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My FAV!!! by Sofia on 01/22/2019

I have all tried Kratom and this is the best!!! The red is incredible for pain relief and relaxation!!! Im so thankful that I came across Kratom capsules. Much more effective than prescription medicines also

Great product by Beth on 01/22/2019

Bali is great powder, for energy and pain relief

A+++ by Timothy on 01/22/2019

My favorite strain, gives me pain relief, anxiety relief and energy.

Helps with pain by JL on 01/22/2019

Found it helps with my daily pains

Great at night by JL on 01/22/2019

Helps me wind down and relax

This is an OUTSTANDING product!!!! by Mike on 01/21/2019

I am new to the Kratom world, and this was my first purchase of Kratom. I have to say that I am very pleased with product. I have suffered from chronic pain in my shoulder, elbow, & lower back for years. The Kratom has eliminated my pain & gave me an energy boost. It has worked so well that I have recommended it to family & friends.

Beyond expectations by Terri on 01/21/2019

For the first time ever...I felt great, no pain and increased energy without narcotics. But not a shaky or jittery energy. I literally felt great with no foggy brain or feeling like my head was in a bucket. I felt like I used to before I broke my neck...full of exuberance. I will stay with this was perfect for me!

Great Kratom and service by LeLe on 01/21/2019

Only site I’ll go to. Best products and service

Best Pain Relief Around by Donna on 01/21/2019

The White Maeng Da Thai Kratom is excellently paired with the Bali Kratom for energy and pain relief. This does not make you drowsy like some of the strains and it just adds a little more relief and longevity to my Bali capsules. I do not take as much of this but combine it with the Bali and get overall great pain relief and feel energized to get things done and not just nod off like the pain medications the doctor gives me. This company is great, they have fast shipping and their prices are reasonable for the quality of Kratom strains they have. You can't go wrong with so give them a try!

Good quality of my favorite kind of Bail at a great price! by Donna on 01/21/2019

I take Kratom for severe back pain because I chose not be addicted the high-powered drugs the doctors have prescribed me in the past which is now a worldwide addiction problem. The Bali Premium is my overall favorite for pain relief and it also helps me get a good nights' sleep. If you are looking for an overall great Kratom product to try, try this Bali, you cannot go wrong. The company has fast shipping and their prices are reasonable.

Just Amazing by Gar on 01/20/2019

Great Product! I’m never disappointed.

Green ma by Lisa on 01/20/2019

Great product. Give me lots of energy

Green ma by Lisa on 01/20/2019

Works well and gives me lots of energy

Best! by BW on 01/20/2019

Cannot say enough about this product and the company! Both are the vein indo from other places doesnt compare and it's a life saver dealing with chronic pain.

White Maeng Da capsules by Mari on 01/20/2019

I have ordered twice of this kind and was very pleased with its effects at first rise of 4 capsules only. I have arthritis and tendinitis and this greatly helps with relieving pain without feeling sedated and irritable when effects wear out. I am so thankful that this alternative is not only very effective but safer than prescription pain meds. I will definitely be ordering again!

It's ok. by Darick on 01/18/2019

Not as strong as I thought it would be. Price is too much for having to take 4 to 6 each dose. Twice a day and it only takes a couple days before you run out of a 50 pill bottle. The other website credit card structure is down so this is the the second cheapest website for the money.

Good product Bali Kratom by Stephen Hatt on 01/18/2019

Great product! Very quick and up to date shipping

Good product by Stephen Hatt on 01/18/2019

Good product! Purchasing was effortless and the information on being shipped and tracking my package was also without problems!

Great for relaxation!! by Kim on 01/18/2019

I highly recommend for relaxation and anxiety.

Pleased with product by Sarah on 01/17/2019

Overall I am pleased with this product. I will be ordering again.

Great product! by Sarah on 01/17/2019

This is my first time ordering the capsules and so far they have exceeded my expectation. I also ordered the green Maeng Da and prefer this. I will definitely be ordering again!

worked well by Tammie on 01/17/2019

I got some pain relief but i found that if i take 2 green and 3 white i get the most benefit of no pain and increased energy.

