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Good pain relief nice energy boost by Toni on 03/19/2019

This product works very well for my back and hip pain. Gets me through the work day. The energy it gives me isn't jittery like coffee. I'm about to place my second order.

A+ by Bob on 03/19/2019

A++ very good product, very good service!

Great Product by Liz on 03/19/2019

I bought the white Maeng Da Kratom for my chronic pain. I was pleasantly surprised. It helped with my pain and gave me an energy boost as well. I only buy from

Super Green Malay by Jessica on 03/19/2019

Thought I would try something different from Red Vein Indo and I was very happy with Green Malay!! This will definitely be my go to after Red Vein Indo!!

I’m impressed! by Cody on 03/18/2019

I’ve only taken 3 capsules, but so far, I am impressed with this strain. I’d like to try them all eventually. I’m new to Kratom so I don’t know a whole lot, but I’ll be using this more often.

Unbelievable pain relief by Jeffrey on 03/17/2019

Had horrible ear infection with awful pain. Numbed the pain. So grateful!

5 stars! by Andrew on 03/16/2019

Have added kratom daily, helps alleviate chronic pain due to past injuries and aging (60 years). Free shipping........can't beat that!

Easier to take by Sandra on 03/14/2019

Alot easier to take then the powder and still has the same effect.

Really Good by Sandra on 03/14/2019

Gives me the energy boost needed to get threw the day

Love it by Sandra on 03/14/2019

I use it for depression and anxiety and it has most definitely helped me with that. I like this strain alot its one of my favorites

Great alternative to pain killers by Brenda on 03/13/2019

For the last 7 yrs, I’ve been taking Suboxone for chronic back pain. I SO desperately want to get off of the Suboxone but can’t because the pain is too severe. However, I came across Kratom & tried this strain & LOVE it. It takes away my pain & provides enough energy to keep me at my best. I have tried one other strain (Malaysian Green) & don’t care for it near as much. My only complaint about this strain is that it gives me a flushed look. My cheeks & neck turn red & splotchy.

Prefer the Green Maeng Thai strand by Brenda on 03/13/2019

I usually take the Green Maeng Thai strand but they were out of stock, therefore I ordered these. They do take away my pain but not as affectively as the Thai strand. And also, this strand doesn’t give me near the amount of energy.

Three a day and it's a good day! by Annie on 03/13/2019

I have terrible arthritis in my knees and don't like to take a lot of OTC pain relievers. These kratom capsules help with pain and anxiety. Double duty!

fast and good quality by Rob on 03/13/2019

was hesitant but i was very happy

Love by Leslie I on 03/12/2019

I really loved this strain. It gave me so much energy and make me very happy. I was able to get a lot of work done and was in a good mood while doing it! I tried PurKratom and it just does not compare. And they are supposedly one of the best.

Convenient by Beth on 03/10/2019

Capsules are good for travel, for pain and energy

Excellent Pain Relief by CJK on 03/10/2019

This product has allowed me to manage both acute and chronic pain very well. My second favorite strain is Super Green Bali. I've tried other brands but your quality and reliability can't be beat.

5 by Kathleen on 03/10/2019

Absolutely love the product!

This product works really for my pain by Michael on 03/09/2019

I tried other products without success but this product really helps with my pain. I highly recommend it.

Great product by William on 03/08/2019

Great product.i would definitely buy again and great service.came really fast and it was fresh.

Excellent for pain by John on 03/08/2019

This is great for back pain and focus. I really appreciate how this company ships quickly and accurately

Great product by LeLe on 03/08/2019

Very good product and service.

chill by RUSS on 03/07/2019

a very nice mellow chill . helps very much with just about everything.

Great product and great company by JOHNNIE on 03/07/2019

I have placed several large orders with kratom capsules. They have always shipped very promptly and have never had any issues in regard to the ordering process. I have tried the white green and red. All seem to have a little different effect. For me the white seems to be the best overall. It helps manage pain to the point it has help ween several family members off of strong pain killers. While it doesn’t completely take pain away, it makes it tolerable. I have never got an upset stomach from it. In lower doses it definitely seems to help with calming anxiety. I usually take around 5 pills to ease pain and 3 for anxiety. It truly is a great supplement.

