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Great product by Evan on 09/21/2018

This is a great product. It was affordable and was shipped in a timely manner. Will definitely order again.

Best premium Bali out there! by Christa on 09/21/2018

Premium Bali is my all time favorite & kratom kapsules is the best place I've found to buy. The quality of their Premium Bali is the best! I wish I could buy more than 28oz. Jars tho. It really helps my husband relax and My chronic pain from fractured back and arthritis! Love it!

Definitely like other strains better. by Justin on 09/21/2018

This didnt do much 4 pain, energy, anxiety. Won't get it again.tried it in small, med, & large amounts..... really nothing

The right mixture by Joey on 09/21/2018

White Maeng Da Thai is my favorite strand. I have fibromyalgia which at times can be very debilitating... but taking this helps me out quite a bit! I find it to really help with my pain and I like the extra kick of energy.

Excellent product by T on 09/20/2018

Excellent product

Another great product by Joy on 09/20/2018

This is the 2nd strain of Kratom I've tried and I cant say enough how well it has worked for my pain. I have such horrible back pain along with pain in my left leg, so when I can still so my daily routine without ending up on my back in so much pain, it's a glorious day. I'm a Christian woman of God and I'm sure God has put things on this earth for our benefit to keep us from having to use all the man made drugs with all their terrible side effects. I thank God everyday for His mercy and grace and I know He takes care of us with these plants and natural remedies He's put on this earth for our benefit and a better well being. Thank you Lord!!

Great Product by Dave on 09/19/2018

Clean and works well.

My favorite by TODD on 09/19/2018

Tons of energy and helps with social anxiety.

Product as advertised by TODD on 09/19/2018

Gives me energy and helps with my tendonitis pain. Delivered on time. Very happy.

It helps by Cee on 09/19/2018

After sampling a few different strains, this really takes the edge off of my chronic pain. Ordering/payment always smooth and shipping is really fast. Thanks!

Good Stuff by Cee on 09/19/2018

This works well for my pain and got to me fast with regular shipping. Great product

Good Stuff by Cee on 09/19/2018

This works well for my pain and got to me fast with regular shipping. Great product

The Green works well by Richard on 09/19/2018

The Green Maeng Da Thai works well.

❤️Love this strain❤️ by Lauren on 09/19/2018

I only bought the capsules because I was going to Cabo and wanted the convenience of capsules. I am in love! It’s defiantly more expensive to buy the capsules, but for travel this is the way to go. As far the the Kratom, I use it for anxiety. I bought white before for my husband from another company, because he works out, but other whites can sometimes CAUSE a little anxiety BUT helps with energy. So glad I did! Not only does it give a nice energy boost, it HELPS with my anxiety! Glad I accidentally found u guys!

Good product by Branden on 09/19/2018

Helps me feel better

Effective in relieving pain! by Mariglo on 09/19/2018

Effective relief for pain and has a calming effect as well! Thank you!

Very thankful by marie on 09/18/2018

This is my favorite strain taken at night for my chronic pain and anxiety, I take 3 grams.

Very thankful by marie on 09/18/2018

This one works best for me when taken in the morning to help with my chronic pain and anxiety. I take 3 grams and the other strains I use for evening and nighttime.

Very thankful by marie on 09/18/2018

Good strain for my chronic pain and anxiety, 3 grams does well for me.

Very Happy with product by Cathy on 09/18/2018

This product helps with my arthritis pain . Very happy with the product and the results. The customer service has been the best!

First time user by Leah on 09/18/2018

I watched the Netflix show, Leaf of Faith and thought why not give this a try. I suffer from chronic back and neck pain have had a surgery recently and am really sick and tired of taking the medications. I feel as though the Kratom is definitely helping, I have reduced some of the other things I have been taking while using Kratom. The biggest disappointment is taking 5 capsules a day, it just seems like a ton! I thought the Red Vein Indo line was marked as the "strongest" available, and if I have to take 5 a day of those I wonder what the "lower" ones are! Overall, I am super pleased and plan on using this along with my CBD oil on a regular basis.

