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Pain by Tracy Lynn on 07/20/2018

Absolutely the best natural pain pill ever.....!!!!

great by joyce on 07/20/2018

going to order again. Took my pain away and I feel great again.:)

Pain Relief by james on 07/20/2018

Very effective product for my herniated disc.

Excellent Product by james on 07/20/2018

Works great for anxiety and panic attacks.

Love it! by Dennis on 07/20/2018

By far my fave strain for pain relief and anxiety.

Works as claimed by Troy on 07/19/2018

I buy the Green Maeng Da Thai Kratom capsules for foot and back pain and their website claims they may not be the cheapest but they will ALWAYS be the best and trust me they are. I can buy every type of kratom there is 8 miles from my house for slightly less money but the quality does not compare so I will definitely be buying here from now on. Great price and definitely great product..

Amazing by Brett on 07/19/2018

This strain really helps with pain. It also helps a lot with anxiety. I highly recommend RV Indo to anyone who doesn't know what strain to try !

Love this product by Carolyn on 07/18/2018

Of all the products this is by far my favorite. I hope they get it back in stock soon as others I have taken seem to not work as well for me. Been very happy with the fast delivery.

Best product ever by Bryan on 07/18/2018

This made me feel human. It helped with my pain.

Good night sleep by Eric on 07/17/2018

I often wake up many times during the night with back and/or leg pain. Toss and turn before i can get back to sleep. I have been trying these before bed and so far so good they are really helping. They seem to work best for me if i take them 30-45 minutes before i go to bed. I lay down feeling more relaxed and fall asleep. If I take them in that timeframe before bed, I make it through the whole night without flopping around in bed and waking up. Seems to be way better than getting up and taking Ibuprofen and waiting for that to work.

Always happy with Kratom Capsules by Jessica on 07/17/2018

Red vein and Green Maeng Da have been lifesavers. Couldn’t be happier with this site.

Always happy by Jessica on 07/17/2018

Always happy with the fast shipping and quality of this product!!

Very good product. Excellent service by Peter on 07/17/2018

This is excellent great pain reliever keeps me focused

These have worked for me for YEARS!! by Annie on 07/16/2018

No side effects and help with knee pain from arthritis and general mood enhancer

GREAT! by Mary on 07/16/2018

The Bali are my favorite! They are great for anxiety and pain.

Smooth by Joe on 07/13/2018

The Red Vein is the best one I have tried so far!

reorder by Joe on 07/13/2018

These work well at 4 capsules. I sleep like a baby. Still trying all types.

great product by sharon on 07/13/2018

this is the best Kratom i have tried so far. I have two bulging discs in my back and it is the only thing i take for pain.

Works as claimed by Steve on 07/12/2018

A natural remedy

Pain relief by Dave on 07/11/2018

Works great for my joint pain

Great for pain by Dave on 07/11/2018

Works excellent for joint pain

Love it! by Deb on 07/11/2018

Gives me just the right energy with no unwanted side effects

First time buyer by Casey on 07/11/2018

This was my first experience with Kratom and they were awesome. I will definitely buy again.

Very good product. Excellent service by Pete on 07/10/2018

This product is great at relieving pain. Service was quick and friendly.

So far, great ! by STAN on 07/10/2018

Just purchased , taking 2-4 per day and definitely noticing relief of pain in feet and back. Certainly giving me energy as well. Review ? Well, I already ordered 2 more bottles if that answers the question...... Hopefully NO MORE PAIN DR.S and pharmacies screwing me around ! Great product ! !

very good by Timothy on 07/09/2018

price and quality can't be beat!!

in love! by Victoria on 07/09/2018

I have MS and the pain is unbearable at times. I take one capsule and I feel sooooo much better. I highly recommend to anyone that has nerve pain/neuropathy to buy this now!!! I haven't felt this good in 7 years!!! I am in love!!

Always Reliable by Nick on 07/08/2018

I’ve now tried all of the different Kratom strains available. And although all of them offer similar benefits, I do feel that the Maeng Da is worth the slight price premium. It seems to require the least amount of caps to deliver the needed results. I echo the same positives that you see from other reviewers. I've now ordered dozens of times, and have gotten every order in just a few days, using free shipping every time! The shipping is 5 stars along with the product in my opinion!

