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Not to shabby mane by Simon on 11/15/2018

This is actually some high quality kratom for the price you really can't beat it. I've tried many other kratom sources and most others are under dosed. I'm very satisfied with my purchase, thank you Kratom capsules.

Happy with it so far by Bill0246 on 11/15/2018

It has been less than a week and I am still "adjusting" and looking for the right dosage. So far I can say that it is very effective for pain reduction and I will continue looking for the mood enhancer dosage.

Best on the net by LeAnn on 11/14/2018

Best on the net!

Excellent for pain by ME on 11/14/2018

The Red Indo works great for pain and helps me sleep. I used to only sleep up to 4 hours at night due to pain and this product helps me sleep through the night. Extremely efficient processing and shipping.

Great product by ME on 11/14/2018

I have been trying the different strains and really like the green for energy and pain during the day. The product and free shipping are excellent. My orders are processed and shipped out same day.

Amazing Stuff! by Todd on 11/13/2018

like a lot of people leaving reviews on this website, I had never heard of Kratom before watching "A Leaf Of Faith" on Netflix. I had a severe work-related neck injury over 25 years ago (I am 50 years old). I am now living with the chronic neck pain and headaches caused by this injury. I cannot take any Opiate drugs (even in low doses), as all they do is make me nauseous, while killing very little pain in the process. I have lived all of these years just taking over the counter NSAIDs, as needed, and they really do not do much for the pain, especially the headaches. Then along came Kratom. This herb is a "miracle pain reliever." I can take it "as needed" without any side-effects or addiction. The good part is that I am very susceptible to the effects of both Opiates and Kratom, so just 2 to 3 grams of Kratom does the trick for me, and it lasts about 6 hours on average. I have found that the GREEN MAENG DA KRATOM strain sold on this website works the best for me. It actually kills the pain I am feeling, without the nausea or sedation caused by taking Opiates. The GREEN MAENG DA KRATOM strain just leaves me in a good mood, and (according to my wife) makes me very talkative. The best part is that this strain does not have any residual side-effects for me, nor does it make me dependent. Like I said, I take Kratom as I need it for severe chronic pain. This usually equates to 2 or 3 times a week at most. I have also learned to fight pain over the years with various pain management techniques, so that helps also. I have also tried the BALI SUPER PREMIUM KRATOM strain sold on this website, and while it does a good job of eliminating pain, it also makes me very Nauseous, if I do not take it with food. I have also taken the RED VEIN INDO KRATOM strain sold on this website, and it just makes me sleepy without really doing much for the pain. Like I said, the GREEN MAENG DA KRATOM strain works the best for ME, in both pill and powder forms (although the powder works much faster). I can also take the GREEN MAENG DA KRATOM strain on an empty stomach with no nausea what-so-ever. I know everyone's body is different, and the different Kratom strains and doses will work differently for everyone. I am just stating here what has worked best for ME to this point. If you are dealing with severe chronic pain, and do not want to take Opiate related drugs, then I would seriously consider giving Kratom a try. Just be aware that different drugs and herbs will affect individuals differently, both positively and negatively. I am pretty sure that the only reason the FDA wants to make Kratom "illegal" is that it is cutting into the profits of their "buddies" in the Pharmaceutical industry. I for one am a big advocate for Kratom now, thanks to its ability to kill pain, and let me live my life without any crazy side-effects, or dependency.

The BEST!! by Sofia on 11/13/2018

This is my 1st but NOT last kratom purchase. I bought these more for anxiety and mood stabilizing than pain. I have on and off pain in my back which this helps with. I find the White tone very calming for my anxiety. I'm still figuring out dosing, but so far, I take 3 capsules and feel calm/not anxious and not jittery. I am so happy that there are alternative solutions to anxiety that doesn't involve xanax!!! Thank you!

Great products and service by Tab on 11/12/2018

Glad credit card issues solved. Bali works great for energizing and pain .

great effect by Bill on 11/12/2018

I took 10 capsules and felt wonderful for about 4hrs with no aftereffects or hangover.

More anxiety by ML on 11/12/2018

I have had success with other strains but this particular strain caused me to have more anxiety fueled with more energy. I suppose this strain would help those with low energy and need something to kick start their motivation.