Loved it by Joy on 09/17/2018

This worked really well for a number of things, I got energy I was lacking, less pain when doing things, among other things. I'm trying the red now and it's a little milder than the white but it still is very good

Not sure it's working, plus my Red Vein bottle contains empty pulled apart capsules. by Lynn on 09/17/2018

I want to really like this product. So far, I'm not noticing much of a pain difference but am truly remaining optimistic. I'm a little disappointed since it's a (5) capsule dose, so by all accounts, I'm now cut down a 1/2 day by the broken capsules. I will update my review when the bottle is finished. I do question the Q.A.

Energy and pain relief by Betty on 09/17/2018

Great product! Gives me energy through the day and also helps with my chronic back pain.

Perfect! by Robynn on 09/17/2018

I also really like this one- I take a Green Maeng Da during the evenings/night, and I started taking the Red Vein for mornings/during the day. I will definitely order again.

Very pleased! by Robynn on 09/17/2018

I've tried Green Maeng Da from other brands/companies, but yours actually works. I'm super pleased and will order again!

Solved all my Fibromyalgia problems by David on 09/17/2018

I have been in the prison of pain for 2 years. Struggling with medicines (Gabapentin and Cymbalta) with terrible side effects and little relief. Took Kratom for the first time after watching the movie Leaf of Faith. What a miracle!! Kraton relieved all problems with Fibromyalgia. No more attacks of pain at night, no more Rls, no more irritable bowel, no more anxiety in the mornings... I have my life back. ☺


Simply the best Green Malay capsules I have ever used. I have been using Kratom for 3 years and have used a lot of vendors, these are the best capsules I have used. Very Happy Customer !!

Wouldn't buy anywhere else by T on 09/17/2018

Always safe and effective

Doesn’t work for me by Cheryl on 09/16/2018

Taking 5 capsules. Doesn’t help my shoulder or hip pain. It was worth a try but doesn’t help me

Red verses green. by Mr.wolf on 09/15/2018

Trying the red vein for the first time I thought it would be more powerful from all of the reviews but I like the green maeng da a lot better.

Great by Nicholas on 09/15/2018

Being on my feet for 12-14 hrs a day this really helped to push through and nulified my knee and feet pain!!!

Great product by Nathan on 09/14/2018

Im in alot of pain and kratom is new to me this works I cant wait to try others

Great product by Nathan on 09/14/2018

Im in chronic pain and kratom is new to me this works i cant wait to try others

First time and was great. by F2002 on 09/13/2018

This was the first time ive tried any kratom product but since getting out of the army they wont prescribe ptsd and pain meds at the same time so i had to choose dealing with the pain and sleep problems to keep my ptsd medication and nothing worked till a friend of mine told me about this and it works very well i already ordered again helps with my back and 3 gun shot woulds the stiffen up in the morning and thru out the day this took the edge off and i haven't felt any side effects keep up the good work guys you really are helping veterans in my position who are refused meds for one or the other so we have to deal with it

Favorite Strain by Deborah on 09/12/2018

I take this in place of my ADHD medicine, works without the jitters. Highly recommended!

Great prosuct by Katie on 09/12/2018

Great product, would buy again

Great prodyct by KG on 09/12/2018

Great product, would buy again

Good Product by Returning Customer on 09/12/2018

First time using this strain, will definitely reorder.

Good Product by Returning Customer on 09/12/2018

Good Product, will order again.

The Kratom seems good, and I will try other varieties. by Marty on 09/11/2018

This is my first experience with the product. At five or six caps at a time, one bottle does not last very long - keep that in mind when ordering (especially if a discount is being offered). The Kratom seems good, and I will try other varieties.

Surprisingly pleased by Stanley on 09/11/2018

I'm a recovering opiate addict whose very proud to be clean. However i was still dealing with the back and knee pain that led me to pain meds. I am surprised at the level of relief this product has given me. I have experienced no side effects or feeling of being high.

Works great! by Bean on 09/11/2018

Helps me a lot!

Helps a lot! by Brie on 09/11/2018

I have ADD and this helps me to concentrate every day! Also, this product helps me whenever I have a headache, migraine, etc, this product is a miracle!