Excellent Product by Deborah on 07/08/2018

Excellent Product! Helps with my ADHD, really great to focus. Highly Recommend.

Amazing by Edward on 07/07/2018

Okay I take 3 in the morning on an empty stomach and I take 2 more 2 hours after lunch and it helps me with my horrible shoulder and neck pain all day. love the smart and mellow feeling I get. I think things through and don't react reckless and I feel calm too.

Great stuff by spek on 07/07/2018

Helps knee and back pain. Mellow feeling. Great service.

Best Kratom Out There! by Cassie on 07/07/2018

I’ve tried so many different strains and companies. I’ve recently come off a high dose of Subutex that I have been taking for almost 4 years. I’m not sure I could have done it without Kratom. This strain has helped with my energy levels and overall mood. It doesn’t upset my stomach and the capsules are easy to swallow. The shipping is always fast and Kratom Capsules is the best Kratom company I have dealt with!

Why didn't I know about this a long time ago? by Eric on 07/07/2018

Watched a Movie on Netflix or Amazon about Kratom. Thought I would give it a try. I had a back injury which was repaired, but am left with damaged nerves in my leg. I have back pain and leg pain. Not all the time, but enough so it is annoying. I was amazed how well this works. I was able to walk through Home Depot with only minor discomfort. Usually i would be very sore and limping. This seemed to do a better job than ibuprofen and from what i have learned this will not damage my kidneys like the high doses of ibuprofen can. I had a day where my back was feeling good. I was working around the house. Lots of work with my hands which started cramping. I took 2 Kratom pills. within 30 minutes, the pain and cramping was gone. I have ordered a couple of the other strains to see what works best for me.

Excellent by Jason on 07/06/2018

Excellent quality.

Great Product by Alicia on 07/05/2018

Shipping is not so great!

Amazing product! by David on 07/05/2018

I love this product! I’m not a big fan of powder, but I think this has changed me!

Perfect solution by Eric on 07/05/2018

The capsule form is the only way to take this, for me. And these were high quality compared to my past experiences. The green has greatly changed my life as I have chronic Lymes disease. Absolutely recommend. I also use they’re red vein capsules, which I’m also very thankful for. Kratom , of this quality, is allowing me to work (I work at home), socialize and be a more mindful person. Thank you!

Wow by Donita on 07/04/2018

This product was more effective than taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen everyday for my joint pain.

Only thing that helps! by Rachel on 07/04/2018

I have back pain due to bulging discs as well as due to a severely tilted uterus. So during that time of the month I am in sometimes unbearable pain. I have taken opioids for this pain before with awful side effects of headache, nausea, constipation, and even dependence. I feel that Kratom is just as good if not better at helping to relieve the pain, and with literally none of those nasty side effects for me! So happy to have found something that actually helps!

Good product by Crystal on 07/03/2018

Helps with pain

Great product. by Crystal on 07/03/2018

Helps me with energy.

Great by Austin on 07/03/2018

A must try for all!

Good by Austin on 07/03/2018

Lots of energy, worth trying!

Great for Pain Relief and Anxiety & Stress! by John on 07/02/2018

I am a loyal customer to and credit them for helping my chronic back pain. White Maeng Da is just one of the products that I use and it is very effective for my back pain, and my stress & anxiety. You can't go wrong with this product!

Green Maeng Da saves the day by Shelby on 06/30/2018

I purchased these for a dear friend who is suffering horribly. The doctors who are treating her refuse to do surgery and also refuse to treat her pain. The Kratom gave her almost instant relief from her pain and allowed her to function again. The order was quickly shipped with no problems. I will not hesitate to purchase again.

Great products and service by Tabitha on 06/30/2018

Sound like broken record, but it's true, Bali works great for pain, and personal customer service A+

Excellent product by Allen on 06/30/2018

Arrived on time and worked as advertised. Excellent quality and extended burn. Thanks again.

Good by Thad on 06/30/2018

Red is good

Good by Thad on 06/30/2018

Very good

Life Changing! by Jerry on 06/29/2018

Life changing!

best of all by K. Adena on 06/29/2018

wonderful product for pain plus focus. KC is the best most reliable comp. out here. never had a problem . fast delivery, superior product. always discounts.. never bother to look elsewhere, its all here.

mellow by K. Adena on 06/29/2018

wonderful for pain, very mellow. best product always discounts and fastest delivery.