Powerful by gar on 11/12/2018

Just amazing, is the best word I would use to describe how this product works for me!

Great product by Troy on 11/11/2018

Product exactly as advertised quick shipping and never a problem will be back A++++++

Good for pain by Jan on 11/11/2018

Red Vein Indo is good for pain relief. Has a very calming, soothing affect. The packaging is secure. Let’s keep kratom Legal!!

Great product by ME on 11/11/2018

I have tried most strains and find green malay and green maeng da work best for energy for me. They also work well on pain. I am very impressed with efficient order processing and quick free delivery.

Bali by Sheila on 11/10/2018

This seems to work very well. I can actually start my morphine. Also use red Indo It also works very well

Very relaxing by Leo on 11/10/2018

Like the fact they last longer than powder

Very Satisfied by Deborah on 11/09/2018

Extremely good product

Great as a pre-workout! by Sabrina on 11/09/2018

This strain gives me that kick of energy I need to workout! Plus there's no crash afterwards as there is when I drink coffee. Will be buying more!!!

Makes a difference by Carmen on 11/08/2018

This is our third product we have tried with this company. Each does work differently. My husband uses the white or the super green capsules to get him going in the morning along with his regular meds. He has more energy and is upbeat most of the time.

Love love LOVE! by Sabrina on 11/08/2018

This strain gave me energy and helped with pain! Will buy again!

relieved pain by Tammie on 11/08/2018

While the red vein relieved my pain - i got more energy from the white maeng Da, Think I will just switch between the red and white

Great pain relief by Adrian on 11/08/2018

Best strain so far for pain management

Great Product! by Tammy on 11/08/2018

Great product! Red vein is my favorite.

Very happy by Kimberly on 11/06/2018

First time trying this product I usually use the white maeng Da and was happy with it. But I'm definitely going to be ordering this from now on!

Very effective on both pain and stress by Dianne on 11/06/2018

I purcahased this for myself and a friend. She called me saying, Thank You Thank You Thank You.

Routine by Aaron on 11/06/2018

Green is like a vitamin. One a day keeps the pain away

Favorite by Aaron on 11/06/2018

A good one for the pain and energy move

Nice by Aaron on 11/06/2018

Good added to Yellow for a good combo

Good by Aaron on 11/06/2018

Helps with the pain of aging

pain no more by keith on 11/05/2018

ok Kratom is great but this stuff is a god send!! Kratom gives you energy and does relieve pain but hold on... Chuchuhuasi kills pain. I take 2 in the am and 2 when i get home from work. I can move around more freely and am not so stiff and sore. I am on my feet all day as a Chef and my body hurts from years on my feet in the kitchen. I do not take anything else besides Chuchuhuasi and Kratom now and find that i can easily manage my pain naturally. Quality from this company is unmatched in my opinion!! No one paid me for this review and i never write reviews until i came across this site and paid for and tried these products for myself. I had to write this to let you know if you have not tried this product and have pain please give it a try.

great quality by keith on 11/05/2018

This is great quality and does not compare to other brands. Relieves pain and gives you energy all while relaxing you a the same time. I have tried many other brands but this one is fair on price and very concentrated. If you normally take 6 try taking 2 to start. You wil notice the strength difference in this quality Kratom.

Bali great by Thad on 11/05/2018

White nice for waking hours. Bali nice at bedtime. Very good.

Great by Thad on 11/05/2018

White my favorite. Very nice.

It really helped me! by Brie on 11/05/2018

I bought this just to try it.I had run out of kratom and was in pain and this really helped with the pain! I will definitely buy this again!

Ok as an Addition to Kratom by JL on 11/05/2018

Taken by itself was calming, but very mild. Seemed to increase when taken with Kratom products. Not disappointed as it still helps with anxiety and feeling calm

Amazing by Edward on 11/03/2018

Okay this helps my back and stomach so good.