Great service and product by Jane on 03/07/2019

I am very pleased with the product quality, pain relief and speed in delivery.

Consistently Good Service by William on 03/07/2019

As always, my shipment arrived quickly. This is the first time trying Bali Super and I noticed a "calm" energy after taking it. No jitters or nervousness at all!

Awesome!!! by Ashley on 03/06/2019

I really love allll of your products, but the capsules are definitely my favorite. I just tried the green mayla and absolutely love them!!! Y’all are amazing! Keep up the great work!!

amazing! by Dortha on 03/06/2019

I used to be uptight all the time because of pain. After taking super green kratom Ive settled down a lot, not only did take away the pain it gave me a positive attitude.

Great product by Amber on 03/06/2019

Awesome for energy!

Wonderful Product! by Jennifer on 03/06/2019

This really helps relieve my elbow!

great product by Ben on 03/05/2019

Good product, fast shipping. A little expensive, but capsules are worth it to me. easier to monitor/track dosage.

Fantastic! by Sheri on 03/05/2019

Super green has helped me with many of my fibro symptoms. I have more energy and it helps with my anxiety Love this strain

Excellent Product by Deborah on 03/05/2019

Eliminated my restless leg syndrome and I can sleep through the night.

Excellent Product by Deborah on 03/04/2019

I run Half Marathons and suffer from restless legs. Nothing has ever helped until now, sleep comfortable and through the night. Thank you for an amazing Product!!!!

Fantastic by LynnLynn on 03/04/2019

Super duper yummy & good. Had been buying white maeng da from a local shop here in FL. I like kratom for energy and stimulation. I am in the creative arts and have marathons of work -- so i always shop for kratom that keeps me alert and in the zone. This strain really does the job. It's a nice one to have in your rotation. This is no fly-by-night operation. They are legit and offer a great customer experience. They got this running like a machine, which makes me very happy. I will order again and again. Happy Trails!

Great by Jean on 03/04/2019

Been a customer for a while now. Very pleased with product and shipping

Best Product by G on 03/04/2019

If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out. It’s a great product.

Amazing for energy and mental focus by Carli on 03/04/2019

I can’t believe I haven’t known about kratom until now! The 5 capsules seemed a bit much so me and my boyfriend both took 3 on an empty stomach. It gave us the mental focus and energy of adderall wirhout any side effects. After practicing around with dosage I take 2 capsules on an empty stomach. I have clean, focused energy with no crash. It does suppress my appetite but not to a point where I absolutely cannot eat and that’s what would happen when I was on adhd medicine and it made me anorexic. Can’t wait to get more strains!

Good stuff by Shannon on 03/03/2019

I’m happy with these, but prefer the red vein which is what I’ve been using

My Favorite by BostonGirl on 03/03/2019

This is by far my favorite product out of all of the Kratom I have tried. Great energy, great mood. This one seems to be the strongest with just a basic dose.

best for me by Sofia on 03/02/2019

I have officially tried all types of kratom. The yellow is one of my absolute favorites. I feel like the effects com eon much faster than red vein indo or white. I take the yellow for pain and it does exactly what it should. I am going to try powder next.

Miricle Product!!! by Deborah on 03/02/2019

Eliminated my restless leg syndrome, highly recommend.

White Maeng Da strain for energy and pain relief by Carolyn on 03/01/2019

I suffer from L5-S1 degenerative disc disease and mild scoliosis and am in some level of pain every day. The White Maeng Da is my favorite strain for energy and pain relief. It does not make you drowsy at all. It does not take away all pain but may lower it by 1 or 2 pain levels. I've been ordering since November 2017. The company is great, they have fast shipping and their prices are reasonable for the quality of Kratom strains they have.

Works well for pain and anxiety by Marnie on 03/01/2019

My husband finds that this works well for his chronic pain. I use it for my anxiety. So it's a win win for both of us.

