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Good stuff by Jessica on 12/13/2017

Helps a lot with energy and doesn’t make me tired like the Bali. Worth the extra couple dollars.

Wow.. by Yanitza on 12/13/2017

It gives me a calming and well-being feeling.and I had never felt the mood boosting that I feel with the super green Malaysian kratom.

White Works Womders! by P777 on 12/12/2017

White Maeng Da Kratom capsules are THE BEST. Within 20 min of taking 4 capsules, your muscles are relaxed and you feel relaxed. I took these after a day of moving furniture & lifting heavy boxes and this did the trick. If you put in a tough physical day, take a few of the White MDK and your muscles will thank you! STRONGLY RECOMMEND!

Super green malary by LUKAS on 12/11/2017

Better for me than the bali, worked well with my lower back pain, will buy again. Reasonable with price for the effect it has!

Good product by LUKAS on 12/11/2017

Works very well with anxiety, but for me not so much with pain. My mental focus has increased though with the use of this.

Just took these yesterday, by Kathy on 12/11/2017

I just got my order and have been busy and wanted to be home when I first tried these. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised, I can't remember the last day I was pain free. Otherwise I have been taking a prescription that really doesn't work all that well after taking these. I did not do the 5 capsules because I thought it might be to much and I took 4 and was happy with that. So will order again. If they take this off the market we will be screwed...thanks for sharing such a great product. I've told some of my friends.

nice alternative by steve on 12/11/2017

nice alternative when i want to switch from red

Keep Kratom Legal by Ann on 12/11/2017

These products are great for pain and anxiety. I am doing all I can to keep Kratom legal and so should you. I have been using these products for almost two years with no side effects and no dependency. If I don't need them, I don't take them.

Good product by Jen on 12/11/2017

I like this product although it did not give quite the boost of energy I’d hoped for given the other reviews

Best there is by Pete on 12/09/2017

I have been with Kratomcapsules for years. I am happy to say I have never tried any other company. This was my first experience with Kratom and I have not even considered another company. I have tried all of the strains, finding each to be amazing at different things. Red Vein is my favorite and always has been. I am bummed the stock is not available at present, but am substituting until Red vein is back in stock. I have to say that after back surgery, pain and trouble sleeping, Red Vein addresses each with perfection every time. Kratomcapsules, you are the best company, with the best quality product, and best shipping. Please continue and don't let the government interfere with an amazing and safe product line. Thank you.

Good stuff by Balletje on 12/09/2017

Effective with just a few pills. I'd buy again

Not as good as Kratom by Meagan on 12/08/2017

Got this when Red Vein was out of stock for my husband’s nerve and muscle pain. It didn’t do much for him. I used it for headaches and had some success.

Finally able to sleep by Melissa on 12/08/2017

I purchased this for a natural pain relief in the hopes of being able to sleep. Pain has interfered with my sleep for many years. Green Maeng is almost a miracle for me. It’s pain relief has allowed me to commit to a cardio and light workout regime which also offers pain relief as well as relieving depression symptoms. I take 2 capsules every 4 to 6 hours as needed. Also, I rarely need ibuprofen. It needs to be taken and given time to absorb on an empty stomach. I was also told taking with Orange juice helps Kratom give full benefits...apparently the natural acids aid Kratom.

great product by Stephen on 12/07/2017

great product

works great by Stephen on 12/07/2017

works great (tastes bad)

great product by Stephen on 12/07/2017

great product

Great product overall by Ross on 12/07/2017

I like the strength of these and the effects are fairly long lasting. It makes a convenient substitute for powder for sure and is well worth the extra money just for convenience.

Weak Strength compared to some of the other strains by MATTHEW on 12/06/2017

Red Vein and the bali were the first two I tried and both I only had to take two, ive taken 4 of this and it doesn't last long at all

Ok I guess by Leon on 12/04/2017

Can’t really tell much about it. Maybe I’m not taking enough.

not delivered by Terry on 12/04/2017

I ordered this on Nov 25. It supposedly shipped on Nov 27, but USPS tracking keeps saying it has been delayed in shipment with no reason given. I can't review something I don't have. What gives, guys?