No More Anxiety by Christen on 01/17/2019

I have suffered from anxiety and chronic depression my entire life. The white maeng da thai kratom has helped my anxiety and depression more than any medication has helped my symptoms. I have tried other companies kratom, but KratomCapsules have given me no side effects, unlike other company kratom. Thank you so much!

would use again by Cheryl on 01/17/2019

Great for miigranes

Pain Relief & Energy by Kat on 01/16/2019

Great product. I take one dose in the morning, and second after lunch. This gets me through the day with perfect amount of energy without jitters and especially takes the pain away. I suffer from scoliosis and arthritis. 5 stars all the way. Great product. Amazing company.

Great product by Keith on 01/16/2019

Great for pain!

Working great by Matthew on 01/16/2019

I have fibromyalgia and it’s been almost completely fine with this product. I will continue to use

Energy!!! by Sofia on 01/15/2019

Love the energy the Super Green Malay gives me. Depending on my day, I usually take 5 and it takes about and hour or so to start feeling he effects. I sometimes mix and match depending on how much energy or pain relief I need. Kratom is the absolute best!

Very Nice! by wigthe on 01/15/2019

I enjoyed this strain for focus and energy. Also good as a mixer with other strains.

Surprising Good by Richard on 01/15/2019

The day I started taking Kratom from my first order of the Bali product, I noticed I did not have to take my prescription tranquilizers. In this is a good thing because the side effects of the tranquilizers are not good. I am going to try the other varieties offered by and continue to analyze the effects.

Great! by wigthe on 01/15/2019

Tried this strain for the first time. Very nice mixer.

Great Smooth Energy! by Donna on 01/14/2019

i used to use Green Maeng Da and then circumstances switched me to White Maeng Da, and I am so glad it happened! I actually prefer the white to the green. This company is top notch. They ALWAYS respond to your messages and have been so helpful to me! Thank you!

Awesome product by Katie on 01/14/2019

I’ve been on rx meds for anxiety and insomnia for years. But I recently quit taking them and started using Kratom. BEST decision ever. Will definitely keep buying.

I needed energy! by Bradford on 01/14/2019

I have been suffering from chronic fatigue since I got out of a life-threatening situation 8 years ago. I have tried multiple holistic solutions to no avail until a friend called me sharing the remarkable transformations he saw in three of his friends who started taking Kratom capsules for sever back pain. I did some research and chose to try a bottle of Super Green Malaysian Kratom. I started with one capsule twice a day the first day, then two capsules twice the second day. That day I started to feel more energized and focused than I had i years. I am now enjoying the consistent focus and energy every day thanks to this amazing product.

Very nice! by Wigthe on 01/14/2019

Mellow yellow! Nice to mix or on its own.

Good Product by Cindy on 01/14/2019

I have shoulder and back pain. I have found significant pain relief from using this product.

Great product! by Mc on 01/14/2019

Great product!!! Fast shipping and excellent customer service. Relieves pain and provides an energy boost

The Best by Michael on 01/14/2019

This is my favorite strain. It enhances my mood and gives me a little pep in the morning.

Reviewing Kristol Bali by Nancy on 01/14/2019

I love this product and the Bali strain seems to be best for my migraine headaches. I take a spoonful before bed every night and one more of I feel one coming on cutting the day. I recommend it for all sorts of headache pain.

The Best by Barbara on 01/13/2019

Best products, best prices, best customer service. Period!!!!!

Great for pain by Sandra on 01/12/2019

I have fibromyalgia my pain level is usually at an 8 or 9. This takes my pain down to a 0 or 1. I use powder because it’s cheaper. Just 1/2 teaspoon and chase it with juice

WORKS by judy on 01/12/2019

This helps so much with the pain in my back. Lets you get back to your activity without thinking about it all of the time.