Great product by Tyler on 09/11/2018

Wonderful stuff. One of my favorites.

best for me by raymond on 09/10/2018

i been taking drugs for ever now i taake kratom no withdrawls it just kills tghe pain.thank you very much Ray

G99dGood by Mary on 09/10/2018

The yellow is good but every time I took it, it gave me a headache and I had to end up taking Ibuprofen too. I like red vein and bali the best

Great Service! Excellent Pain Relief by GtrQ on 09/10/2018

First off this company has amazing customer service and shipping. I have always received my orders super fast with no issues at all. This is super important when using a product for relief of pain. I wanted to try each strain before I wrote any reviews, so I have tried each one offered. The red vein is my favorite for pain relief, as it just seems to work for me using the smallest amount of capsules. This has helped me get off tramadol, which I have used for well over 8 years at 6 tablets per day, 2 TID. I really did not realize how bad the withdrawal would be until the FDA changed the schedule on tramadol and the doctors started acting so weird about prescribing it. That's when I decided it was time to stop taking it. Not only did I experience horrible pain, but horrible withdrawal symptoms as well. Kratom helped with the pain significantly and also with the withdrawal symptoms. I am in the process of checking into other treatment options for my sciatic pain, but for now I am very thankful for the service and help I have received from Kratom

Only place I trust by T on 09/10/2018

Trust them for safe consist product

Great Product by Rebecca on 09/10/2018

My husband and I are new to Kratom and I wish we would have found it sooner. My husband has chronic pain and PTSD, and I also have chronic pain. Kratom has made a huge difference and has also helped us get away from opioids.

Good for my restless legs and helping me sleep by Robyn on 09/10/2018

The red vein definitely helps me sleep. However for pain I prefer the white maeng da.

great! by daniel on 09/08/2018

was real satisfied with my purchase, as this was CERTAINLY a premium product.

Precisely as advertised by Nick on 09/08/2018

Very good for an overall calming and well-being feeling. As stated by many, this has mood boosting effects at lower doses, and has a pain relieving effect at higher doses. Very nice alternative to the RX options, and who doesn't love an all-natural product! Caps are the way to go.

Energizing and effective pain relief! by Brit on 09/07/2018

I’ve suffered with endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and gastrointestinal ulcers for over 8 years now. This product is by far the best organic pain relief out there. Instead of getting addicted to narcotics, like many other people fall into, Ive been able to significantly diminish my pain levels with the white maeng da Thai capsules. Along with that, it’s helped me with depression, anxiety, and just pure laziness. These capsules give me the strength and endurance to tackle any daily activity. I also feel healthy, for the first time in a long time, I can feel my body getting back to normal. I recommend this to everyone I meet that suffers any type of chronic pain.

My go to by Heather on 09/07/2018

An old reliable. I like to add in others but this one is always in the rotation

Great product by Mark on 09/07/2018

Great for energy and anxiety. Makes me feel really good through out the day

Its a great product, I will continue to order thru y'all. I'm extremely happy with how fast I got my order and the red vein is a treat strain of kratom. by Edward on 09/06/2018

Its a great product, I will continue to order thru y'all. I'm extremely happy with how fast I got my order and the red vein is a treat strain of kratom.

Excellent Product by Alex on 09/06/2018

Very happy with this product. Free shipping is excellent as well. Will definitely be a return customer.

Good for moderate pain by Raymond on 09/05/2018

Bali super premium is excellent for those with mild to moderate pain, I started with this but had to switch to red vein indo kratom because I have an inoperable scoliosis of a fifty degree angle. But this is an excellent product for pain.

Gave me a quality of life back by Raymond on 09/05/2018

I'm a farmer from West Virginia and I have suffered for years with back pain, well I was on Percocet for nine years and I failed to make it to an absurd pill count, because my dad had a heart #8 and we thought it was gonna be his last days, he survived,but I was left with nothing for my scoliosis pain! For a year and a half I languished and it looked like we'd half to sell the mules and move to a terrible suburb, but by the grace of the gods I found Kratom and especially red vein kratom, it has truly returned to me my quality of life, and also allowed me to keep my way of life! I urge anyone who takes it to write the fda to leave kratom alone and keep it legal. As for me I'm a customer FOR LIFE!!

White Meng by Ronald on 09/05/2018

My first time trying it, works great!

works for me by raymond on 09/05/2018

i like the red indo at night time when i have foot pain and leg knocks out the pain and allows me to got to sleep.