Finally some pain relief by JENNIFER on 11/02/2018

I dont wake up in such bad pain to where i actually look forward to getting out of bed again

Life changer by JENNIFER on 11/02/2018

I'm a chronic suffer with debilitating pain from degenerative disc disease along with two ruptured disc in my lower spine along with scoliosis and severe nerve damage in the cervical spine. I gave up on pain management & downsliding over the past decade. Thanks to this "tea" I'm gradually getting back out of the house & be a mother again. Thank you for giving my kings their mother back

Excellent by Wimberly on 11/01/2018

Great product for relief

Instant relief by Tim on 11/01/2018

I suffer from the classic "coathanger headache" and anytime my back muscles tighten up. I know exactly what the next 24 hours are going to be like (hell) after doing honest hard labor. I took 2 capsules and within 1 hour I was pain free. I am finished with the motrin advil tylenol and my liver probably thanks me. I studied natural solutions for 10 years... where did my research go wrong? Lots of our people out there in pain for no reason. I will be sharing this website within my social circle. Thank You!

Not straying from this strand by MC on 10/30/2018

I have tried two different strains and the red vein indo is by far the best. It has helped immensely with chronic anxiety and even helps with pain when used to alleviate tension headaches. I have not experienced drowsiness. Just a gentle relieving of pain and decrease of panic attacks.

Great Product by Dave on 10/28/2018

Very clean, great business.

Great for pain by ME on 10/25/2018

I was amazed at how well this helped for pain. I have only tried product for two days so I am anxious to see if benefits continue. I took in evenings and it seemed to help me relax and focus. I usually have very bad pain in evenings and the Red Indo really seemed to help relieve pain.

Works well by Michelle on 10/25/2018

This is only my second day taking Green Maeng Da and today I had a great boost of energy. It has worked moderately on pain. I was amazed at how quickly I received product with free shipping option. I am excited to try other products.

Classic Bali, premium strain by Darren on 10/25/2018

This Bali is precisely what I expect and the quality is above par. Will be back!

Bali is by far my favorite by Jess on 10/24/2018

The Bali strain is my favorite so far! Nice mellow boost of energy without being jittery and easy on the stomach, but at the same time it has a calming effect. Recommended!!

No Pain - Added Energy by Tammie on 10/24/2018

Love this product. Worked well on my chronic knee pain and gave me some energy. The shipping was super fast as well. Will definitely reorder. -

It really works! by Matt on 10/24/2018

I have been working for 3 days straight outside chopping and cutting wood, when I get up in the morning everything hurts and I'm slow, but not long after I take my pills in the morning I am full of energy and the pain is gone! I feel like a kid again, this stuff is so great!

It really works! by Matt on 10/24/2018

I have been working for 3 days straight outside chopping and cutting wood, when I get up in the morning everything hurts and I'm slow, but not long after I take my pills in the morning I am full of energy and the pain is gone! I feel like a kid again, this stuff is so great!

still figuring it out by Kelly on 10/24/2018

It seems to be helping me cut back on my opioids..but unsure if what Im taking dose wise is right

Works great by Barbara on 10/21/2018

Many different kinds; read reviews and tried - was not disappointed

Good product by Barbara on 10/21/2018

Was pleasantly surprised but it does help.

Great product for pain by Amanda on 10/20/2018

The red vein indo is extremely helpful with pain relief without the side effects of other medications. This is a good product, works well for several hours and is a life saver. The company is great and they stand by their products and have high quality standards. I have been very happy with everything.

Great product for pain by Al on 10/20/2018

I have been dealing with severe chronic pain due to a mistake made in a surgery I had undergone. I didn't want to go the route of taking narcotics for it because I didn't want to run the risk of developing an addiction. This product helps greatly with my pain, is a natural product and there is a very low risk of developing an addiction if taken properly. I am very happy with the product as well as this company.

Amazing!!!! by Ashley on 10/14/2018

My husband has always suffered with chronic pain as have I after undergoing 2 pregnancies. My anxiety can also be quite crippling. My mom turned me to Kratom and I will never look back. I can get through my day without any pain or panic, and my husband is in better moods with far less pain than he has been in in Years. Thank you!!!!

helped neck pain by Ashley on 10/14/2018

I suffer from chronic neck pain after 2 major surgeries and after taking this I noticed I was feeling way less pain! There is no high or any weird drugged feeling, just a very decreased level of pain! I’m so thrilled this really works!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Loved it by Eric on 10/14/2018

worked well on my pain and gave some extra energy.

