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The best there is by David on 06/23/2017

Love this strain the best and very potent as well. Keep em coming

Great quality by David on 06/23/2017

Best quality I've had. Great prices and fast shipping

Great by Allboys on 06/22/2017

These are high quality

excellent by rhonda on 06/22/2017

Works great for my shoulder and back pain.

Fantastic by Kevin on 06/21/2017

I broke my T7-8 vertebrae and have chronic bursitis in my hip. This product allows me to continue my day. This also helps me sleep!!

Awesome by Kevin on 06/21/2017

I broke my T7-8 vertebrae and have chronic bursitis in my hip. This product allows me to continue my day. This also helps me sleep!!

Allows me to work by Thomas on 06/21/2017

I have almost daily headaches due to arthritis in the vertabra in my neck. Kratom allows me to work at a computer and concentrate without pain. Helps with being able to complete household projects as well.

Good stuff by Steve on 06/19/2017

This stuff really helps with knee and back pain and elevates my mood.

Meant Da Thai Kratom by Jeannie on 06/19/2017

Great for my osteoarthritis and helps with anxiety.

Saved my life by Brittany on 06/19/2017

I can't say it enough. I was in pain management for 10 years and allergic to NSAIDs. I was so sick. Not everyone fits the OTC standard of care. Kratom saved my life.

Good stuff! by Ney on 06/18/2017

I recently purchased the maenga dai... It keeps me energized, and my anxiety has been leveled. I struggled with anxiety and depression. I hated taken xanax and all that other crap mds prescribed. Its been two yrs since ive touch those pills. But my anxiety and depression seemed to be taken a toll. I heard about kratom. I can honestly say it works. I take 4 caps in the am and 4 at night. Im definitely happy about my purchase. Iit was delivered on time and the product works. Thank you!

Great if you want extra energy by Rosemarie on 06/16/2017

This product gives me energy and focus. It's my favorite!

POOR SHIPPING PRACTICES by Patricia on 06/16/2017

Don't EVER pay for these people to ship your product. I have wasted more money on 2day Priority shipping, only to receive the product in 4 to 5 days. Basically that comes to free shipping. They say "Orders placed prior to 3PM are shipped the same day." Liars. Get your shipping number starts with a 9, Go to enter your tracking # and look for yourself. That "Same Day" thing they are talking about means they are letting the P.O. know to expect packages/Payment. This is called "Pre-shipment INFO. NOT shipping. There are better places with better prices.

great by steve on 06/15/2017


Awesome by ANGELA on 06/14/2017

Does great for my degenerative disc disease.

Love it by ANGELA on 06/14/2017

Gives me engery without the side effects of pain meds. Does great for my back shoulder and leg pain

helps arthritis and delivery superquick by gregory on 06/14/2017

ordered many times for osteoarthritis. calms the flare ups down quite a bit and shipments are superquick

Works great with Chuchuhuasi by Teresa on 06/13/2017

I first took the Red Vein Indo by itself. Worked okay but I found combining 1 with 1 capsule chuchuhuasi has reduced my pain 95%, which is fine by me. I also noticed that my depression and anxiety are reduced. I'm on an antidepressant but it doesn't help my anxiety. Love these products and will continue to buy them.

Great by Patricia on 06/13/2017

Red Vein capsules work the best for pain. The powder is less money, but not near as convenient. Try mixing powder with sweet tea (brewed, NOT powdered) It's seems to be the best way to drink it. I also made a days worth in a container and kept in frig. just shake before pouring. Product works just the same.

A Blessing by James on 06/12/2017

I've been using kratom for about 8 months now. I wanted to come off my pain med prescription as I have been on them for several years. My pain level hasn't changed but I also understand the long term affects of these narcotics. Thanks to kratom I will be on my last prescription in Aug. I could not have done this without kratom.

Great by Jj on 06/12/2017

Love their Kratom !!