Like it enough to reorder by Meredith on 02/28/2019

Got this for insomnia, didn't work on it's own and have taken several in a night. Added to my sleep concoction and helps other stuff work better. Definitely helps my various joint/muscle/head pain. During the day I paired it with white maeng da a few times and have been pretty "happy" but very stupid, no driving etc. lol. Occasionally strange muscle cramps and tightness/spasms that I have to stretch out like crazy, maybe dehydration? Migraine comes back just as bad when it wears off but has helped get through it for a few hours, reminds me of a mild opiate pain killer. Only kratom out of 3 I like enough to re-order so far!

Slept all day by Meredith on 02/28/2019

I had the opposite reaction to this, at one capsule I took 3 naps, could not keep my eyes open. Can't say if it helped my pain but I guess it was dulled enough to sleep, which I normally can't do ever! Even tried half a cap. Still in search of something to get me through days off from Vyvanse. New users please plan on staying home until you know how any strain affects you!

Not for me by Shorty on 02/28/2019

So far anything that has been for "energy" at a low dose has just made me sleepy, foggy and hungry including this super green malay. I even tried half the capsule(dump out and recap). Still searching for something to help me get through my days off from Vyvanse. A warning to new users, plan on staying home until you know how it affects you! Seems like all 3 strains have the opposite affect on me than described!

Great product but.... by T. on 02/28/2019

I find it's good to mix up my kratom so I tired this site for first time. Product is clean does what it is suppose to but a bit chunky when mixed into a strong tea. I do give the product a strong 4 stars tho.

Great Product by Kathleen on 02/28/2019

Been a customer for a while now. Very pleased with projuct and shipping

Such relief by Brandy on 02/28/2019

I refuse opiates and suffer from chronic back pain. I tried this product and am pleasantly surprised with how effective they are.

Excellent by Bob on 02/27/2019

Just tried and it is super all that's promised, will keep using this along with white. Also love the service that I get from this business

Works well in conjunction with my migraine medication to relieve pain and help calm agitated nerve endings. by Patrick on 02/27/2019

Kratom Red Vein Indo has become an integral part of my response to a migraine. Works very well along with imitrex and provides a calming and relaxing effect along with pain relief. Red Vein Indo is now part of my migraine headache relief regimen.

Helps with anxiety by Laura on 02/27/2019

Provides a nice, steady warm feeling that helps me get through the day.

energy by Stephanie on 02/27/2019

i have chronic pain kratom seem to help and i was not so tired when taking

always mellow by Terry on 02/25/2019

Bali super premium seems to have a calming effect, as well as a great anti-inflammatory

Perfect combo by Ashley on 02/25/2019

I use this and the white together throughout the day and it has helped profusely w my depression, anxiety and back pain. I have tried everything including hard addictive rxs and this has been a life saved for me. Highly recommend.

Strong, good for pain at night by Beth on 02/25/2019

Use white durringday for pain but at night red works great but does make me sleepy.

EXCELLENT QUALITY & SERVICE!!! by IJ on 02/25/2019


Awesome!! by Sheila on 02/24/2019

This is my go to for energy and pain management!! I honestly cannot be without it, though I’ve tried!! I have tried numerous vendors, and none have come close to your brand!! Thank you!!

great product by Duane on 02/23/2019

I have taken both the red and the green kratom capsules. The red vein is a better product in my opinion. Def don't need as much and the results are cleaner and more effective. Also the fact that they are out of stock of the Red speaks for itself.

Great for enhancing mood and a bit of energy by Joe on 02/23/2019

Great for energy, anxiety, and mood enhancer.

Great for Anxiety and enhancing mood by Joe on 02/23/2019

I take this with Green Malay and the combination is great. It gets rid of my anxiety and enhances mood. My performance at work is a lot better and my motivation is enhanced.

Wonderful! by Meraiah on 02/21/2019

I had used Kratom a few years back to get away from medicines from my doctor in regards to a really bad car accident. NOTHING worked for me for pain relief. After doing some research this month, through this site (and others), I decided to try again and chose the white strain. You guys, I was pain free. It helped me actually be able to sit without pain, I could lift a heavy toilet AND shovel snow without any regrets. I know this seems way out of proportion but I can't stress enough that this company gave me hope in a pain-free lifestyle without copious amounts of money like a doctor would cost. THANK YOU

Wonderful product! by Sabrina on 02/21/2019

I use two or three capsules and it takes away any migraines I may have! I have recommended this product to many of my friends!