Bali Super Premium Kratom works great by Vivian on 09/04/2018

This stuff is wonderful. It has really helped with my scaitica pain

Works well by Richard on 09/04/2018

Works well will buy it again.

Works well by Richard on 09/04/2018

Works well

Works well by Richard on 09/04/2018

Works well

Great for energy! by Kala on 09/03/2018

I have back issues and I have noticed a difference in my back pain when taking kratom. The white meng da actually gives me a noticeable boost in energy and my mood is better. I always order from this site! Shipping is quick, and I always know I’m gonna get what I ordered and I know when I’m gonna get it.

Great product by kim on 09/03/2018

I love the products and the website everything is super easy affordable and high-quality

Great product by kim on 09/03/2018

I love the green maeng da they are the ones that I use most often although I do mix and match I love the energy that I get from these in the pain relief

A 2nd to Yellow by Aaron on 09/03/2018

Since Yellow is the most popular, White is just a smidge off but still effective

Good stuff by Aaron on 09/03/2018

Pleasant accompanied with Bali

Always Good by Aaron on 09/03/2018

At 5 grams or more the day is so much nicer

Very pleased by Martin on 09/01/2018

Great product at the right price. You'd think a shipment from Florida to California would take weeks, maybe longer. The good news is that they're using exciting cutting-edge technology like jet airplanes to rush my shipment to my front door! This is a great company! Seriously...I'm very happy with the service and selection.

Awesome by Customer on 08/31/2018

Awesome product, will order again.

fast shipping by Lena on 08/30/2018

Great product and super fast shipping!

Great product by Jessica on 08/30/2018

Very good product

Fast shipping by T on 08/30/2018

They ship same day, weekdays. Best products for daytime pain, always works!

Would Highly Recommend!! by Kaitlyn on 08/29/2018

After taking these capsules, there is definitely a reduction in my pain level. This strain is good for anxiety as well.

pain by joyce on 08/29/2018

ordered twice like them for my back pain

Great by Kayla on 08/28/2018

Very happy with this strain, helps with pain and gives me a bit of energy as well.

Excellent Pain Relief by CJK on 08/27/2018

Not only am I very happy with this strain in capsules as it controls my chronic pain, it helped me get off a pharmaceutical opiate that was very very hard to wean from. There were many terrible side effects from the prescription. Not even pain specialist docs had a clue about weaning. I got terrible advice and no help at all. I was on my own and kratom made weaning tolerable and has adequately managed the pain I was left with. No downside. It's been several months and not only no tolerance, but I'm on a lower dose now that withdrawal is over. I'm very grateful for this product and only worry about the FDA's plans to outlaw it.

Very good by Sally on 08/27/2018

Excellent for relaxation

Very good by Sally on 08/27/2018

Very good product. Excellent for pain and relaxation.

Good product. by Carolyn on 08/26/2018

I love this strain the best. Helps with my hip pain. Have tired other strains but got the most relief from green maeng da. Customer service has always been great!

Actually works! by Robyn on 08/26/2018

I'm so pleased! It works better than dilaudid which I no longer have to take due to me finding this product. Re-ordered the red vein today to see if maybe it'll get me off my anxiety meds.

Bali! by Chuck on 08/26/2018

The Bali is one of my favorites. Relaxing and energizing at the same time

Great products , order cam fast. by T on 08/24/2018

Order came 3 days! Bali works perfect for energy and pain. Been tapering down off pain meds, may be the month I don't refill after, 10 + years on them because of this product.

Best Premium Bali by Paul on 08/24/2018

This product is simply amazing! One dose and my back pain went away! Did not get me tired and I felt great. Highly recommend this Premium Bali. I will definitely be ordering more!

Muy bueno by Scott on 08/23/2018

I have severe restless leg syndrome I been off hydrocodone for 4 days now thanks to this product I just wish it was a little bit less expensive or get some discounts or codes but it does beat the doctor's bills thank you

Great Service and Great Product by William on 08/23/2018

I found this merchant because of the difficulty in obtaining Kratom online using a credit card—they are one of the few remaining where you can do so. The other merchants I used to use only accept online checks. Product arrives right on time, I have not experienced any delays. The product itself, the Green Maeng Da is SUPER. Great energy without the "jitters"!