Amazing by Jeanine on 06/11/2017

Item works great this is my go to site

A+ AMAZING! by Bob on 06/11/2017

This strain of kratom gets 10 out of 5 stars! It does wonders for my scoliosis pain, and it stays working for hours! This website has amazing customer service as well....I will only buy kratom here!

Great product by Mary on 06/10/2017

I really like this particular strain. It gives me energy, but dramatically reduces my anxiety. It's a great product, and very fast shipping.

Fantastic results by Josie on 06/10/2017

I have a muscle disease. I was looking for a non-pharmaceutical solution for the pain this disease causes. Bali Super Premium works wonders for the pain, and I can work while taking this! It also gives me energy, which is a huge help. I highly recommend this product.

Excellent. by Azeb on 06/10/2017

I have lower back and left knee injury and this staff help a lot.

Excellent. by Azeb on 06/10/2017

I have lower back and left knee injury and this staff help a lot.

I am very happy with the product. by Azeb on 06/10/2017

Super product and fast delivery system.

number of bottles by Mike on 06/10/2017

I order 1 bottle and it charges me for 2 bottles

Great product! by Erica on 06/09/2017

Good results and fast shipping!

Energy by Crystal on 06/09/2017

Definitely gives you a boost of energy

superfast delivery. good product by gregory on 06/09/2017

orders always come superfast and very pleased with quality

Fantastic Pain Reliever by Irshprde on 06/08/2017

No longer do I use Opioids for bulging disc in back. Can complete a round of Golf pain free for the first time in years. Excellent product.

Great!! by Janice on 06/08/2017

This is my first time ordering from this company. They are great!! I will definitely be a return customer!! Love this product!

Great product! by Jessica on 06/08/2017

Such a great product with incredibly fast shipping. Always pleased to order from them!

very helpful by Tracy on 06/08/2017

I am thrilled that there is a more natural alternative to pain management. This has helped quite a bit with knees and back!

Works by Michael on 06/08/2017

The capsules works great for pain and withdrawals from opioids, hopefully it will help cut down on my narcotic intake for pain.

Really helpful by Tracy on 06/08/2017

helps quite a bit with knee and back issues. Would love it if it were a little more affordable, but still a great alternative to nasty chemicals!!

Terrific product! by Robyn on 06/08/2017

This Bali kratom works wonders on joint pain and also gives me a great night's sleep.

Great product by Jennifer on 06/07/2017

At first I didn't like this one but after trying it again I love it now. it is definitely one of my favorites. Helps with my anxiety too.

Excellent by Jake on 06/07/2017

I'm a first time user and this very much helped with my mood, motivation, energy and a little with pain. I just wish it was more affordable.

Great by Awesim on 06/07/2017

Energizing pain reducing

Great by Awesim on 06/07/2017


Great by Awesim on 06/07/2017


Great by Simonie on 06/07/2017

Very energizing

Mild, but helpful by Brian on 06/07/2017

I suffer from back pain, sometime I use this for a break from my oxy. It's not as strong a kratom, but it still helps some.

Amazing by Jeremy on 06/06/2017

Amazing quality, helps me through my work day for pain and fatigue

Excellent review by Tomica by Tomica on 06/06/2017

I'm very happy with this product.

Great product by Jessica on 06/06/2017

Great product!

Great product by Jessica on 06/06/2017

Very effective for anxiety and pain

It works! by Russell on 06/06/2017

I tried the Red Vein Indo Kratom for my back pain and it worked!! I take hydrocodone for pain but I usually run out before I can renew my prescription. The Kratom helps me bridge the gap. Great product.

Pain gone and energy up! by Laura on 06/06/2017

Since using this, I'm able to start being more active with low pain levels. Back pain is terrible, but with this stuff, I can live again!