Super Bail by Tammy on 02/21/2019

This one is the best. I buy my own capsules because they come in different sizes and fill them myself cuz I have a very hard time drinking this stuff. My son drinks it and he says it's the best to drink. Defiantely try this one if your looking for some energy to get your day started.

Super Bail by Tammy on 02/21/2019

I like the capsules because their easier to use but I think the powders are much better. These work good but it seems like you have to use 6 or 7 capsules at a time. But it works if you take more. It just doesn't seem to last as long as the powder.

Amazing Vendor by Gordon on 02/20/2019

Having bought Green Malay capsules from another, I found their effects to be hit and miss. Then I found Kratom Capsules, WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I got out my scale and did some weighting - previous vendor averaged 4 and 5 grams per 500ml capsule. Kratom Capsules 500ml capsules weighted 6 and 7 grams per capsule! Then I tried opening some ans taking them as a powder, no comparison! KC was consistent in their effect. The other guys Kratom was different every time even though the weight was the same. Conclusion: Kratom Capsules were far more effective for pain control, why shop any where else?

Great product! by Kimberly on 02/20/2019

Super fast shipping and great quality!

Works great! by Kimberly on 02/20/2019

Love this product!

Not impressed by MJ on 02/19/2019

I've tried kratom from another vendor and loved it, but didn't want to wait on them to restock so I tried this. Took 2 tspns with OJ, an hour later felt nothing (usually kicks in within a half hour), so took 2 more tspns. Still waiting for something, anything to happen. It was fast shipping (I paid extra) and it doesn't taste like much, but that's all it has going for it. Waste of money.

Bali Super Premium by Sharon on 02/19/2019

Great Product. Helps with pain and anxiety. Fast shipping, great customer service, great product. Highly recommend.

Great Motivator Great Service by Joseph on 02/18/2019

I have been a repeat customer for this product for over a year, the shipping is fast and always accurate and the product gives me the energy and motivation to work, which is great. I would recommend it.

Awesome Pain Relief by James on 02/18/2019

This strain is best for pain relief. I rather the pill version just because its easier to take but still the greatest strain in my opinion. Always keep this in stock!

Always Keep in Stock - Great Pain Relief then anything else by James on 02/18/2019

I have started taking the Super Green Malay for about a year now and I'm finally writing a review. First of all, I ordered from multiple sources before. Some was fishy, some were alright, but by far is the best BY FAR. Reason being, I always check my reviews and feedback from others before ordering anything. I like that this company does extensive testing for for purity and to find traces of other things such as e.coli in its powder. They also have a FDA approved facility where they create these great products. My wife has fibro and has joint issue. I have headaches and physical pain due to work. And i must say that This super green malay takes away the pain and have total relief. Not only that, it also relieves anxiety, which is another added benefit. Since starting kratom, this is the strain I always keep in stock and i plan to keep purchasing as long as it continues to work.

Helps with pain by Robert on 02/18/2019

This herb really does help control pain. I hope it stays legal

Consistent and excellent experience by Anna on 02/17/2019

The Kratom capsules continue to impress and help with pain relief. I have been a years-long user and am never disappointed.

Phenomenal customer service! by LeAnne on 02/17/2019

I recently had an issue with the shipment of an order. Even though it turned out to be at the fault of the post office, they went above and beyond to make things right! They are very responsive to messages and emails. I can't say enough about how wonderful and understanding they are in this company!

Great for pain relief! by Michelle on 02/16/2019

This product works great for chronic pain! I switch between this and the Red Vein Indo. This product works!

Great for pain relief! by Michelle on 02/16/2019

This product works great for chronic pain! I switch between this and the Red Vein Indo. This product works!

Excellent product for anxiety, pain and energy. by Sherri on 02/16/2019

Helps my daughter with anxiety. She just convinced to try it for my severe back and hip pain. She raves about it.

Effective and reliable pain relief by Paige on 02/15/2019

These capsules effectively and consistently relieve my chronic pain. I feel energized and “present” in the moment, but the best thing is I can take them during the work day. I work ina law firm and being pain free allows me to focus on my job. I love that this is a natural substance and am grateful it helps me live my life.