Great Product. by Jennifer on 06/29/2018

I have tried most of the strains from this site and this one is my favorite. Anxiety and depression run in my family and I find that this strain really mellows me out, I feel positive, happy, nice and calm. If you're looking for a big energy boost, this is probably not the strain for you. I also take a very low dose, one in the morning and one in the afternoon after lunch time, about 2:30 or 3. I can't imagine taking 5, I think I would be asleep. For anyone new to Kratom, I would suggest starting with one, and then moving up from there. Obviously, that's all very personal. And just for reference, I'm female, 5'7" and 135lbs. I have seasonal allergies and I do find that I need to make sure I have taken my allergy meds when I take Kratom, something in the plant or whatever seems to do to my sinuses what pollen or seeding grasses do to me. But, no big deal, I just take my allergy meds. and the Kratom at the same time and NO issues.

One of my faves!! by Vicki on 06/28/2018

This one never it!!

LOVE IT! by Vicki on 06/28/2018

I hadn't used this in awhile but because my back pain has been out of control, I decided to get it with my next order....AND AM I GLAD I DID!! I forgot how well this works. Definitely going to be in my regular kratom rotation!

very good by Timothy on 06/28/2018

The basic Green Maeng Da is always good. I have never had any problems with quality and desired effects.

Outstanding Product! by Linda on 06/28/2018

This is by far my favorite strain and I have tried them all. I also, like the Magna da Thai and changing back and forth has helped with my pain 100 percent. Plus the shipping is free and fast. Will only order from this company!!

Great Product!! by Linda on 06/28/2018

Amazing product and outstanding free shipping! Best strand thus far and will continue to purchase every month!

Amazing! by Linda on 06/28/2018

I have been ordering from this website for over 2 years, and this is the strand that I just tried for the first time. Love it! It works great and find it to be the best one so far. It has helped me with my social anxiety as well as my right knee osteoarthritis. Thanks so much for this product, and also shipped very fast for free!

Very affective by Dave on 06/28/2018

First time trying Kratom for joint pain. Very affective in pain relief. No residual groggy feeling the day after and zero moodiness feeling like other pain medications.

pain by joyce on 06/28/2018

I have back pain and this works very well, pleased with it and got my order very fast. going to order again

Thank You KratomCapsules.Com!! I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!! by CARL on 06/27/2018

Been using the Red Vein and the Green for about Three years now. They have helped my back and knee pain so much that, after about 9 year's on Opiates, Fentanyl & Percocet, I can finally say that I am completely OFF all that Poison once and for all!! I'm still in pain, but less than before, even with the Opiates. I still need a knee replacement, and probably back surgery. But, I've been putting it off for as long as I can. But, it's good to know that I don't need to go to the pharmacy any more, and that I was lucky that I didn't have any withdrawals whatsover. Also, that I'm getting pain relief from a natural plant. I'm also off of Aleve, Doans Back Pills, Motrin, and Tylenol! I've been taking different combinations of those OTC medications for probably 30 year's!! Just had a blood test and my kidneys and liver are excellent. Thank you again for making an Outstanding product! Carl Sims from Cape Coral, Florida.

Works as described by Cynthia on 06/26/2018

I'm very happy with the product - The 2 day free shipping is nice too.

Works as described by Cynthia on 06/26/2018

I'm very happy with the product & company. I really like the 2 day free shipping.

Works better than any OTC pain meds by Cynthia on 06/26/2018

I've been able reduce the amount of Rx pain meds I take. I'm unable to use Rx pain meds during the day. OTC pain medication didn't help with my neck/back pain. I'm able you use Kratom products during the day to help with my pain. I like that Kratom Capsules offers a few different options to pay & I received my order in 2 days - free shipping is the icing on the cake.

Works better than any OTC pain meds by Cynthia on 06/26/2018

I've been able reduce the amount of Rx pain meds I take. I'm unable to use Rx pain meds during the day. OTC pain medication didn't help with my neck/back pain. I'm able you use Kratom products during the day to help with my pain. I like that Kratom Capsules offers a few different options to pay & I received my order in 2 days - free shipping is the icing on the cake.