How can I invest in this herb? by born2rocknroll on 01/12/2019

I've had chronic pain for decades and even taking opioids, booze and pot. I still was in pain. Having said this I didn't expect miracles and you shouldn't either. I've taken 5 capsules every morning for 3 days. I have noticed it does help with pain. I'm in so much pain that any relief I get helps me greatly. For the record I do recommend that you give this a try as I believe I may be taking Kratom the rest of my life. I'm going to reorder as soon as I'm done writing this review.

Fast shipping + good stuff by Charles on 01/11/2019

I like this brand the best. Kind of perks you up and takes the minor pains away

More energy and less pain by Kendall on 01/11/2019

Energy last most of day. Is great for arthritis pain.

Somewhat energiziing by B on 01/11/2019

I feel somewhat energized after an hour.

Super relief for Pain by Liz on 01/11/2019

This is the only strain that truly helps alleviate my chronic pain from multiple accidents & gives me my energy back. Love it!

Great product by Troy on 01/11/2019

Tried the super green malay and once again another great product and quick shipping A+++++

Thinking of trying the red strain. by Timothy on 01/11/2019

I've heard that this will help with the withdrawal symptoms of this poison they make been chronic pain patient for years tired of it I'm hoping will also help my back I'm trying the super premium but hoping this is red strain is stronger I'm 180 and been taking 7 at about 2 pm it don't say how many to take a day that would really help it seems to help somewhat maybe just not taking enough? Any one that can relate to me could let me know thanks in advance..

Great Product by Sara on 01/10/2019

I have chronic pain in my low back and neck from a car accident. I also suffer from depression with anxiety and this stuff works great for it all!! I do like this strain although my favorite is the Red Vein! Good prices on this site and pretty good shipping too!

Best capsules on the market by Eddie on 01/10/2019

I’ve looked and looked for various Kratom capsules and these Re the best I’ve found thus far quality wise.

Bali by Ash on 01/09/2019

This was my first time using kratom, and I’m very impressed. It gave me energy and I felt great!! I’m going to keep trying different ones. I will order this one again!

Great product by JENNIFER on 01/09/2019

I take the red in evenings. Seems to be more relaxing then the green. Over all this is great for my pain

Great Company, Great Product by Dianne on 01/09/2019

I've tried several other companies. But, I found the products here to be the purest and most effective. I've tried most of them, they are all good. My favorite for pain is green maeng da. Also, the shipping is free and quick. I can't praise this company enough.

Great Mood Booster by William on 01/09/2019

This was the first time I have tried this strain. Very satisfied with the mood enhancing effect!

I use it to supplement my workouts by Gregory on 01/08/2019

Doing sprints up hills are on my menu each morning. The extra energy boost I get from this product helps. It also provides pain relief from the soreness. This stuff really works.

PAIN RELIEVER by Michelle on 01/08/2019

I’ve been taking Red vein Indo for pain. This is the only product that has helped manage my back/neck/shoulder pain I take 5 capsules in the morning and 5 late afternoon. It really works!

works by Carmen on 01/08/2019

Helps with all aspects of problems, physical and mental.

Has gave me energey by Stephanie on 01/08/2019

i found it has gave me energy and help my pain

Works great by GPCharlie on 01/07/2019

2 Capsules work for me for back pain. Recommended.

Great pain relief by Ashlea on 01/07/2019

This product is great for mood enhancement and pain relief

Great for energy by Ashlea on 01/07/2019

I love this product. I’ve tried many diff websites and this is the best by far. This gives me great energy and has pain relief too.

Energy by Ashley on 01/07/2019

Love the white. Helps with energy around that time of them month as well as the PMS induced depression and menstrual pain. Much rather take this then pharmaceuticals.