Works well by Eric on 10/14/2018

Works very well and I don't need ibuprofen

Great product by Sally on 10/13/2018

Excellent product. Great for pain and relaxation.

Lovely Kratom capsules by patrik on 10/12/2018

your products and your company are top notch. A bunch of efficient and cheerful on the phone. Thank you for that the green maeng da is my favorite because it is so mellow and a very good pain reliever. I have headaches that green maing da takes care of in about 20 min.

Best product for pain! EVER!!! by Deborah on 10/12/2018

I realize different products effect people differently. As for me White Maeng works for my pain and can I say gives me a happy but calm state of being. It’s the best nonprescription non-drug I ever used. It is amazing/wonderful/awesome!!!⚡️

Love the Red Vein Indo by Chris on 10/12/2018

Most potent I've found so far. Very mellow and relaxing.

Super green mala by April on 10/12/2018

I love this with the white Mange dthat combination is perfect❤️

Amazing! by KC on 10/10/2018

I am exploring (unwillingly) the world of menopause...I was tired all the time & didn't sleep well. I still don't want to roll out of bed in the morning but once I do I'm able to stay focused at work & don't drag myself through the day. At the same time I sleep much, much better at night. I love this stuff! My husband is also taking it now and notices that he also has more energy.

Worked but with jitters by Sabrina on 10/10/2018

This is not my personal favorite strain. Don't get me wrong it works, but it gives me the jitters, similar to when I drink coffee only without all the energy. It definitely helped me with pain, and the capsules are very convenient, however I didn't care for the jitters this strain gives me. But 10/10 for quality and I would still recommend!

Pleased with product by Todd on 10/09/2018

I understood that it's helpful to take different strains of Kratom to keep potency. Red Vein Indo is not my go to, but is helpful for mixing up with my regularly taken Bali Super Premium and Green Malay. My wife did alot of research on these products before we bought them. I'm so glad she did! These products are a God send to me and others that suffer from pain that traditional over the counter meds won't touch, without getting addicted to narcotics.

Best Product Yet by Todd on 10/09/2018

The Bali Super Premium Kratom is the best yet. Lasts for hours and has all the pain killing properties I need. Really helps with tendonitis.

Love It by LP on 10/09/2018

Works great!

Great products and service by T on 10/09/2018

Yellow is closest to white for me for pain

Taking my health into my own control by Cristina on 10/08/2018

I watched the Netflix special like many, just intrigued by what could be an alternative to opioids. I have a pinched nerve in my L Spine & get migraines monthly. I had been to pain management and been taking an opioid off & on for the pain for a while but then the “opioid epidemic” came about and my pain management doctors took me off those meds and wanted me to take a diabetic nerve pain medication that I would have to take everyday no matter if i was having pain. This is crazy to me, to go from taking a medication when i needed it to having to continually & with no end date. I work in healthcare and see many kidney/liver/heart damage from such medication. I told my doctor “no, i will use CBD’s or something that i can regulate when i need it.” I was skeptical about Kratom but the first week i noticed the nerve pain that goes down my leg is minimal and for my migraines they got less intense. I don’t like that i have to take 5 capsules to really get full relief but that’s just a preference. This herb is a God sent and i am so happy to have an alternative that won’t kill my organs and i can use when i need it!

Superb product by Mary on 10/06/2018

I will say that Kratom has been a lifesaver for me. I work from home and sit all day in front of a computer. As the day goes on my neck and back start to either tingle or have dull pain or both. Using Kratom helps alleviate that. I can't thank you enough. The only thing I would like to see if maybe a container with more than 50 capsules. But I love what I get. Thank you.

Unexpected Results by Durable Goods on 10/06/2018

Bought it for 39 years of chronic leg nerve pain from spine injury and discovered it took the “edge” off of my pain related attitude. I’m easier. to get along with.

Energizing by Cliff on 10/05/2018

This strain seems to be the most stimulative, so definitely wouldn't recommend taking before bed!