Works better than any OTC pain meds by Cynthia on 06/26/2018

I've been able reduce the amount of Rx pain meds I take. I'm unable to use Rx pain meds during the day. OTC pain medication didn't help with my neck/back pain. I'm able you use Kratom products during the day to help with my pain. I like that Kratom Capsules offers a few different options to pay & I received my order in 2 days - free shipping is the icing on the cake.

Works as described by Cindi on 06/26/2018

I've been able reduce the amount of Rx pain meds I take. I'm unable to use Rx pain meds during the day. OTC pain medication didn't help with my neck/back pain. I'm able you use Kratom products during the day to help with my pain. I like that Kratom Capsules offers a few different options to pay & I received my order in 2 days - free shipping is the icing on the cake.

Great Product by Deborah on 06/26/2018

Gave this one a try and was not disappointed. Amazing product!!!

Love it! by Dawn on 06/26/2018

This strain is great for pain and also gives energy. The price is great and the company is wonderful. Shipping is super fast!

Great! by Dawn on 06/26/2018

This is a good strain. Love it! Love the company too!

Awesome product! by Dawn on 06/26/2018

One of my favorite strains. The company is great too! Super fast free shipping!

Just okay by Dawn on 06/26/2018

Just okay....kratom capsules are better!

Just as described by Dawn on 06/26/2018

My husband says it helps him sleep which is what he needed.

Great product! by Kimberly on 06/26/2018

Have tried several different products and so far I like this one the best!

Great products and service by Tabitha on 06/25/2018

Glad back in stock, this strain really helps with pain.

Consistent and Effective by Collin on 06/25/2018

By and large the most excellent red vein Indo I've tried, it's always effective, every time. Perfect Ibuprofen replacement.

Quality product by Brian on 06/25/2018

Assists with pain, smooth energy, no jitters

Awesome by beverly on 06/25/2018

By far one of the best products helps with pain and energy. Always upset when not in stock . Highly recommend!

Always Reliable by Nick on 06/25/2018

Very good for an overall calming and well-being feeling. As stated by many, this has mood boosting effects at lower doses, and has a pain relieving effect at higher doses. Very nice alternative to the RX options, and who doesn't love an all-natural product! Caps are the way to go.

Excellent product by Salvatore on 06/25/2018

This is my favorite Kratom; not too intense, gives good pain relief, sense of calmness is extraordinary.

Very Happy by Scott on 06/24/2018

They have great products and great customer service. Highly recommend.

Good Stuff! by Kerri on 06/23/2018

I am beyond happy with this. Having had 2 cervical fusions, 3 lumbar fusions, minor hip surgery and suffering from constant headaches, it’s been extremely difficult for me to be as active as I’d like to be. Even trying to will myself to do housework doesn’t work. Until now! This strain not only helps relieve my pain between my regular doses of meds, it gives me energy to actually do things AND it gives me a wonderful sense of calm. I highly recommend Bali Super Premium! GET SOME!

lovE IT by raymond on 06/22/2018

i have been partially paralyzed by a diving accident cqwlled the bends or caissins disease it causes pain in the legs and back.I* been taking kratom for a while and found that the white mengda works best for situation.i rtake 4 in the morning and i am qable to function almost normally like a human.i lover it thank you ~Ray

Great product. my favorite one is the vietnam strain by Kay on 06/22/2018

Great product. my favorite one is the vietnam strain

this brand is the best by Kay on 06/22/2018

Great product. my favorite one is the vietnam strain try a couple other brands, not as effective for me

Great product. my favorite one is the vietnam strain by Kay on 06/22/2018

Great product. my favorite one is the vietnam strain

Good Dependable Product by Linda on 06/21/2018

Great product..helps tremendously with my chronic pain so I do not have to be on prescription medicines. Lasts all day.

Amazing product! by Wendy on 06/21/2018

I have spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. I was amazed with just 2 caps I had no pain. I felt energized, not sedated. I would highly recommend Green Maeng Da Thai Kratom to any chronic pain sufferer!

Does the job by Purefunkmd on 06/20/2018

Works great for my back pain!

Love it by Dennis on 06/20/2018

Very good product. Helps a lot with my knee pain late at night and early in the morning.

great product by Jen on 06/19/2018

consistent results helps with pain and anxiety and don't have to take many in order to achieve pain reduction and anxiety relief

Service & Product by mary on 06/19/2018

If you haven't done business with these guys go for it. Outstanding products, service and shipping.