Worked as expected by PAMELA on 02/15/2019

Worked as expected

My favorite strain! by Sabrina on 02/14/2019

This strain helps me with any pain I might have (headache, menstrual cramps, etc..) but MOST of all helps me FOCUS! I take this instead of Adderall and it works so well!

Red Vein Indo by Sheri on 02/13/2019

Love this strain for pain and anxiety!

Better than expected. by Myrenthia on 02/11/2019

Working well for pain control.

Our fav by Heidi on 02/10/2019

This is one we always like to keep in stock. After a while most tend to lose their effectiveness so we rotate but this one always seems to do the job.

My go to by Beth on 02/08/2019

Consist product, great for energy, anxiety and sciatica/back pain

Great for Pain by Lauren on 02/08/2019

I suffer from degenerative disc disease and am in some level of pain every day. This stuff really helps!

Life saver by Ashley on 02/08/2019

Struggle w depression, anxiety and siatic pain. This really helps me get through the day.

Good stuff by Tammy on 02/08/2019

Will reorder. great to get your day going. Have a cup of coffee with it, it gives it a boost

Super Bail by Tammy on 02/08/2019

Will difin reorder, really good for energy

Good stuff by Tammy on 02/08/2019

Works well for energy and chilling out.

Super Bail by Tammy on 02/08/2019

I will defin order again. Gave me energy to help me get my day going

Kratom Capsules by Glenn on 02/06/2019

Super green malay worked really well for me!! I will buy More Get turn around!!

effective by Stony on 02/06/2019

Greatest help I've ever had with any supplement. Took it before martial arts and felt amazing through and after class. Helps rid the pain.

Mieng de yellow by Walter on 02/06/2019

Works great with the red vein Bali for my leg pain and withdraws from norcos.

Red vien by Walter on 02/06/2019

Is really helping with my leg pain and with getting off norcos without those bad withdraws.

Great stuff by Duc on 02/05/2019

Very effective for pain control

The best AAAAA+++++ by Mark on 02/05/2019

This is by far the best Kratom I have tried so far, very mild, and effective. I will be back to order soon. This is the best place I have found to order from. Very satisfied customer from Kratom Capsules........ No hassles, fast Shipping... Highly recommend.....

Great Product recomended by Mark on 02/05/2019

This helps with the pain, and gives me energy to help get through stressful situations, like working on my vehicles in the cold, Better than medication prescribed by my doctor....

Works Well by Daniel on 02/04/2019

Hello Folks, I am new to this treatment, but after getting off the Pharma Pain pills this is soooo much better all the way round. I just ordered some more and added a different strain just to see how that one will do. So far so good. It does a Great Job for pain and feeling better without the Opiod side effects and bummer feeling.

like it by Daniel on 02/04/2019

Folks I am new to Kratom powder and used to take opioids for pain. I have been using this and it really works. Gets rid of the pain and I feel so much better than the pharma stuff. I have not settled on the exact one for me yet, but this Maeng Da is a winner so far. Just ordered another shipment and got this again along with different ones i.e. Red Indo and will see how it does.

It’s been a relief by Joshua on 02/04/2019

I’ve been using this site for about a year now and it’s never done me wrong. The Kratom is premium compared to other online stores. Super premium Bali is my favorite choice. Gives me energy and helps with my anxiety. Thanks Kratom Caps!!!

Awesome by Misty on 02/04/2019

I live by kratom and this is the first time I tried the capsules. It was worth the money.

Quality Bali by SevoDesIso on 02/01/2019

Highly potent hits the mu receptors. Take with an H2 blocker like famotidine, as it will upset your stomach. Great supplement to treat withdrawal symptoms Use this by day and take a super green at night for sleep to avoid the same for the evening.

Great product.Works well for pain. Fast service also by ROBERT on 02/01/2019

Great product. Works well for pain. Fast service also.

One of my favs by ME on 02/01/2019

White maeng da is my favorite strain for energy. I take these with super green malay in mornings and it really gives me energy and helps my pain. I wake up in tremendous pain every morning. About an hour after taking kratom in mornings, my pain is greatly reduced. I also suffer from chronic fatigue from medical conditions and white maeng da and super green malay really help with energy and mental clarity.