Opps accidentally left my review under caosuler. Lol by John on 12/04/2017

Great New strain great for relaxing. I took 4grams my standard dose on most strain's seems to be my sweet spot or very close as a started point for me I never take more than 5grams of any strain red's are my favorite for pain &energy combined. But for just pure Bodymind without to much zip or sedation then this is a great strain to add to your collection. Especially when need to calm down without sedition. What mellow yellow feeling than Yellow Vietnam is for you.for pain not so much.pep not hi but relaxation of your Bodymind comes in quickly. Lasts about 4-6hrs max. Remember everyone to change up your strain every 3 day's avoid tolerance or sideafects. Help keep the Feds of or butts to ban it so please use kratom wisely. Ty:-)

My Experience with this new strain love it! Good addition to add to your other variety's at hm. For altering strain's especially for pure relaxation not sedition. by John on 12/04/2017

Just tried this new strain here's what I have to say looking for pain relief nope looking for energy nope. But if you are looking for a very relaxing Bodymind mind type feeling you found the strain. I took 4grams my standard dose for any Kratom always seems to be my sweet spot on most all strain's effect's last 4-6hrs.max.if you want mellow yellow feeling than yellow Vietnam is the strain you've been seeking.

Precisely as advertised by Nick on 12/04/2017

Very good for an overall calming and well-being feeling. As stated by many, this has mood boosting effects at lower doses, and has a pain relieving effect at higher doses. Very nice alternative to the RX options, and who doesn't love an all-natural product! Caps are the way to go.

Never Disappoints by Dorothy on 12/01/2017

This is my favorite strain with possibly the Green Malaysian my next. I suffer from chronic pain due to a rare nerve disease and I have a conservative Dr. who doesn't like to prescribe anything beyond the Lyrica or Gabapentin that I take. Which is fine, as I'd rather not be dependent on any pain pills. This Kratom helps with not just the pain, but also with my restless legs syndrome. The taste isn't great, but I usually take my Kratom powder mixed in with chocolate Glucerna and the taste isn't that bad. I do find that now and then my tolerance level goes up a bit. When that happens, I just switch to another strain for a bit, then back to this one and it's like reset the tolerance level. This is a great company, too!

Fantastic!! by Monica on 12/01/2017

Placing my 4th order of this!! I have my life back!! I haven’t felt Ina good since I don’t know when! This has really helped me with issues with Crohn’s. It does not, for me (everyone is different) upset my digestive track at all. I’m going to continuously order this!!

Energy boost! by Greg on 12/01/2017

Really gave me a boost of energy. Worked ok for pain also.

great results by Debbie on 11/30/2017

I've tried the green, yellow and white strains and this one is my favorite. In my last order this bottle was missing, so I email to find out why it was not in my package and got a very quick response. Within a couple days it was delivered.

okay product by Debbie on 11/30/2017

I just tried this strain thinking it might be as good as the green maeng da strain, however I did not really notice that it helped my back pain. But each person is different and the only way for one to know is to try it.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom by Douglas on 11/29/2017

I have found the Yellow Vietnam Kratom to be calming. I use it along with my favorite Red Vein Indo Works great together. Thanks Kratom Great Products

A blessing from above! by LUKE on 11/29/2017

Whether you know about this wonderful plant, or are just here and curiously reading this, I must give you my personal advice after 14 years of severe back trauma, depression, OCD, as well as anxiety. Just as they below, they cannot “PUSH” this or condone it... but luckily I can!

The best for my mood by Sylvia on 11/28/2017

I've tried most of the strains and this is the best one for my depression. Also works well on pain. Lifts my mood without causing anxiety. Was thrilled to find this on Thanksgiving sale. Thank you!