Love it by Jeanine on 06/05/2017

My go to site to buy from always a pleasure

Love this by Hope on 06/05/2017

I love this first thing in the morning, helps my back and leg soreness, and after 40 minutes I'm feeling the effects of no pain, thank you, I'll keep ordering and super fast shipping, just awesome company :-)

Quality by Jo on 06/05/2017

Great product!! Fast shipping I will keep ordering here

Great for Energy by Donna on 06/05/2017

Enjoy this product for energy and back pain control! Would highly recommend!

Outstanding! by Michael on 06/05/2017

The Red Vein Indo capsules are great for pain relief and stress and anxiety management! I take 2-3 capsules after work and can feel the effects within 45 minutes. I highly recommend this product!

Love the products by Amanda on 06/03/2017

Love the products that are offered. I have tried just about all of them and they all help with different things.

works great by Jennifer on 06/02/2017

This product is one of my favorites and works great. very relaxing.

Great by Nen on 06/02/2017

Pairing this with the super green Malaysian has helped with my back pain and getting through the day at work.

Great by Scott on 06/02/2017

Great product

Great by Scott on 06/02/2017


Great by Scott on 06/02/2017


Excellent Product of High Quality by Dominique on 06/01/2017

I have found this Kratom is of decent quality and strength to the point that I no longer need pharmaceuticals for pain and anxiety on a regular basis. As long as I remember to drink lots of water and take regularly I don't get any advers effects. Gives me energy and focus at a low dose and pain relief at five caps. Really enjoy all of the products by this site but this is my current favorite. I mix it up with other strains to not develop a tolerance but this is the "strongest" for me.

Great!! by Peter on 06/01/2017

I use all these products and this one is by far my favorite!!

Great by Happy Customer on 06/01/2017

This is my go to Kratom. It gives me energy and elevates my mood!

Awesome products by lindsey on 05/31/2017

I love the red helps with pain and eases anxiety

Maeng Da Fantastic by Lauren on 05/31/2017

I like Maeng Da much better than Red Vein Indo. I feel less jittery and hungry.

Big Help by HOLLY on 05/30/2017

I've placed three orders now and have friends who use it too. I'm pleased with the results of taking the Red Vein, my one friend (who is impressed with her results) told her mom about it and she ordered it too. As long as I can get it I'll be using it.

The best!!! by Angela on 05/30/2017

This is my favorite by far! Helps with all my pain issues and fatigue. I'm hoping it's back in stock soon!

Fast delivery & Great product! by Erica on 05/30/2017

Enjoyed the product and it was delivered very quickly! Will definitely order again!

Very good by Matthew on 05/30/2017

This was my first order from this company and I am very pleased. I received my order in two days. I take 3 to 5 capusles in the morning and am in a good mood the rest of the day.

Excellent by John on 05/30/2017

I feel this is the best strain for overall quality of life and mood. Gives a great energy boost.

Good by Leslie on 05/29/2017

Good for pain, just wish it was bit chepaer

Fast and effective by Robbie on 05/29/2017

I usually use capsules for convenience but I tried the preferred version. It definitely has a strong and distinct flavor, but it works extremely quickly to deliver pain relief and mood enhancement.

Great product by Mary on 05/29/2017

I have tried just about every strain available from and I am continually impressed with the fast shipping and quality. This strain helps with anxiety, pain, and energy levels. I will buy again.

Best product for pain and energy by Chris on 05/28/2017

Maeng Da provides me pain relief for my shoulder and chronic lower back pain while keeping me alert. Great product.

Great product by Miriam on 05/28/2017

Delivered within 4 days. Such a great product for bad pain, the only thing that really hurts the pain from endometriosis. Such a good buy, I definitely recommend it!

Great for cramps by Miriam on 05/28/2017

The only thing that really takes away from the cramps cause by my endometriosis. Just a really great product in general!

Good quality by Lincoln on 05/28/2017

High quality kratom that gives a boost of energy, and helps with pain.

Amazing by Les on 05/28/2017

Best for my pain, just wish it was a bit cheaper but that's on on you guys!