Good stuff by wolvie on 06/19/2018

Works good. Will buy again.

Good Stuff by Cee on 06/19/2018

Quality seems great, got here quick with no hassles and did just what I needed it to do.

Very good! by Igs on 06/18/2018

As with other products, these are really good. Excellent pain mgmt. and mood enhancement. Packaging, delivery and presentation A ok, as well. Keep up the good work guys!

Good Product and timely delivery! by Eric on 06/17/2018

I thought the quality of this product as equal or superior to that offered by other vendors and delivery is prompt and reliable!

Taint' anything better by Paul on 06/15/2018

I have used Bali from other venders but, nothing like this from "" It Is the BEST!!!!

Awesome product by Dennis on 06/15/2018

My wife suffers from migraines and a lot of anxiety and this product really helps her without having to take things that aren’t natural.

love this product! by Joyce on 06/14/2018

My favorite so far. Its fast acting and works great! I skipped one of my pain pills this morning. This is now my "go to" first thing in the morning.

Very happy with Kratom Capsules by Lisa on 06/14/2018

Product selection, price & delivery time are all great.

Great by Megan on 06/13/2018

Began using this after a friend referred it, to help come off of a prescribed opiate. And it was effective at a middle sized dose, I used between 6/8 capsules in beginning, maybe 1 mg more later on when it began it fade. Very effective. Ordered 4 more bottles of diff strains! Can’t wait. Even the small price for 2 day shipping was fantastic. Now a long term lover, potentially life buyer!

A pleasant surprise... by Johnny on 06/10/2018

Didn't expect the effects to be so potent. 2 to 4 caps goes a long way for me...

Helps with knee pain by Gary on 06/09/2018

Slight stomach upset is well worth the help with relieving arthritic knee pain.

excellent product by jeffrey on 06/08/2018

purchased with limited knowledge, have pain and wanting something that was over counter, it works, will be a customer that is very happy for life.

very enjoyable by Timothy on 06/08/2018

A great way to start and then end a day. Very happy with it.

Best Product here by Leroy on 06/07/2018

This is my new favorite. The capsules are convenient, but you get more and the product is excellent.

Great! by Damekia on 06/07/2018

Helps me focus during the day.

Helps with clarity by Salvatore on 06/07/2018

Bali Super Premium is my favorite Kratom. Real clean, sharp focus at 5 capsules. Gives a lot of energy and social responsiveness. HIghly recommend this strain.

Great for pain by George on 06/07/2018

Bali Kratom truly helps me with my chronic back and leg pain. I am a USMC Vet, in my late 50s, and it has been challenging. Bali hits the spot with my pain...brings balance...and for me, much better than the opiates for the pain relief.

Looking forward to trying this strand. by Karla on 06/07/2018

Haven't had a chance to try these yet, but have bought other strains and have been extremely happy with them.

Excellent, as always by Diane on 06/06/2018

I am very pleased with the quality of the product, but I am even more pleased with the shipping and processing of my orders. The order always comes in a very timely manner, even with the free shipping option. I will continue to use this service in the future; this product is a great relief for my osteo-arthritis.

great by Stephen on 06/06/2018


great by Stephen on 06/06/2018


great by Stephen on 06/06/2018


Good to mix by Tabitha on 06/06/2018

When out of Bali mix this green with white md. OK substitute. Glad Bali back in stock. Trusted company.

Helps me greatly by Carolyn on 06/05/2018

This product helps me with my arthritis pain the most. I always want to have it on hand as you never know when arthritis pain will hit you. Great customer service.

Maeng Da by Sandy on 06/05/2018

Helps so much with anxiety and leg pain. Forever a fan!

good product by sharon on 06/05/2018

first time trying this one so far it works good for pain will order again

Energizing by Casey on 06/05/2018

I have 3 Different strains of Kratom I use daily, and this is 1 of them! This strain will give you energy, and have more focus on things. I just recently had a co worker who was taking caffeine pills daily, I gave her a few of these, and she asked for more the following day, said it was the best energy she’s ever had! I highly suggest!