Very Happy with Results by Helen on 11/28/2017

Great when my upperback is hurting & also for anxiety. Helps with focus and energy. Make sure to take on empty Stomach. Recommend take two, I only need one!!!

Supply by Twilet on 11/28/2017

Need to know when in stock

Incredible by Catherine on 11/27/2017

Within 20 minutes of taking Bali the overall effect was pain relief, energy and an over all sense of wellness. I havent felt any of these in effects in years! Couldnt believe how quickly I felt relief from my cripling arthritis. Have been on multiple pain killers for 10 years and nothing and I mean NOTHING has ever helped as this product did! I am grateful to have been referred to your site! Thank you for giving me a sense of well being!

Great Product, Convenient Capsules by Mimi on 11/27/2017

Same great quality as the powder with the ease and convenience of capsules, perfect on the go.

Energy by Andrew on 11/27/2017

Great for energy in the morning

Good stuff by Dale on 11/27/2017

Been taking the Bali for awhile so thought I would try something different and was really impressed! This worked great at lower doses! Will definitely buy again!

Very happy with product by Sheila on 11/27/2017

Great when my back is hurting & also for anxiety. Helps with focus and energy.

Great pain relief by Crystal on 11/26/2017

This is my go to strain for pain relief.

It helps by Crystal on 11/26/2017

This helps my mood. It doesn't really help my pain much but I like the uplifting effect

Red Vein Indo, Great product! by Tricia on 11/26/2017

I tried Red Vein Indo for insomnia and worked wonders and I was surprised nothing much works for insomnia with me not OTC products or Nyquil, etc. I take 3-4 caps and relax. Great product. I'll be trying Bali Super Premium next. Will also recommend for a friend who suffers from RLS as I've read in some reviews that it has helped others with RLS. I want to try other strains especially the white strains as I suffer from chronic back problems and need energy to just get out of bed some days. I've already tried the White Maeng Da and was pleased, but I need to work on the dosage the five caps just gave me a little energy, but I'm rather new at this.....maybe I'll try 3 to 4 grams next time instead of 2.5g. I would like to find a GUIDE that indicates how many grams to take to achieve the desired effect from the different strains.

Great stuff - Green Maeng Da Thai Kratom (50 Capsules) by Luis on 11/25/2017

Green Maeng Da Thai Kratom has really worked for me. I have been diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue and most of the time I'm tired and unmotivated. This stuff really got me moving.

Happy with my purchase. by Jennifer on 11/25/2017

I am trying these capsules, Green Maeng Da Thai, for anxiety/depression/energy. I think they work very well. I am still playing with dosage/timing, but I think I'll find the level that works best for me. I am finding that with regular use, I don't need to take as much as I did at first. I was taking about 2 grams (4pills), I now take about 1/2 gram or 1 gram as a dose. I am not taking for pain. Very fast shipping, well packaged, and discreet. I like that the website has a lot of information and input from other clients/purchasers. Thank you!

Very good product and price. by Mike on 11/25/2017

Enjoy this product. High quality.

Good product by Jen on 11/25/2017

Although I didn’t get quite the energy boost I hoped may try green Maeng next

Really works by Dianna on 11/25/2017

I have suffered from chronic pain for years and I'm tried of having pain pills thrown at me. This has truly been a blessing with no side effects. I can't say enough good things about this. You have to figure out how to dial in the correct amount, but once that's done this is just awesome. We must fight to keep big pharma out of this!

Great by Brenda on 11/25/2017

Great product... Helped with sleeping..

Very good by J159 on 11/24/2017

Works very well for pain relief, but only if taken on a completely empty stomach, so if your pain happens to occur later in the day when you've recently eaten food, it won't help much.

Love it by Jessica on 11/24/2017

I was very pleased with my order and will definitely order more

Love This Product by William on 11/23/2017

I was skeptical, considering the recent press about this product. I'm very happy with it. It appears to be a safe substitute for minor maladies.

excellent by Karin on 11/22/2017

This is a great pain relieving strain. I prefer the Red Vein but would recommend this one also

God send by Karin on 11/22/2017

I have stopped using Fentanyl patches and I'm using Red Vein Kratom instead. I take 1 during the day every 4 hours and at night I take 3 right at bedtime and I haven't slept this good in YEARS. The one during the day keeps me pain free and my mood is slightly elevated. This is a miracle plant. Thank you !!!