Excellent product by C harles on 08/23/2018

A very mellow feeling and amazing pain relief.using five capsules in the morning on an empty stomach. Works for hours on end.

Introductory Video by Richard on 08/22/2018

Works great. I live in pain & it was very effective and helped ease the pain

Introductory Video by Richard on 08/22/2018

works great I had no side effects & help with pain.

Haikus by DJW on 08/22/2018

Premium Bali Relief for aching muscles Cure For Politics A smile every time No matter how bad the day Blooms like a Zen rose CNN Fox News Sandpaper to tired mind Soothes my sore brain

Best by far by Tania on 08/22/2018

This strain is the best! It alieviates all pain from my fibromyalgia. It's wonderful.

very pleased with my green maeng da thai krotom. by Sandra on 08/22/2018

i'm very happy with my order, was very fast getting here.I use this product for stress & sleep, and it works great. Im 68 and hate taking sleeping meds. So this is perfect.

My top 3 by Jessica on 08/21/2018

At first, the Bali seeemed to upset my stomach but after a few tries there was no more issue. Great for pain relief! My third choice after red vein indo and green maeng da!!!

not pleasant by Shauna on 08/21/2018

I found that this time using the white maeng da was really unpleasant. I found that it made me dizzy and stomach sick. I never had this issue in the past with the green maeng da which is my favorite strand, and helps me relax well but also gives me good energy and helps with pain, but this strand was super nauseating and gave me a headache that I had to sleep off. I unfortunately have quite a bit left, probably 15 bottles, so now I am stuck with many bottles I won't use. I will not be purchasing this strand in the future. I will stick to my green strand. I do find that the shipping was slower this time, I ordered late Saturday and it came on Thursday. it was free though.

As expected by Heather on 08/21/2018

Compared to the green, I do not like white better. I feel pain relief with green but I only feel tired with white.

Great by Jason on 08/21/2018

Great for pain relief! Thank you Kratom Capsules for the fast delivery!

Great by Jerry on 08/21/2018

Best strain. Best price.

Decent! by Jerry on 08/21/2018


Need to be more available for order by Lena on 08/20/2018

Very happy with my results , with the exception of the lack of availability to order when needed.

Pain relief by Nancy on 08/20/2018

I have arthritis and it bothers my hands in the mornings. The White vein brings me pain relief and reduces swelling. It's just what I need but is kind of slow acting. I recommended it.

Mixed with Bali by Tabitha on 08/20/2018

Alone not strong but mix with small dose of Bali, nice mello vibe.

Love the product. by Dean on 08/19/2018

My order was prompt and easy to make I love Kratom capsules

Love the product. by Dean on 08/19/2018

I love the strain it seems to work really good on my pain .

What a blessing by James on 08/17/2018

I have been using Kratom for about 2 years now and it helped me come off of the narcotic pain meds. It has also helped me with anxiety as well. Very happy with this product.

Awesome by Belinda on 08/16/2018

I have been taking kratom for awhile now, it helps me rewind at night and I don't have to keep upping the dosage for it to work.

Really works by Kristianna on 08/16/2018

Fast shipping and works better than any narcotics after multiple surgeries.

Aaahhhmazzziiinnnggg by Ashley on 08/15/2018

I’m sooooo beyond happy that I found this site!!! I have the worst headaches and this medicine really helps!! Also the shipping and support are wonderful!!! ☺️

Great for Energy and Overall Well Being by BostonGirl on 08/15/2018

I suffer from anxiety and lack of sleep, as a result. This has been a wonderful support too to help my anxiety during the day and give me a gentle boost of energy. I can approach work with more focus, and be generally nicer to be around :)

Fast shipping by Lena on 08/15/2018

Very fast shipping and great product!

Good Product! by Bruce on 08/15/2018

Took as directed during the day. It works! Arrived quickly with free shipping!

Good Product! by Bruce on 08/15/2018

Took as directed in the evening. It works! Arrived quickly with free shipping!

Good Product! by Bruce on 08/15/2018

Took as directed during the day. It works! Arrived quickly with free shipping!

great by joyce on 08/15/2018

awesome for my back pain

Great Focus by lisa on 08/14/2018

I love this strain of Maeng Da kratom because it gives me more time to focus on my work since it helps with my back pain. If I get restless legs at night, this product makes it go away. I love how my mood changes towards to better..way better than before.