Good for pain by David on 06/01/2018

I tried Red Vein Indo for about a month and it was good for managing pain. However, it is not as good for anxiety as is Premium Bali or Green Meng Da Thai.

New user of Green Maeng Da Thai and so far it has proven effective for Pain Management by David on 06/01/2018

I am a very loyal consumer of Premium Bali and I only tried this product due to Bali being sold out. I am very pleased with this strain and will likely switch because it seems very effective and additionally seems to help with mood.

Reliable for Pain Relief over the long term by David on 06/01/2018

I have been using Premium Bali for over four years and I have experienced very effective pain relief and without the build up of a tolerance like with opioids. In other words, my dosage is virtually the same today as it was four years ago. From a pain management perspective, that is huge!

Great by Wolf on 06/01/2018

Great kratom from a trusted high quality herbalist.

Great product by jim on 06/01/2018

Very impressed with product

Green Maeng Da Thai Kratom by Ken on 05/31/2018

Very calming product, The shipping is 5 stars, very nice mood lifting property............

Love it by Amy on 05/30/2018

The best strain.

Great product by Donna on 05/30/2018

Great team of folks who provide superior service and products. I would recommend to my friends.

Something changed by Crystal on 05/30/2018

Usually a pretty consistent product but something changed. Price dropped and product is not as potent at lower levels and never felt an uplifting energetic mood like usual. Seems to be the same as yellow or white now.

more on my review on yellow Kratom by Nancy on 05/29/2018

this product is even more outstanding than I first thought and reviewed. I dont' need as many as I orginially thought. It is so mellow and yet very effective when dealing with my headaches. It works quickly with no side effects. I've suffered with headaches my whole life and now I have a supplement that calms my head in minutes. My favorite so far.

Very satisfied by Lisa on 05/29/2018

Great product, great price, fast delivery.

Review by Barb on 05/29/2018

Took 3 and made my hands shake and had anxiety attack. Took 1 same thing.

Precisely as advertised by Nick on 05/29/2018

Very good for an overall calming and well-being feeling. As stated by many, this has mood boosting effects at lower doses, and has a pain relieving effect at higher doses. Very nice alternative to the RX options, and who doesn't love an all-natural product! Caps are the way to go.

Best Overall Strain by Chris on 05/29/2018

Helps my back pain and helps relax me without making me sleepy. I take 4 pills on an empty stomach for dosage.

Outstanding product! by James on 05/28/2018

The product and customer service is A+.

Relaxing and effective by A on 05/28/2018

Very calming product

Very effective by AP on 05/28/2018

Very calming and fast acting

Consistent product. by Nancy on 05/28/2018

This product is mellow and effective for migraines . It doesn't make me loopy.

Great products and service by Tabitha on 05/28/2018

Like to mix this with whites, for little more energy, alone good at night for pain.

Great products and service by Tabitha on 05/25/2018

Still think Bali is best but this runs close to second for me

Very energetic strain. by Amy on 05/25/2018

Nice to use in the morning for a pleasant wake up without having to use coffee or energy drinks.

Red vein indo by Scot on 05/25/2018

Works well for my knee pain and help me sleep

Maeng da by Scot on 05/25/2018

Works good for my knee pain

Great natural feeling by Stephen on 05/25/2018

Taking just 3 of these capsules leads me to have a very natural, relaxed and sociable experience. Thanks.

Great Products by Tanya on 05/25/2018

I found their products to be v helpful for pain and energy level. Would definitely order again from this company!

Awesome product! by Dale on 05/25/2018

I have been very impressed by the level of quality from Kratom Capsules! Always consistent good quality with amazing results! Helps manage my pain and keep me motivated and in a good mood! What’s not to love! Wish I would have known about this years ago!

Great for the price by Melissa on 05/25/2018

Same result as Maeng Da but much cheaper! Love these!!!

A+++++ by Robert on 05/25/2018

Wonderful product, does wonders for chronic levels of pain. It simply works. Very good quality

LOVE IT! by Vicki on 05/25/2018

I go back and forth between Super Green and White Maeng Da because I love them both. The quality and service are the best I've experienced since starting kratom about 6 months ago.

LOVE IT! by Vicki on 05/25/2018 was the first company and my first kratom experience. I have since tried a couple of others, when you were out of stock, and they pale in comparison for qualtiy, results and service! is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 3907 user reviews.