A+ for energy & mood, B+ for pain relief by Mimi on 11/22/2017

First time user and very pleased with energizing and mood enhancing effects of the product. I'm going to try combining this with a different variety for better pain relief. Don't misunderstand, there is pain relief just not as great as I'd hoped. I think combining will be answer and better than Rx pain relievers that make me really sleepy. Off topic, the customer service was great, as well.

Got Better! by Lance on 11/22/2017

I'd like to amend my earlier review on this product. Perhaps it was because I took it at the same time I was taking my vitamins and supplements, but the 2nd time I tried it, I took 3 capsules on their own and was far more impressed with the results. I found them nicely potent and great at relieving back pain. They are now my 3rd favorite strain, but given how inexpensive they are, they would rate 1st in overall value. One other big tip. If you aren't already doing so, definitely take your Kratom on an empty stomach and with grapefruit juice. I had heard that there was something in grapefruit juice that magnified the attributes of Kratom and I can tell you that it is true. You will definitely notice a difference taking Kratom with grapefruit juice vs. without.

Ok for pain, but GREAT energy! by Adam on 11/22/2017

I received my Maeng Da Kratom on Monday and since I had already taken RV Indo hours earlier I waited to try this on Tuesday. Much better than coffee at keeping me alert and clear headed without giving me the jitters! On a side note I have a mild stutter which I've always been self-conscious about and after taking 3 Maeng Da Tuesday morning I didn't stutter again until late that evening! Unexpected, but thrilling. 2 Red Vein Indo taken with 3 of these gave me a boost this evening for pain relief. Very pleased with the quality. Keep Kratom Legal!

Love this Strain by Rosa on 11/22/2017

I am severely allergic to anti-inflammatory drugs and think that this product is perfect for relieving pain. Love this strain!

Helps mood by david on 11/21/2017

This is a good mood and energy strain. Not as Good for pain for myself. Good product , also good for a change up

Green Malaysian and Red Vein Indo by Samantha on 11/21/2017

I tried two different kinds this time and love these just as much. They both give great energy and pain relief.

Best stuff out there! by LUKE on 11/21/2017

Been using this strain for lower chronic back pain and sciatica. It really is amazing. A bit expensive, as I use a bottle every 5 days. Don’t know what I’d do without it! The FDA & DEA better back off, because this is completely safe and I know MANY rely on this instead of deadly opioids. I’m sticking with Kratom!

Good producy by Crystal on 11/20/2017

Helps my mood more than my pain

Great product! by Crystal on 11/20/2017

Has helped me better than most prescription and over the counter pain medicines.

Great strain by J on 11/20/2017

I like this and Maeng Da combined , although I’ve tried all strains from this company and I’ve been happy with all of them !! Thank you kratom capsules!!

Tried a new strain by Dee on 11/20/2017

Tried this based on reviews and it's my new favorite. Helps my siatic pain greatly and works 2 capsules. Happy with this strain.

Excellent!! by Monica on 11/19/2017

This is the third time I’ve ordered this fantastic product! It truly does help me with my mood and with energy! It takes away my pain I deal with bc I have Crohns. Will continue to buy this and order!!!

Evening relief by Wayne on 11/19/2017

The yellow works perfect in the evenings for me! It helps me with knee pains after a days work!

Great energy boost! by Wayne on 11/19/2017

The white gives me a nice energy boost and helps alleviate knee pain throughout the day!

Life Changing Miracle by Maxine on 11/18/2017

I've been suffering from extreme anxiety and panic for over a year now.I was going to get the Bali, but since it was sold out, I thought I'd try these. They are wonderful. I was afraid it might make a little jittery, but not AT ALL. I took the recommended dosage and "poof" within a short time my anxiety was gone. I just placed another order for these miracle capsules. Excellent for relieving anxiety.