Excellent by Katie on 01/07/2019

Fantastic product and super fast shipping! A+++

Great products and service by T on 01/07/2019

Great as usual, wish container sizes were larger

Works well for pain by kimberly on 01/07/2019

I have RA and this really helps

Great Product!! by TV13 on 01/06/2019

Highly Recommended

Keeps me going by Gilbert on 01/04/2019

I use kratom everyday cuz I have mad back pain in the morning. . I just pop a couple pills and take a small table spoon of the powder. It relieves my pain and give me a boost of energy to start my day.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom by KRISTA on 01/04/2019

I like this product for sleep I don't know if it does everyone that way but for me I can rest really well and it's great for pain relief. It's hard for me to go to sleep but this gives be just the relaxation I need to get to sleep

Super Green Malaysian by KRISTA on 01/04/2019

I have tried all of the products and the Super Green Malaysian by far is the the best for me. All the products help with pain but this product also gives me energy. The white has a similar results but the Super Green works the best for me. I am so glad that I found this website. I was paying much more to a local store and the quality was just not there. I will be a long term customer for sure.

Big help by Richard on 01/04/2019

I'm 60 years old and suffer from arthritis red vein kratom helps with the pain Mobility and energy the only problem is it cost too much money and I can't afford to buy a lot of it. I look forward to their 20% discounts on occasion I wish it was a little cheaper because I would rather take kratom then Vicodin

Great Product by Deborah on 01/03/2019

Amazing Kratom/Excellent Service/Fast Delivery

good for fibro sufferers by Tracy on 01/03/2019

I've been very satisfied with this for fibromyalgia. I am also happy with the service provided, prompt and user-friendly.

good for fibro sufferers by Tracy on 01/03/2019

I've been very satisfied with this for my fibromyalgia. I am also pleased with the company and the prompt and easy service they provide.

Pain Relief by james on 01/03/2019

The product is excellent for anxiety attacks and stress relief.

Good by Doug on 01/02/2019

Helps with pain, but takes about an hour to take effect. Also provides energy, but milder effect than caffeine.

Daytime by Jessica on 01/01/2019

Definitely great in the daytime, gave my energy for hours after taking only 4 pills. Would definitely recommend this.

Mellow Yellow by James on 12/31/2018

Excellent product as I expected. Yellow - energy with calmness.

Red Vein Indo by Gary on 12/31/2018

I'm totally new to the use of Kratom and have only been using it for a few days now. I've got some pretty serious health issues that I've been dealing the past 20 yrs from a military injury. I'm still finding out what dosage that works for me but I started with 5 capsules in the morning and 5 capsules in the evening hoping that it will be able to replace the fentanyl and morphine I take. I’ll do another review once I have a week or two track record of usage

Fantastic by Jason on 12/31/2018

Hands down the best for pain relief!

Great product by Troy on 12/31/2018

Great product quick shipping overall great experience A++

Wonderful for pain relief by Jason on 12/31/2018

This is the best at relieving pain out of all the strains I have tried! Before I started taking this, the neck pain I experience is absolutely debilitating! With this, I'm able to at least get out of the bed!

I love it by Lindsey on 12/29/2018

I have five discs messed up in my back but don’t want to take prescription pain pills and this is the answer

Good product, usps slow by Tab on 12/29/2018

Products great, but shipping with USPS infuriates me pay for 3 day most often arrives on day 6. This is NOT companys fault, but save your $ do free ship

Excellent by Troy on 12/29/2018

Great product easy order and quick shipping will order again A+++

love this product by Joyce on 12/27/2018

I take 2 at night and it helps me sleep through the night so I don't wake up in pain.

Energy! by Erin on 12/19/2018

I have lupus and am always tired. White and Green MD have given me my life back. These particular caps are my favorite. Plenty of energy and no hard crash. Extremely pleased customer!

Bali by Nancy on 12/18/2018

I like this product because it is very mellow and calms my headaches. It has no side effects like opiates do. I like that it doesn't make me loopy.

Excellent Product by Peter on 12/18/2018

Great stuff. Great pain relief!

helps pain but I don't get energy by Erika on 12/17/2018

This strain definitely works with my back pain but I don't get the energy that other people get. Seems to make me pretty sleepy honestly.