My Favorite product! by Christina on 05/27/2017

This product is absolutely amazing! I am able to manage my scoliosis pain and get out of bed every day without feeling drugged! I will be a forever customer! Thank you for manufacturing such a five star product with five star service!

Happy by Christina on 05/27/2017

Very happy with this product. Not as strong as the Bali but it definitely works to ease the pain of my scoliosis! Thank you for being such a honest reliable company!

Love this product! by Christina on 05/27/2017

Very very effective for my scoliosis! I honestly don't know what I would do without this product! I know I wouldn't be able to get out of bed some days without it that's for sure!

Consistently top quality by Brian on 05/25/2017

This product has been top quality and consistently delivered fast. Highly recommended.

Not really working for me by Sidney on 05/25/2017

I actually prefer the super green Malaysian strain better. The energy and euphoria are greater with super green. With the higher price and great reviews I was actually a little disappointed with this strain. It's not bad, but if you want this for energy boosts I suggest trying super green instead.

Fastest Pain Reliever by Kat on 05/24/2017

This strain is amazing at quick pain relief! Helps with my lower back pain and pinched nerves.

Pain Reliever by Kat on 05/24/2017

This is my favorite for pain reliever and anti-axiety!

Great!! by Alicia on 05/24/2017

Awesome Product!

Great Product by Pete on 05/24/2017

I purchased the Maeng Da Thai tablets after some research. Wanted to get a little energy burst before workouts as well as some pain relief from some minor back pain. I take (5) capsules before my workout. I am very pleased with the results I am getting and feel my workouts have really improved!

Outstanding! by Michael on 05/24/2017

This Kratom has been a game changer for me! I take it 2-3 times daily and it relieves my anxiety and stress, as well as depression. I highly recommend these capsules!

Great Stuff!! by Deshawn on 05/24/2017

This is my absolute favorite strain currently. It gives me a nice energy boost along with an increase on my focus. Not to mention a really nice feeling. It also gets rid of any anxiety I may have. I'd recommend this strain if you're looking for any of what I listed above.

Red Vein Indo Kratom (50 Capsules) by Emelia on 05/23/2017

So very happy, love this!!

Red Vein Indo Kratom (50 Capsules) by Emelia on 05/23/2017

I have been on pain medicines for years, and now that I have started using Kratom powder, I hardly have to us my pain medicine anymore. Love it!!!

Relaxing by J on 05/23/2017

Good products fast shipping

Happy by Crystal on 05/23/2017

To help give me a little energy boost I put maybe 1/2 tsp or less in applesauce and can't even taste it.

Pretty good by Crystal on 05/23/2017

I take 4 capsules and they work pretty good!

superfast great quality by gregory on 05/23/2017

I have always received my orders fast. I have ordered extra maeng da as they were out of stock last week, and do not want to try any other vender as a friend ordered from another site last week and still waiting for shipment. never had a problem with kratom capsules!!

Great mellow for evening by Hippo on 05/23/2017

I prefer over traditional powder from Amazon etc. . The latter can upset stomach easily as you need to drink sooo much liquid for efficacy. Start with small amount on empty stomach, and wait 30 minutes before adding any more to avoid overdoing it. Very good st relaxing, specifically inhibition, without unnecessary physical issues. No hangover. It's like having a drink or two or two at night but more mellow and pleasant. Also blunts appetite a bit.

Powder vs capsule. by hippo on 05/23/2017

Saves money. More of a pain. I recommend boiling about 4 cups water, add a little lemon juice for efficacy and taste, add whole 1 oz jar, summer for 15 minutes. Then strain into a ice tea container using a filter of some sort. You can always add more liquid in beginning or later... great tea(ok not taste) for sipping as you see fit without ingesting all the extra plant matter.