Not as strong as I thought by Mark on 11/17/2017

I am new to Kratom. I took up to 10 at one time with really no effect. Trying some different strains now.

Red Vien Indo by Douglas on 11/16/2017

I have replace Green Maeng Da with the Red Vein Indo. To me it seems a little bit Stronger which gives me an edge from my depression. Great Capsules. Works better than perscripton and not addictive. You really ought to try it. Thanks Douglas

For pain and mood by Sylvia on 11/16/2017

Use this to help with pain and with depression. Helps with pain and uplifts mood without causing anxiety.

My favorite for mood by Sylvia on 11/16/2017

Use this to help with pain and anxiety and depression. Enhances my mood without causing anxiety.

Best by Le on 11/15/2017

Best Bali and when are you going to have back in stock?

love this product by JJ on 11/15/2017

Please help keep kratom unregulated.

Above and beyond! by Adam on 11/15/2017

I bought Red Vein Indo strain last time around and I was so thrilled with the pain relief I got from it that I just ordered 3 more bottles yesterday! The Bali works good for my neck and back pain and puts me in good spirits, but while that takes about 6 caps for me I get very fast relief and ease of tension(both mental and muscular) with just 3 caps of this! It helps for about 6 hours usually, but if I use 2 of the Yellow Vietnam with it the effect is about 8 hours of pain relief and natural relaxation while keeping good energy! 5 stars for sure for Red Indo and with YV added I'd give it 6. Thanks to Kratom Capsules for high quality and fast service as usual! I hope you guys get new strains for me to try soon. I will buy :-)

Perfect! by Todd on 11/15/2017

This is exactly the strain of Kratom I needed. Effective at low or higher doses!

Horrible customer service by Leslie on 11/14/2017

I received my order and immediately contacted customer service as the items were improperly packaged and there was a large hole. 4 of the bottles I ordered were not in the package. I have emailed over 10 times since 10/31. It is now 11/14 and have not gotten a response. Do not order!!!

Great Product by Rick on 11/14/2017

I use these to help me with anxiety and they have a very calming effect.

Great Product by Hurricanes on 11/14/2017

Great product and top notch shipping - all orders have arrived correct and on time -

One of my new favorites by Jordan on 11/14/2017

To me this is a superior strain of maeng da. The very small increase in price from the other strains is worth it. You can use less capsules and still have the same effect as some of the others. It gives me energy to get through the day and helps with pain as well. Overall this is one of my top recommended strains very clean feeling energy without feeling jittery and helps with pain as well can cause nausea like the others if taken in too large of doses so start low and take more later if you have to.

Great product! by Linda on 11/14/2017

Great for pain and the strongest strain by far! Will be ordering again when back in stock!!

Fantasic by Lindag306 on 11/14/2017

I've tried most of the products and decided to give this brand a try and very happy I did! The strongest one I believe of all the brand's and only need a few capsules to rid my aches and get me through the day!

Good stuff by D’Brickashaw on 11/13/2017

Really nice strain. My favorite. Helps with pain and inflammation. Has replaced any OTC NSAIDS I would usually use.

5 sporks awesome stuff. by Use My Spork on 11/13/2017

Pain relief is amazing and mood enhancement is amazing. need to take more than meang da though 4 capsules is the norm for maeng da red. indo is short lived i mix with maeng da now. will buy this forever it works great service is unmatched prices reasonable. so may charlatans out there that aren't worth 1 spork. only wish i didn't need 6 capsules to get it working and i take kratom perhaps 2 or 3 times a week. white veins make you jittery like you drank a red bull, red vein is the way to go for pain and a good mood for multitasking. i but the powders and mix indo red with meang da red works wonderfully! 5 sparking sporks for you!

Mellow by LE on 11/13/2017

Mellow and mild, but effective.