Working great! by Robert on 10/05/2018

So far so great. I got them to help with aches and pains from my back after my back surgery and for my starting arthritis was just looking for something natural to help with these issues not cure it and so far so good it is making all my aches and pains manageable. Before I started taking these when I gripped a wrench and wrenched on something my hands would hurt now after taking them it is manageable and I can keep working I am not taking the full dose it says on the bottle I am only taking about half the dose but that will vary from person to person on how much you need and how much pain you have if that's what you were taking it for. Great product I am very happy so far I will reorder.

nICe mOrnIng StrAin by Mark on 10/05/2018

I like the White for taking in the morning, it wakes me up like a cup of coffee. I recommend it. I usually jog 15 feet every morning but after taking the white strain I jog 25 feet, and smiling. Unless its raining or I get hit by lightning.

Good product by Mark on 10/05/2018

Yellow is a good strain, I enjoy it.

Excellent by Star on 10/04/2018

I have used this product for pain and anxiety. Awesome company, love kratom for fibro!

By far my FAVORITE strain of Kratom from Kratom Capsules! by JHR1981 on 10/03/2018

I use several different strains of Kratom to help with different needs. But White Maeng Da Thai Kratom is my favorite all-around. It is good for moderate pain without relaxing you too much to where you can't concentrate or finish whatever you need to get done. It is also good for stronger pain for the bad days. And if it's the end of the day and I just want to relax or get a good night's sleep, I take a few extra of White Maeng Da Thai and I have a nice, relaxed evening and sleep great. I make sure I ALWAYS have some of this strain!

Great for more intense pain and night-time pain! by JHR1981 on 10/03/2018

I like to have different strains of Kratom on hand for different needs. Red Vein Indo Kratom is great for more intense pain, and especially pain at bedtime. Red Vein Indo is fast-acting and strong enough to tackle harder pain. It is a God-send at bedtime when I'm having pain. It takes care of the pain AND relaxes me and helps me fall asleep fast!

Not too strong, but still takes care of your pain by JHR1981 on 10/03/2018

I use several different products from Kratom Capsules depending on my need. Some are great for strong pain, some for bedtime, and some for more mild pain. I love Bali Super Premium Kratom for moderate pain, or pain during the middle of the day when I need some relief, but still need to remain alert and able to concentrate. I make sure I always have some Bali Super Premium on hand.

Amazing! by Sabrina on 10/02/2018

Helps me with migraines!

Super Green Malay by Sandra on 10/02/2018

I have tried Mang Da as well. Like them both equally.They help me so much with stress and leg pain.

Excellent results by Teresa on 10/02/2018

I have always had problems sleeping, This product is amazing. I take the recommended dosage 2 hours before bed time and sleep like a baby. I highly recommend this product.

Effective by Sarah on 10/01/2018

Works well for me

Its good by Nathan on 10/01/2018

Its good doesnt make me tired though kept me up all night lol

Great for Easing Pain by Christine on 09/30/2018

I have been dealing with chronic pain for years due to lupus and fibromyalgia. These really helped and I love the convenience of the pills!

Elevates Mood by anthony l on 09/30/2018

This is the second strain of kratom I have used and it worked well in a low dose, too.

Helpful Product by anthony l on 09/30/2018

This is the first I have used any strain of kratom and I have found it to be very helpful with elevating mood and decreasing pain from from a skin condition I have.

Didn’t help with my pain by Geri on 09/29/2018

It lowered my blood pressure, but didn’t help with my pain.

Excellent by Terry on 09/28/2018

This is my first time using kratom. Have been very pleased with it overall, killed my pain without dizziness or getting "high" - which I've never liked the feeling of. The only downside is the product isn't very potent. I'll generally take 4 or 5 pills to last me five hours or so. Given that the pills are kind of large - aah!

Excellent Product and Great Service by Donna on 09/28/2018

I'm a long-time customer of Kratom and recommend them every chance I get!