Good For Daytime by Erika on 12/17/2018

Works well on back/nerve pain and anxiety without making you overly sleepy.

inconsistent by Terry on 12/17/2018

Second time ordering this version. My first time experience was quite positive. While not particularly good by itself, mixing the Green Maeng D with the Super Bali it gave me a better experience than either alone; very satisfactory. This batch, however, provides neither the same pain relief nor the "lift" I felt with the prior batch. Not sure what's causing the difference.

Keeps me calm and peaceful by Lorian on 12/17/2018

This is a very good strain. Provides a very peaceful and warm feeling which helps me get through some stressful days. Very recommended.

Works Really Well by Michelle on 12/16/2018

I use for anxiety and pain control, and they work pretty well. Unfortunately, I’ve got to take quite a few to get the desired effect. But, worth the money.

Good Source of Energy by Monique on 12/15/2018

The White Maeng Da Thai Kratom (Capsules) are a good source of energy without the jitters. Helped me get motivated to tackle my day. Highly recommended!!!

Super green Malaysia by KRISTA on 12/14/2018

I was buying the product from a local store and it was inconsistent because They filled the capsules by hand and I have noticed there were not consistent I am so thrilled that I found this website. I love the Super Green Malaysia. I'm not in pain, depression, or insomnia any more. I'm a different person because the problems that Doctors were telling me there was nothing they could do for me. I love this website and every product they make.

Red indo by Sheila on 12/14/2018

If it wasn’t for this stuff I would still be on morphine. I’m so glad I discovered this precious little plant

Fantastic - really helps by Mike on 12/13/2018

Thanks to this strain I am now completely drug free. Incredibly helpful.

Great for pain. by Carroll on 12/13/2018

I have tried the Green Maeng Da and Red Bali kratom. I take for occasional nagging back and tendonitis in my wrists. Both work really well. I recently decided to try the White Maeng Da and think this helps pain a little better. I believe they all might work differently for everyone. Customer service is great I had an issue logging in they fixed very quickly. I receive my orders quickly no complaints at all with product or service.

Super premium bali by Sheila on 12/13/2018

I usually take red Indo, but in the morning I take this one seems to work better when you comes to pepping me up even though I take the maximum dose. So Super premium Bali is pretty good also.

Red indo by Sheila on 12/13/2018

This stuff is really a miracle! I actually don’t have to take my marching anymore. And I don’t have any side effects like I do on morphine.

Great product/ great company by angela on 12/12/2018

I have not had to go back to the dr for pain or nerves since I found this product. It also has regulated my bowel. Amazing relief. I never want to be with out it. And your company is so trustworthy and easy to find and order my product. Thank you so much

Pain relief/ no bad side effects by angela on 12/12/2018

I’m so relieved that I found this product. Helps with pain and nerves. I love this company. So trustworthy and easy to find and order my selection. I feel blessed to have found product and this company. Thank you so much.

Red indo by Sheila on 12/11/2018

I started using this product probably two months ago. I’ve actually stopped my morphine. I’m amazed at how well it works. Along with relieving my pain I can sleep at night I don’t have chronic insomnia anymore and anxiety levels have dropped considerably so far as I’m concerned this is a great product. Let’s keep it Legal!

Pain relief by Amy on 12/10/2018

Helps with my severe pain

Super green by Troy on 12/10/2018

Tried the super green for first time and another great product and still quick shipping A++++

GREAT by S on 12/10/2018

The best product time and time again. seriously reliable burst of energy with this strand. Highly recommended strand out of all of the types available!

pain reliever by Erika on 12/06/2018

Good pain reliever. Helps me sleep through the night instead of waking 1-3x per night with pain. Would definitely recommend.

Love by Erika on 12/06/2018

So this stuff works pretty well on it's own but added with the kratom I can actually have pain free hours. It's been years since I've had anything like that. Helps the energy levels too.

Price by Booyah on 12/06/2018

Good product, expensive for what you get.

Bali Super Premium by Karen on 12/05/2018

This strain works well for me, helps with energy through out the day.