Qaulity by Brian on 11/13/2017

Consistently good quality. Fast and discreet shipping!

Fast delivery and great product! by Zachary on 11/13/2017

This is my go-to for pain and energy. Highly recommend! Also, shipping and customer service is excellent!

Great for Pain by Jeremy on 11/13/2017

works very good for my back pain.

Really like this product by Kayla on 11/12/2017

I really like this product. Zero side effects. I am going to try a few different strains though as I have to take about 7 capsules to help with my pain. And it doesn't last very long.

Nice boost for Kratom! by Sharon on 11/12/2017

Thought I'd give this a try and was pleasantly surprised. I mix one with my dose of Red Vein Indo. Love the added pain relief. I would recommend adding this to Kratom for super results.

Great Product, Fast Shipping by Sharon on 11/12/2017

This is my favorite strain! Great for relaxation and pain. I've tried other strains however, this is my "go to" strain everytime!

Great product. I keep coming back! by Joseph on 11/11/2017

Very good product. I am off all other prescription meds!

Great product by Monica on 11/10/2017

I am really happy with this product it is a great way to get away from the opioids so thank you for making a great alternative!

amazing! by christopher on 11/10/2017

First time using this strain and its amazing! Honestly helps relieve pain better than my pain meds.

Always Reliable by Nick on 11/10/2017

I’ve now tried all of the different Kratom strains available. And although all of them offer similar benefits, I do feel that the Yellow Vietnam is worth the slight price premium. It seems to require the least amount of caps to deliver the needed results. I echo the same positives that you see from other reviewers. I've now ordered dozens of times, and have gotten every order in just a few days, using free shipping every time, going from south Florida to central Illinois, mind you. The shipping is 5 stars along with the product in my opinion!

Red Vein Indo Kratom by John on 11/09/2017

The Red Vein Indo Kratom definitely helps with my back pain. Although it doesn't last as long as the Bali Super Premium Kratom, I find if I take one of each together it gives me the perfect result! Again, if I'd only known about Kratom years ago I could have prevented myself from suffering through many days and nights of pain!

Bali SUper Premium Kratom by John on 11/09/2017

I hurt my back six years ago and have been searching for something that would control the pain ever since then. Bali Super Premium Kratom did this! With doctors getting pressured more and more each day not to prescribe narcotics, this is the answer to many who suffer from constant pain. I wish I'd known about Kratom years ago!

White Maeng Da by Samantha on 11/09/2017

I really like these but not as much as the green Maeng Da. They give lots of energy and control some of my pain.

great for relaxation by Jen on 11/09/2017

fast shipping and love this product for relaxation/anti-anxiety

LOVE! by Jen on 11/09/2017

Best supplement for energy--gets me going when i'm feeling blah!

Great product by Jo on 11/09/2017

Best kratom and best company !! Thank you

Good for back pain by Robert on 11/09/2017

I like the powder more but capsules help with back pain

Great for daytime by Robert on 11/09/2017

Seems to give me a bit of an energy boost. Helps with back pain.

Great product by Robert on 11/09/2017

Quick delivery and great results. Helped with back pain and helps me sleep much more soundly

Fantastic! by Michael on 11/08/2017

Helps with pain and keeps me full of positive, motivated energy throughout the day!!!

first time used by Debbie on 11/08/2017

I usually use the green maeng da strain, but tried this product for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised at the effects. I use it to help with back and joint pain in the morning. Now I alternate every other day between the white and the green. as usual the service is excellent.

Simply the best. by Le on 11/08/2017

The best product and customer service!!!

Impressive by Jennifer on 11/07/2017

I really like this strain. I like to mix with the white and with the maeng da. Never disappoints! Totally helps with my pain and anxiety.

Great product by Jennifer on 11/07/2017

I just recently came across this strain and am very impressed. Helps with my pain, depression and anxiety!

Life saver by Jennifer on 11/07/2017

I have tried all of the strains and this is probably my favorite. I have chronic neck pain from a broken neck and Kratom not only helps with my pain but eases my anxiety as well. I am so glad I found this product!