Arthritis pain, not any more! by Donna on 09/28/2018

I was skeptical, but the opioid scare frightened my arthritis doctor so much that he's no longer prescribing them as of January 1, 2019! I'm a breast cancer survivor, (double mastectomy), have severe psoriatic arthritis. I've had two lumbar surgeries, and severe Sjogren 's disease from the chemo. 12 years of opioids, and was terrified to be without them. Tons of research for alternatives brought me to Kratom, thank God! After only two weeks one Kratom twice a day, I'm down to 1/2 oxy a day (starting tomorrow will try none) when I'd been on three a day. I only use my cane when outside, can enjoy playing with my grandkids without pain, even slow dance with my honey! I'm not jittery and think clearly. I can't say enough about this product! Two of my friends and my hubby have ordered as they can't believe how great I act and feel too! Thank you so much for giving my quality of life back. What kind of life is it sitting all day, feeling cloudy headed and weak and missing out on everything more of that for me!

Really pleased by Shannon on 09/28/2018

I was skeptical, but I'm pleasantly surprised with the results. They definitely help with chronic low back pain. They're easy on my stomach. I watched a lot of documentaries and read a bunch of articles researching Kratom, and I think it's a great alternative for prescription medications.

Works fast by Christine on 09/28/2018

I think the powder is much more fast acting, works great for pain. I found that mixting it in orange juice helps cut the bitter taste. Ordering again.

Great Product! by Golden on 09/27/2018

Excellent product that I will certainly be purchasing again. Everything that I have bought off has been top notch quality. Regarding the Bali Super Premium, in my experiences it has been a perfectly balanced strain. Not overly potent, but is excellent for anxiety and does not leave you lethargic or overly sedated. I actually have been able to work out and run pretty frequently. Great for muscle soreness and recovery.

Great products and service by T on 09/27/2018

Love them, while credit card company was down, they worked with me to help me place order.

Amazing Results by Debbie on 09/26/2018

This is an amazing product that I feel is much safer than pharmaceutical drugs. The shipment arrived quickly and I am very pleased with the effects.

No Complaints by Tom on 09/26/2018

This was the first Kratom I tried, but have tried many since. Green Maeng Da works best for me and capsules make taking it a breeze. Tosh & Wash is nasty. Capsules take a little longer to kick in and are a bit more expensive, but worth it many cases...especially when on the road.

Good product by Barbara on 09/26/2018

Skeptical wtih anything on line. However, it is a good product. Would recommend trying it. Just got e-mail from the Kratom Association SITSA was not added to the recent legislation!

Yellow vietnam by Jennifer on 09/26/2018

This is by far the best kratom on the market IMO. Great mix of energy and anxiety relief. This will help you get going in the morning and take alil more to get a great night sleep. Can't believe I didn't try this strain before now. They conveniently let you buy half a kg now so that you can try different strains without buying way too much.

noticed pain relief by Diana on 09/25/2018

have fibromyalgia and really noticed sleeping better. will be ordering another strain for pain.

Not as expected by Deborah on 09/25/2018

Some pain relief but not enough to take the place of my script. Made me tired too. I'm going to order the white and see what happens.

Very surprised by Michael on 09/25/2018

This stuff is the truth.

Very surprised by Mike on 09/25/2018

I was a first time user and I was really happy with the effects of this. I was skeptical about Kratom, however I am not anymore. This stuff is the truth.

Lifesaver by Jeremiah on 09/25/2018

If you doubt this product, I encourage you to try for yourself. I promise you will not be dissapointed. I am 100% satisfied with how it changed my life for the better. This product honestly saved my life. I will forever be grateful for what yall do.

Buying again by Donald on 09/25/2018

Love this product!!!

Best So Far by Cliff on 09/25/2018

So far the White Maeng Da is my favorite, and I have tried all the strains. I have an anxiety disorder and the White has been the most effective for decreasing anxiety. A higher dosage is calming for me, whereas some people it may cause them to be drowsy. As other users have said, lower dosages seem to provide more of a stimulant effect.

Love love LOVE! by Sabrina on 09/25/2018

I work out on a weekly basis. I have two jobs and I'm a full-time student. I hate the idea of depending on a substance, so I limit my self from drinking coffee. This product gives me the kick I need to get through my day! I can stop taking it at any time. It gives me energy without the coffee jitters! I'm so glad I found this. It's my go to 5 hour energy only it lasts all day!

