04/21/2018

this is probably my favorite raises my mood dependably

Very high quality by Janet on 04/21/2018

The green maeng da is very helpful with pain and stamina. Very high quality.

Awesome by Thad on 04/20/2018


Works well by Brian on 04/20/2018

This works well mixed with red indo. I am still mixing to get the best of pain relief and mood/ relaxing

Another amazing product!! by DC38 on 04/18/2018

Another great product from! I highly recommend this strand, I love this product and every product I’ve ordered so far!!

Great Results!! by Chewy on 04/18/2018

This strain has a great balance of lowering anxiety while boosting energy. Very potent, up the intake slowly.

My go to! by AC on 04/18/2018

This one is one of my favs..

Morning Go Mix by Angela on 04/18/2018

Never fails for energy!

Energy! by AC on 04/18/2018

Great product

Super Green is super! by Wayne on 04/17/2018

I have tried every different strain now and the Super Green is one of my favorites!

Great by Linda on 04/17/2018

Great product, easy to order!

Best strain by Tabitha on 04/17/2018

A +

Great products and service by Tabitha on 04/17/2018

Great products and service A+

Plenty of energy by Randall on 04/16/2018

Just a few capsules keeps me fully energized and is a lot more effective than caffeine!

My favorite! by LeAnne on 04/16/2018

Definitely my favorite. Really helps with my back pain and lifts my energy and mood.

My favorite! by LeAnne on 04/16/2018

Definitely my favorite. Really gets rid of my back pain and gives me great mood and energy!

Love this site by Tonya on 04/14/2018

I love the optional strains. They all work well enough to stop taking rx drugs. I have arthritis and chronic pain. I was on rx meds for 15 yrs, but not anymore. Thank you kratom capsules!

Great product by Tonya on 04/14/2018

This is the best reliable site to use to by your choice of any strain. Helps wth pain and mood. Have gotten off of my rx meds because i no longer need them, instead i take kratom. Has been a life saver for me.

Great product by Tonya on 04/14/2018

I love this strain. It helps with pain without having to go to the dr for Rx meds. I was taking 8 rx pills 4xs a day. This has literally saved my life. I am no longer taking rx meds because i can just take krstom instead and in my opinion this is by far better relief than any rx I've taken. Please vote to keep these legal. Everyone's vote counts

Love this site by Tonya on 04/14/2018

Kratom capsules are my favorite. Easy to take. Relieves my Arthritis and chronic pain, with out having to go to the dr every month for Rx pain meds. This remarkable kratom has delivered and set me free from taking Rx pains meds. I've been taking them for 2 yrs. I love this site. It supplies you the easiest way to get them and fast shipping. I would recommend kratom capsules instead of Rx pain pills.

My new favorite strain by Kristene on 04/14/2018

I have tried three other strains, and this one is my favorite. It seems to take a more gentle approach to calmness, and the pain relief is enough to ease both chronic headaches and pain from a broken back. I like that it isn't so strong that I feel strange or anything. Calm, mellow, yes. But that's a good thing!

AWESOME SERVICE by Robert on 04/13/2018

I cannot say enough about how great these products are and the customer support is fantastic. Sabrina really came through and helped me out when I goofed up an order. THANK YOU KC

Great product by Candice on 04/13/2018

Great product fast delivery

Great delivery by Candice on 04/13/2018

Great product fast delivery

Great product by Candice on 04/13/2018

Great product fast delivery

Product by Candice on 04/13/2018

Great product

GREAT FOR DETOX by Lisa on 04/13/2018


EXCELLENT by Lisa on 04/13/2018