Excellent by Joseph on 11/06/2017

This product has helped with my arthritic knee pain

Living again by Shann on 11/06/2017

I have a multitude of health issues that have caused me chronic pain for many years with the new sea regulations pain management became more of a judgement hour than an appointment for health. Thank you kratom capsules I no longer need opioid medications my pain management is managed in a healthier way. Gone is the brain fog of the opiate's. Now I feel like I have a life again. I use two red vein indo and one white maeng da in the morning then just two reds every four to six hours to keep the pain under control.

Good stuff by Aaron on 11/06/2017

Always a good reaction whether I use a little on a large dose.

Love it! by Cindi on 11/06/2017

I suffer with chronic pain and this product is wonderful!

Awesome by Shelli on 11/04/2017

This is an amazing product that I would recommend to anyone looking for psin relief

Kava 30% Extract has been a GOD send for me. by Dana on 11/04/2017

as a fibromyalgia sufferer, sleep is a rare thing for me, the Kava has helped more than anything else I've tried. I work so can't use anything that will affect me the next day. The Kava helps me relax and rest, but leaves no residual side affects in the morning. love this product, thank you Kratom Capsules, for introduction!

Excellent product by Karen on 11/03/2017

Consistently relieves pain. Great product. I only order from this site

Outstanding by Karen on 11/03/2017

Excellent product-always reliable

Great for anxiety and stress by RS on 11/03/2017

I've been using this to help with anxiety and stress more than the medication I was taking, it's great having a natural alternative.

Great by Scott on 11/02/2017

Love this product. Helps with pain and anxiety. Speedy delivery.

Always Happy by Dorothy on 11/02/2017

Since my first review, I've had the opportunity to try different strains and local shops' goods. I've also switched from capsules to powder as I tend to get more for less. Plus, it doesn't take as long to kick in and start working. I've come back to the Red Vein Indo mainly because it seems the Maeng Da strains are the first to run out online and in the shops. Honestly, I'm not sure if there's a big difference between the two (imo) as this also helps with my pain, plus I enjoy the euphoric feeling too. If you take more than you're used to or should, it's real easy to get sleepy. After all this time, I tend to know exactly what's the right amount for me. The taste isn't that great, it's one of the grassier/earthier types, but it's totally doable in a glass of chocolate milk or better, I use Glucerna. I pour my Glucerna in a shaker, then the Kratom and shake, shake. Not too bad actually. :) This does definitely score up right next to Maeng Da as far as pain relief, euphoria feeling, and taste.

Didn't notice anything by Andrew on 11/02/2017

I have taken this on a completely empty stomach and after I ate. I didn't notice any pain relief, energy, or tiredness.. I personally won't order it again. It might work great for someone else just not me.

Green Maeng Da by HisMRS2007 on 11/02/2017

This is my second time trying Kratom. I tried the red Vein Indo first and I really liked that one. But the Green Maeng Da is 10x’s better in my opinion. I have an auto immune disease and it makes me tired a lot of times. I’m always in pain in way or the other. The Red Vein Indo is better for pain and the green Maeng da gave me lots of energy and helped me feel more balanced. The only thing I would like more about this product is that there was more in the bottle.

Back Pain by Jules on 11/02/2017

I'm in pain all the time because of my back. I'm on my feet all day at work which cause my back and legs to hurt. I have had two back surgeries and regular pain medicine doesn't work anymore for me. Co-workers told me about Kratom. This stuff works great! I take it when I'm at work and within 15 minutes, I'm pain free. It also gives me a little more energy too. Highly recommend this!

Wonderful by Belinda on 11/01/2017

Excellent product and awesome customer service.

green maeng da by sharon on 11/01/2017

this is the best one I have tried so far helps with pain !!!

Works for pain very well by Stacey on 10/31/2017

Works on the pain In just a few caps but wears off quicker then the Bali. I just have to take quite a few more of the Bali for the same affects. Not sure which way is better still working on dosage

Top notch! by Cloud on 10/31/2017

No more pain and easy going all day. Excellent Product.