Great Mood Inhancer by lisa on 08/14/2018

I love this white product. It helps me balance out my morning of chores needed to be done and gives me lots of energy too. Taken the afternoon, it also is great for the blues (or anytime if you have the depression) plus it helps my constant back pain!

Great joint reliever by Le on 08/14/2018


Great Product! by John on 08/14/2018

I would give this 6 stars if the system would let me!

Love this product by J on 08/13/2018

I love the pick-me-up in the morning and the relaxing feeling in the afternoon from this strain. A new favorite.

Great by Tyler on 08/13/2018

This is a amazing product would buy again!

Wonderful for pain relief by Jason on 08/13/2018

Works wonderfully for pain relief.

Amazing by Scott on 08/13/2018

Take some in the morning helps with chronic pain throughout thr day. Great products and customer service.

Longtime fan, good balance of energy, fast shipment by Robert on 08/13/2018

Longtime fan, good balance of energy, fast shipment, solid product and company

. by Jerry on 08/13/2018

Life changing!!

Great! by Becky B on 08/13/2018

I’ve have chronic pain for 20 years from sports injuries. This actually helped relieve some of the pain I have. It’s great!

Worked as expected by PAM on 08/12/2018

Worked as expected

Precisely as advertised by Nick on 08/12/2018

Very good for an overall calming and well-being feeling. As stated by many, this has mood boosting effects at lower doses, and has a pain relieving effect at higher doses. Very nice alternative to the RX options, and who doesn't love an all-natural product! Caps are the way to go.

Fantastic by Scott on 08/12/2018

Great products great customer service. Highly recommend.

Relaxing by Phillip on 08/12/2018

Worked well

Life changing by Jerry on 08/12/2018

Thank God for Kratom.

Good results by A on 08/12/2018

I've usually bought the other kinds, but was very pleased when I tried this one. Some say it gives you energy but I got s calming and pain relief effect. Always very fast shipping with this company!

Good results by A on 08/12/2018

This gives a nice mellow feeling. It seems to help with my restless leg syndrome. Always very fast shipping with this company!

. by Jerry on 08/12/2018

Life changing!

Great! by Michael on 08/12/2018

I've had all strains and love this and the green both! Great for energy and a sense of well being!

Pretty good 2nd place for me by Tabitha on 08/12/2018

Ordered because out of Bali, works ok for pain, close 2nd to Bali

Best by far by Troy on 08/11/2018

Look no further the best best place to buy hands down everything as advertised. A+++. Also great customer service.

Good by Mary on 08/10/2018

This is my favorite overall! Good for anxiety

Really works by Leslee on 08/10/2018

Take 4 caps in a.m. And my back doesn't hurt all day. Amazing. My Rx only lasts for 4 hours and my Doc won't give me more to work all day.

Helped with pain. by Wanda on 08/09/2018

Helped with post polio pain. I took 3 caps. and an hour latter took 2 more. Lasted up to 6 hours for me. Pain went from 9 to 2or3.

AMAZZZZINNNGGG by Latanya on 08/08/2018

I love this company as well as the product. I normally place my order before 3 pm with standard shipping and will received my product by the 2nd business. I decided to try the next day shipping and to my surprise I ordered before 3 pm and the next day my product was in my mail box. The product does exactly what it say it does. WONDERFUL.

Great products and service by Tabitha on 08/08/2018

Great product for pain

reliable by djw on 08/07/2018

The product provides help both with my post-surgical pain and depression. It ships quickly -- and is more reliable than pharmaceuticals prescribed for the same conditions.

Works great by Karen on 08/07/2018

It works great to help with my pain!

Very good by Bob on 08/07/2018

Very good quality and helps with severe back pain. Fast shipping as place to order right here!

Great product by Christopher on 08/06/2018

This is my favorite. Works very well for ma as a sleeping aid.

Great product as advertised by Troy on 08/06/2018

After about 4 orders still great product and quick shipping definitely as advertised..

Fantastic for my back pain by Alex on 08/06/2018

It’s night and day when I take this. I feel there is much less pain, I can move around more freely and it’s just been great, noticed it the first time right after about 15 or 20 minutes, I’d recommend for anyone with chronic pain. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 4097 user reviews.