One of my favs by ME on 02/01/2019

Super green malay is one of my favorite strains. It gives me energy and mental clarity while helping pain. I usually mix super green malay with white maeng da in mornings for energy or with bali in evenings for more relaxation.

Excellent product by Janet on 01/31/2019

I did my research on kratom. Very pleased with this product for energy and quality. This is the only company I will buy from. Excellent customer satisfaction!

Excellent product and company by Janet on 01/31/2019

Excellent product for alertness. Excellent company to to business with. They are extremely into customer satisfaction. This is the only company I will deal with!

Works by Greg on 01/31/2019

Gives me that energy boost I’m looking for with just a couple capsules.

Must Have! by Wimberly on 01/31/2019

A must have to help reduce pain.

great product by Lin on 01/31/2019

works well, boosted energy

Energy by Ashley on 01/31/2019

I really like this one it helps get me through the day but not too much energy where it promotes anxiety. Its a nice balance of pain relief and energy

excellent by Cher on 01/30/2019

very energizing at a low dose and helps with anxiety and pain. Definitely recommend

Wonderful by Aaron on 01/30/2019

Great stuff. Helped more than a coffee and an RX to get going. Thanks.

Excellent by Aaron on 01/30/2019

Helped with energy and pain. Great product.

Amazing! by Speedrope on 01/29/2019

Great customer service and super fast shipping I'm very pleased

Works for pain and good for some energy by Jennifer on 01/29/2019

First time purchasing kratom and was very pleased. I did a lot of research on vendors and this one was rated one of the best and I have to agree. Product is pure and shipping was fast. Very happy, I'm putting in another order. Thanks Kratomcapsules!

Works for pain and good for some energy by Jennifer on 01/29/2019

First time purchasing kratom and was very pleased. I did a lot of research on vendors and this one was rated one of the best and I have to agree. Product is pure and shipping was fast. Very happy, I'm putting in another order. Thanks Kratomcapsules!

Great for pain by Tammy on 01/29/2019

I take this one at night, it relaxes me and eases any pain I may be experiencing.

Works Great by Tammy on 01/29/2019

I love this stuff, I take it during the day and it works well for pain and anxiety.

gets me going by Carmen on 01/29/2019

It's nice to have a little boost without all the side affects.

LOVE! by Sofia on 01/28/2019

I love this green strain. I find that it gives me enough energy to get through my busy morning and afternoons. I also have a general sense of well being if that makes sense. I find myself anxious all the time with my little kids and their schedules and certainly take the edge off with out the need for RX meds!!

Amazing Product by Deborah on 01/28/2019

I have trouble sleeping because of restless leg syndrome. Since taking this Product I’ve slept amazing. Thank you for the amazing Product.

Awesome by Aunt T on 01/26/2019

I found this strain to give just the right amount of energy and also help with my back pain greatly. Also had great nights sleep when I used it. The customer service is fantastic and shipping is super fast!

relieved to be rid of the pain by Dortha on 01/25/2019

I used to stay awake all night with leg pain, I work full time at retail job and I'm sixty-six, I tried everything for the pain even perscription meds. Nothing worked until I found Kratom. I dont have be in pain and can get enough sleep to do my job properly.

works great by toan on 01/25/2019

The website is simple along with the products. Products works great with jus 2 to 3 grams a serving took my pain away and made me relaxed.. Its a keeper....

Great for pain by Anna on 01/25/2019

I have ankylosing spondylosis, a form of arthritis and was on Humira injections. My liver started reacting to the Humira and I was taken off of it. The pain was excruciating until I did some on-line research and came across Kratom. I tried it and my pain subsided. I am now pain free and my liver enzymes have come back down to normal. I use a half teaspoon of the Green Maeng Da powder in a glass of water once a day and that is all I need.

Balanced Blend by Addie on 01/24/2019

Ideal for managing chronic pain without the negative effects of big-pharma chemicals, good blend of pain & energy

AWSOME by Bob on 01/24/2019

I have tried other White Strains but none can compare to this. When I feel a little out of it and the pain try's to return I will take 2 or 3 Will take 2 or 3 White Maeng Da and I feel alert again and no more pain. I highly recommend this product and this company, THEY ARE THE BEST.