Great Energy Boost! by Katelyn on 10/30/2017

These provide a great burst of energy and a fantastic mood boost! I'm usually a Maeng Da buyer but these have changed my mind!

AWESOME! by Willidean on 10/30/2017

Great product I recommend them they give me energy and help me focus better through out the day.

Love Red Vein by Tammy on 10/30/2017

Out of all the strains I've tried, red vein is the best and requires the least amount of caps for the results I'm looking for. I've ordered many times and received my order in 2-3 days using free shipping. Company is great, product is great!

Great product by jason on 10/29/2017

Love the product!

Precisely as advertised by Nick on 10/29/2017

Very good for an overall calming and well-being feeling. As stated by many, this has mood boosting effects at lower doses, and has a pain relieving effect at higher doses. Very nice alternative to the RX options, and who doesn't love an all-natural product! Caps are the way to go.

Ok for sleep by Crystal on 10/28/2017

Helps with sleep but as far as pain goes, the Bali Premium powder is the best!

Great product! by Crystal on 10/28/2017

Really helps my mood and energy. Works well for depression and anxiety. Makes me feel uplifted and happy!

Great Choice! by LUKE on 10/28/2017

This strain is strong, helps with my back pain, calms my nerves, as well as gives me a soft ride in the clouds, although I am totally coherent. Great to take at night to wind down and relax to. 5g or 10 pills is just the right dose. I’d have to say that, by just a hair... Red Vein Indo is my favorite, but they are extremely similar. If RVI is a 10... this is a 9.5! I just tried this to rotate strains to green. I’m glad I picked the right one! Enjoy.

The best! by Shannon on 10/26/2017

Oh my gosh what a great product. My leg pain has been completely eliminated!

Impressed! by Kat on 10/26/2017

Great for pain, energy, and mood! Blends well with the red vein indo!

prompt delivery and great product by Jen on 10/26/2017

still working out the dosing and the best time of day to take this product but even as a novice i can tell this product is going to have a hugely positively impact on my life

definitely will reorder by Jen on 10/26/2017

i hadn't tried this kind of kratom before and i can say it definitely helped with my insomnia, which is a godsend!

overall a great product by Jen on 10/26/2017

i'm new to Kratom so still figuring out dosing and when is the best time to take it but it definitely helps quell my anxiety

Great like the others by Wesley on 10/25/2017

Another quality choice. If you like the others you will like this too. Like Red Vein in a way.

Great product! by Ashley on 10/25/2017

Arrived quickly which I love! They get me up and going in the morning and provide lots of energy:)

It's great! by Ashley on 10/25/2017

I use it for pain and it works really well! Also helps me to relax and get a good nights sleep:)

Great start to the day! by Michael on 10/25/2017

I take the Green Maeng Da capsules in the morning, and they help all day with my anxiety and depression. I would highly recommend them!

Terrific by Michael on 10/25/2017

The Red Vein Indo Capsules are some of the strongest Kratom I have ever tried. Really helps with my anxiety. Highly recommended!

Great! by Michael on 10/25/2017

The white strain Maeng Da is perfect for getting me going in the morning! Helps with my anxiety and PTSD, and gives a nice energy boost too!

Pretty goid by Scott on 10/25/2017

Good supplement. Helped in adjunct with other products.

Nice mood booster by Phillip on 10/24/2017

This is the best one I've tried so far.

Great Product for Anxiety by Vincent on 10/24/2017

I first tried kratom only recently and have been taking it ever since. I use it for my anxiety and as a substitute for alcohol use. This strain helps keep my stress levels under control. The only negative issue I have is the price of it in capsule form.

I like kratom much better by Rosemarie on 10/24/2017

I didn't feel much!? Actually anything at all. I thought I would try it since I usually use kratom and heard good things but I'm sticking to kratom instead. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 3303 user reviews.