My favorite by Angela on 05/22/2017

Love this. So great for sluggish mornings. Really gives that boost of energy and pain relief you need. This and Bali are my favorite especially for pain. Doesn't give me the euphoria that Bali does but still a great product.

Bali Super Premium Kratom by david on 05/22/2017

Good product, different from red vein. has a milder effect on pain for me, however has a great mellow feeling as compared to the red vein. 5-6 tabs twice a day.

Takes some practice.. by david on 05/22/2017

The only down fall to the powder is the obvious pain to get the powder down with out stopping. otherwise the effects are quicker than tabs. I used a mixture of applesauce with 2 TBS of powder and just pounded it as fast as I could. great product... Only using because Tabs are still "OUT of STOCK...

Love it by ANGELA on 05/22/2017


Awesome by ANGELA on 05/22/2017

Love this for my chronic back pain

Love it by ANGELA on 05/22/2017

Works wonders for back pain!!

superfast delivery by gregory on 05/22/2017

superfast will order again

LOVe THIS! by Christina on 05/20/2017

Helps with all my back issues and helps me get through the day like a normal person!

Effective by Matthew on 05/20/2017

Quite pleased with the results. Helps with my chronic SI joint pain and lowers anxiety levels.

Does exactly what it states by Mike on 05/18/2017

Definitely feel a sense of relaxation and the calming effects with a slight feeling of euphoria. Not sure if I recommend taking when waking up but definitely is nice after a day of work to unwind. I'm a first time user and can't wait to try different strands and take advantage of the free shipping!!

use to unwind by Debbie on 05/18/2017

I find that the Red Vein is what I prefer to unwind in the evenings after a stressful day. Also very fast shipping, very pleased.

very satified by Debbie on 05/18/2017

I have chronic back pain and this helps me get past that morning stiffness. Also very fast shipping, very pleased.

It works but... by Danielle on 05/18/2017

It does help with pain very much but be cautious when finding your sweet spot because if you take too much it will give you the WORST headache. It may just be me but still, be cautious...

My favorite. Lots of energy by Jennifer on 05/17/2017

This is one of my favorite products. It gives me a lot of energy when I take it.

It works by GP on 05/17/2017

If you need pain relief this works

Best by Le on 05/17/2017

Best of the Best!

Great by Le on 05/17/2017

Very great for back aches.

Love it by Jeanine on 05/17/2017

Me and my husband make it into tea and omg it works so good and last so long this is our go to sure to buy from

LOVE IT by Jake on 05/17/2017

a great way to start the day! a small amount first thing in the morning and i am set for the day. i love this product keep up the good work!!

Super Green Malaysian Kratom by Kris on 05/16/2017

This one had no effect on my chronic pain of fibromyalgia. Might not be the right product for my kind of pain as the Red Vein Indo works wonders.

Red Vein Indo by Kris on 05/16/2017

This is my favorite by far, so far!!! It works very well on my chronic pain without any ill effects or leaving me feeling dopey. I think I'm getting the hang of how these are marketed. It seems the brighter red the label, the more effective the pain control. And the more green the label the more it works as a calming agent. At least that's how it's been for me. Kava is green, no effect on pain but I'm assuming it's good for folks that need calming and help relaxing. Since I have chronic fatigue and chronic pain this wasn't a good choice for me. No reflection on the quality of product. Super premium Bali brown label, good pain relief. Red Vein Indo, red label, excellent pain relief. I could be wrong but that's how it's worked for me.

Kava by Kris on 05/16/2017

I wish I had realized that the Kava was only Kava and no Kratom. I thought it was mixed in with the Kratom. I need pain control so this was not a good choice and ineffective for me.