AWSOME by Bob on 01/24/2019

I've tried other Maeng Da green but this is by far the best. I take 4 in the morning and my pain is gone all day. What makes it even better is this company REALLY CARES and THEIR SERVICE IS THE BEST

AWSOME by Bob on 01/24/2019

I've tried other red's and nothing like this. I took 2 and my pain left and I was able to sleep all night. The capsules come in a professional sealed bottle so you have no question about them being safe, and makes for easy storage. As for the company I would highly recommend them. They are very professional and seem to really care about how you feel about their product and their service I will never order from anyone else.

Great Product by Sara on 01/24/2019

I have tried many strains of Kratom and this one seems to be the best!! For my pain and energy levels Red Vein tops the list!!

Morning starts off right by N on 01/24/2019

I love this product! It gives me energy to get through the day while also helping with my anxiety. Super Great!

The BEST I've found by N on 01/24/2019

I am so happy that I have finally found something that helps with pain while also making me feel like I have enough energy to get through the day. I would HIGHLY recommend this product and have already to friends and family. Great job!

Super green Malaysian by Michelle on 01/23/2019

It's a good product. I tried it for something different but will stick to the Bali for my best results.

Favorite by Marc on 01/23/2019

Every variety of kratom powder I've purchased from here has been effective, but white kratom goes down the easiest. Kratom powder doesn't dissolve in water, it's a suspension and while the taste isn't bad, the "feel" of it is...unusual. The white kratom powder, for whatever reason (maybe it's finer?) seems to easier to drink as a suspension than the other varieties. I also suspect it may be a little more potent as I tend to use one to two grams less to achieve the same effect as with other varieties. That being said, they're all good, and powder is definitely the way to go.

A+++ by Angela on 01/22/2019


Great product by carrie on 01/22/2019

Love the powder!!!!

My FAV!!! by Sofia on 01/22/2019

I have all tried Kratom and this is the best!!! The red is incredible for pain relief and relaxation!!! Im so thankful that I came across Kratom capsules. Much more effective than prescription medicines also

Great product by Beth on 01/22/2019

Bali is great powder, for energy and pain relief

A+++ by Timothy on 01/22/2019

My favorite strain, gives me pain relief, anxiety relief and energy.

Helps with pain by JL on 01/22/2019

Found it helps with my daily pains

Great at night by JL on 01/22/2019

Helps me wind down and relax

This is an OUTSTANDING product!!!! by Mike on 01/21/2019

I am new to the Kratom world, and this was my first purchase of Kratom. I have to say that I am very pleased with product. I have suffered from chronic pain in my shoulder, elbow, & lower back for years. The Kratom has eliminated my pain & gave me an energy boost. It has worked so well that I have recommended it to family & friends.

Beyond expectations by Terri on 01/21/2019

For the first time ever...I felt great, no pain and increased energy without narcotics. But not a shaky or jittery energy. I literally felt great with no foggy brain or feeling like my head was in a bucket. I felt like I used to before I broke my neck...full of exuberance. I will stay with this was perfect for me!

Great Kratom and service by LeLe on 01/21/2019

Only site I’ll go to. Best products and service

Best Pain Relief Around by Donna on 01/21/2019

The White Maeng Da Thai Kratom is excellently paired with the Bali Kratom for energy and pain relief. This does not make you drowsy like some of the strains and it just adds a little more relief and longevity to my Bali capsules. I do not take as much of this but combine it with the Bali and get overall great pain relief and feel energized to get things done and not just nod off like the pain medications the doctor gives me. This company is great, they have fast shipping and their prices are reasonable for the quality of Kratom strains they have. You can't go wrong with so give them a try!

Good quality of my favorite kind of Bail at a great price! by Donna on 01/21/2019

I take Kratom for severe back pain because I chose not be addicted the high-powered drugs the doctors have prescribed me in the past which is now a worldwide addiction problem. The Bali Premium is my overall favorite for pain relief and it also helps me get a good nights' sleep. If you are looking for an overall great Kratom product to try, try this Bali, you cannot go wrong. The company has fast shipping and their prices are reasonable. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 4544 user reviews.