Fast delivery & so far so good! by Q’s mom on 09/25/2018

I am new user of kratom so I’m still figuring things out but I have to say I’m liking it so far. My order arrived very quickly. Highly recommend this company!

Great results!! by Karole on 09/25/2018

This stuff rrally works..ordering again for sure for pain managment of my RA

Works fast, works well by Martin on 09/24/2018

I purchased the Red Vein based on positive reviews. I had always been a Maeng Da guy but was pleasantly surprised by the Red Vein's potency. I can even take a few (2 or 3) capsules before bedtime without it affecting my sleep. Another great product by a well run company.

Awesome! by Nancy on 09/24/2018

I suffer from severe lower back and hip pain daily. Since I started using kratom I can get through the work days pain free.

Excellent!! by Brie on 09/24/2018

This is my all time favorite strain. I love how it gives me energy AND takes the pain away. I am very blessed that I don't have a chronic illness, however when I get migraines, headaches, or menstrual cramps, this is my go-to product! I like the White Maeng Da for going to the gym. It gives me the extra kick of energy.

No energy more like muscle relaxer!!! by Odelia on 09/24/2018

Your all talking about energy I took the green for my arthritis and I had a pulled muscle in my groin area. Well I certainly didn't get energy to the contrary it was like a muscle relaxers. I took it on my day off and good I did. At 9:30am slow acting but at 11:00 ish I fell asleep and didn't wake up until 7:30 pm. Wow. But Ip really think it helped my groin. Walked almost like new the next day.

Excellent pain relief by Jil on 09/24/2018

I have chronic pain resulting from a severed sciatic nerve and was under the care of pain management for 3 years. I was prescribed increasingly higher doses of opiates, yet was getting less and less relief. My first bottle of Kratom has resulted in effective pain relief as well as reduction of the anxiety that follows chronic pain. No more opiates needed.

no much effects on me by Mirna on 09/24/2018

i am sure this helps a lot of people, but personally i did not feel anything from it. price is so low, i feel its worth trying, because if it does work for you, stock up while its this much of a steel!

Very veeeery nice by Mirna on 09/24/2018

relaxing, pain relief. last quite a few hours. almost perfect when you nitrate dosing upwards slowly. be careful taking too many same time, as it will make you super sleepy. 100% recommened

very happy by John on 09/24/2018

I was excited as I started using/ Waiting for further signs of efficacy. Not using for pain, but rather for brain fog. Hoping to feel results on my next bottle, or two.

Reliable company by Karen on 09/24/2018

Fast shipping

Less is more by Jamie on 09/24/2018

With this one, the white, I noticed that when I took less, felt more energy and focus than when I took more. As I increased the dosage, I just felt sleepy, so for me, I'll go with less than ther recommended dosage. Great product tho and super fast shipment.

Great for moderate-severe pain by Shania on 09/24/2018

These capsules are an awesome natural supplement for pain! Way better than pain meds. Calms me down and brings relief

Great for Arthritic Knee pain by Gary on 09/23/2018

This red vein works best for pain. Green seems better for overall mood.

Kidney pain by Darren on 09/23/2018

I love Kratom it took away my pain from kidney stones

Finally pain relief by Jennifer on 09/22/2018

So please to have finally found something to help with chronic nerve pain. I recommend this for anyone suffering from pain.

Great for reducing my back pain by Maureen on 09/22/2018

Started taking Kratom after total hip surgery instead of oxycodone. Works just as well and not addictive!

Great by SS on 09/22/2018

Great, the green maeng da Thai is my favorite but this is a close second. This sometimes gets me a bit "racey" feeling but overall, a great combination when used with the two together.

super by Shauna on 09/22/2018

gives the burst of energy that I am looking for; no uneasy side effects. Super customer support department and fast shipping. recommended!

Kind of false by Jordan on 09/22/2018

Ordering again because it helped significantly with my fibromyalgia pain, however the bottle recommends you take 5 capsules for a dose NOT 2-3 capsules as written in the prescription. Also paid for expedited 2 day shipping and took way longer to receive.