A god-send by Kimberly on 05/16/2017

My husband works in construction, which is incredibly hard on his body. While he's able to get prescription pain-killers for injuries that result from an accident/incident, the day-to-day aches & pains and fatigue have always been a great challenge for him. This has completely changed now that we have found this product. He doesn't come home grunting or moaning due to his back and knee pain. He feels motivated throughout the day, noting that it feels like a more natural motivation rather than something that is just chemically induced. He actually got prescription pain-killers for a recent injury, but said he'd rather keep those for if/when it's really unbearable and use the kratom instead when possible. For him, that's HUGE. We both recommend this product and this site to anyone who will listen.

consistent quality by Dale on 05/15/2017

I have ordered several times and have been very pleased with the consistency of the quality. I have only had a problem 1 time and they were very quick to get it resolved with no issues. I am very happy with the great product and customer service. Don't be fooled by all the wanna be's out there, these guys are legit!

Great Product! by TerriK on 05/15/2017

I suffer from sciatica and am very happy with this product, as well as the convenience! So glad I found this site.

instant relief from neck pain by david on 05/15/2017

the red vein is the best for my lower back pain, and neck pain. I try to take only 5 tabs twice a day and it seems to work for. great product and great customer service

Good by Z on 05/15/2017

Great kratom shipped quick

Excellent by Ja on 05/15/2017

Really helps with my pain

Great product! by Bern on 05/15/2017

This gives me enough energy to get throughout the day. I love it!

Great product - great company by Melissa on 05/15/2017

I have nothing but good things to say about this product. This company is also top of the line. Have purchased from them many times and never any problems! Great customer service!

Awesome by ANGELA on 05/14/2017

Love it!

Always Reliable by Peter on 05/14/2017

Very good for an overall calming and well-being feeling. As stated by many, this has mood boosting effects at lower doses, and has a pain relieving effect at higher doses. Very nice alternative to the RX options, and who doesn't love an all-natural product! Caps are the way to go.

Excellent by Loving it on 05/12/2017

Great energy, mood boosting and concentration!

Strong and good for pain relief by jessica on 05/12/2017

Great kratom, not as high energy or mood boosting as I expected but very good for pain relief.

Fast shipping! Great product. by Susan on 05/11/2017

The product is consistent through Fast shipping and great products!

great by Andrew on 05/11/2017

use this product everyday, great for relaxation and anxiety relief

Very impressed! by Lindsay on 05/11/2017

I'm very impressed with the red vein indo relieves pain as well as helps with my anxiety . It has helped me come off of opiates and helped me through the withdrawals . I feel wonderful . I will definitely be a returning customer. The shipping was very quick I chose the free shipping they offered and received my kratom capsules in three days was very impressed.

Great product, very clean by Brian on 05/10/2017

Great product, very good for pain, no strange side effects like cheaper Kratom from other places.

Bali super premium is great for pain and anxiety. by robin on 05/10/2017

Have been using the Bali super premium for the last couple of weeks and I have to say it works wonders for pain and the anxiety that goes hand and hand with pain. I normally use red vein and that works well for pain but not the anxiety. The shipping is the outstanding!.

Great product by Mary on 05/09/2017

I have tried several other strains of Kratom, and this one has been the most calming so far. Great product and very fast shipping. Will order again.

My Fave by Rosemarie on 05/09/2017

This strain is my favorite. It gives me energy and keeps me in a positive mood for hours. Love it!

Maeng Da thai by Le on 05/09/2017


good so far by steve on 05/09/2017

still have no complaints....helps with knee pain

Love it by Jeanine on 05/09/2017

Works really good will re order soon

Great product by Austin on 05/08/2017

Give it a try, it will not disappoint!

Great product! by Austin on 05/08/2017

It's a great way to relax and unwind, helps curve appetite so I'm not eating right before bed. I suggest trying it, but always remember less is more.

Best!! by J on 05/08/2017

Great Kratom,,, fast shipping

Couldn't be happier by ANGELA on 05/08/2017

Very happy!

great! by Jennifer on 05/08/2017

This product puts me in a good mood a d helps me relax.

Great for pain by D on 05/08/2017

Great for pain and mood. It works great is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 2868 user reviews.