Helps with pain and anxiety by Judy on 09/22/2018

this helps with my pain and anxiety. I no longer have to take hydrocodone for my pain

Effectiveness of red vein by Sheila on 09/22/2018

This product seems to work. Low doses gives you a nice energy boost. Higher doses do help the pain but it doesn’t make me drowsy or sedated. Where a lot of products will work the opposite on me. Or I am very sensitive to them. This one I’m not sensitive to it which is a big bonus. You really have to watch what you take for dosage. It says five capsules on the bottle I can’t take five capsules three at the most. I also recommended this to one of my friends and she’s gonna try it out I’ll let you know what happens. Thanks Sheila

great company by Jason on 09/22/2018

very good kratom....very good company

Great natural product by Tera on 09/22/2018

I have been having back pain and fatigue for over 6 months with no medical diagnosis. This has helped me with both. I look forward to continuing this product and trying the other types.

Great product by Evan on 09/21/2018

This is a great product. It was affordable and was shipped in a timely manner. Will definitely order again.

Best premium Bali out there! by Christa on 09/21/2018

Premium Bali is my all time favorite & kratom kapsules is the best place I've found to buy. The quality of their Premium Bali is the best! I wish I could buy more than 28oz. Jars tho. It really helps my husband relax and My chronic pain from fractured back and arthritis! Love it!

Definitely like other strains better. by Justin on 09/21/2018

This didnt do much 4 pain, energy, anxiety. Won't get it again.tried it in small, med, & large amounts..... really nothing

The right mixture by Joey on 09/21/2018

White Maeng Da Thai is my favorite strand. I have fibromyalgia which at times can be very debilitating... but taking this helps me out quite a bit! I find it to really help with my pain and I like the extra kick of energy.

Excellent product by T on 09/20/2018

Excellent product

Another great product by Joy on 09/20/2018

This is the 2nd strain of Kratom I've tried and I cant say enough how well it has worked for my pain. I have such horrible back pain along with pain in my left leg, so when I can still so my daily routine without ending up on my back in so much pain, it's a glorious day. I'm a Christian woman of God and I'm sure God has put things on this earth for our benefit to keep us from having to use all the man made drugs with all their terrible side effects. I thank God everyday for His mercy and grace and I know He takes care of us with these plants and natural remedies He's put on this earth for our benefit and a better well being. Thank you Lord!!

Great Product by Dave on 09/19/2018

Clean and works well.

My favorite by TODD on 09/19/2018

Tons of energy and helps with social anxiety.

Product as advertised by TODD on 09/19/2018

Gives me energy and helps with my tendonitis pain. Delivered on time. Very happy.

It helps by Cee on 09/19/2018

After sampling a few different strains, this really takes the edge off of my chronic pain. Ordering/payment always smooth and shipping is really fast. Thanks!

Good Stuff by Cee on 09/19/2018

This works well for my pain and got to me fast with regular shipping. Great product

Good Stuff by Cee on 09/19/2018

This works well for my pain and got to me fast with regular shipping. Great product

The Green works well by Richard on 09/19/2018

The Green Maeng Da Thai works well.

❤️Love this strain❤️ by Lauren on 09/19/2018

I only bought the capsules because I was going to Cabo and wanted the convenience of capsules. I am in love! It’s defiantly more expensive to buy the capsules, but for travel this is the way to go. As far the the Kratom, I use it for anxiety. I bought white before for my husband from another company, because he works out, but other whites can sometimes CAUSE a little anxiety BUT helps with energy. So glad I did! Not only does it give a nice energy boost, it HELPS with my anxiety! Glad I accidentally found u guys!

Good product by Branden on 09/19/2018

Helps me feel better

Effective in relieving pain! by Mariglo on 09/19/2018

Effective relief for pain and has a calming effect as well! Thank you!

Very thankful by marie on 09/18/2018

This is my favorite strain taken at night for my chronic pain and anxiety, I take 3 grams.

Very thankful by marie on 09/18/2018

This one works best for me when taken in the morning to help with my chronic pain and anxiety. I take 3 grams and the other strains I use for evening and nighttime. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 4229 user reviews.