Excellent Balanced Product by Todd on 12/05/2018

Green Malaysian has great consistency for daily use. My dosing level has not changed in 6 months and there are no diminished effects within the same time frames. Would highly recommend to calm anxiety and provide balance throughout your day.

works for me by raymond on 12/05/2018

it sis about the same as the bali red for me i like it helps me get to9 sleep at night takes away the leg pain

Order received.....5****** by Alan on 12/04/2018

My order finally came on. No fault of Kratomcaps as they shipped it promptly, it was just temporarily lost in the mail but finally arrived today. Thanks again!

Super Helpful by Am on 12/04/2018

Awesome energy helps with cramps and other aches and pains!

Finally found something to help increase my energy. by Sarah on 12/04/2018

I have tried everything in order to have more energy. Most products either don't work or cause increased heart rate. These work great and no jitters.

Great every day by JL on 12/04/2018

great for postive mood and energy

Great for focus by JL on 12/04/2018

brings my anxiety down and helps me focus

Great at night by JL on 12/04/2018

helps with chronic pain and getting sleep

Nightime by Tab on 12/03/2018

Go to at night for pain

Great for Mood & Pain by Cal on 12/03/2018

Always loved red vein, and at 5 pills this particular strain gave me a great mood boosting effect, and at 10 pills was more effective than many rx analgesic options. Would recommend to anyone!!

Works wonders by Ashley on 12/03/2018

I have a chronic nerve condition, I tried these and for the first time in almost 4 years I had a pain free day!

Great by Christina on 12/02/2018

This product is amazing gave me energy and helped with the pain in my back.

Love product but haven't received my latest order by Alan on 12/02/2018

I love the Super Green Malay as it seems to work best for my L4-5 fusion and nerve pain. My only complaint is I placed an order for the Super green on 11/20/18 and still haven't received it as of 12/2/18. Tracking # with USPS keeps saying in transit to next facility. Sounds like it's lost in the mail, not the fault of Kratomcaps but sounds like my money on this order is lost. Usually receive my order in 2-3 business days once shipped. I do appreciate Kratomcaps for carrying the Super Green Malay, just wish I would receive mine.

Wonderful product has reduced my chronic pain significantly by Carol on 12/01/2018

Yes it is a lifesaver for me! I am very pleased with the red vein kratom. I suffer with arthritis in my hands, back & hip also herniated disc in back & neck. Since the government decided any one with severe pain is a drug addict my pain doctors only want to do shots into joints and surgical procedures to help with pain. I have found a great measure of relief with red vein kratom which is great. Please keep this product available! I can now wrap my grandkids Christmas presents. Thank you! Sent from my iPhone

good product for me by peggy on 12/01/2018

has helped with my chronic pain. also a calming effect. will keep ordering

good product by peggy on 12/01/2018

has helped with my chronic pain. also a calming effect. will keep ordering

Great for daytime by Susan on 12/01/2018

I find the red vein Indo best for pain but this strain is great for daytime due to the mix of mild pain relief and energy.

Great for daytime by Susan on 12/01/2018

I find the red vein Indo best for pain but this strain is great for daytime due to the mix of mild pain relief and energy.

Good product by Richard on 12/01/2018

Seems to work well for my pain.

Pain relief similar to Rx but less powerful by Michael on 11/30/2018

I tried the akumma four days after I finished the chuchuhuasi I had received in the same order. Effects seemed to start after 1 hour and were similar to C22H27NO9, but not as strong. Pain relief lasted approximately 4 to 5 hours after becoming noticeable. In addition to pain relief, I experienced a warm flush and mild sedation. I will try this again and post another review.

Moderately effective pain relief and some reduction of inflammation by Michael on 11/30/2018

By itself, chuchuhuasi gave pain relief that was not as strong as kratom, but it was noticeable. There seemed to be a minor reduction in joint inflammation after the chuchuhuasi start working. This being my first time using it, it is hard to tell exactly when it started working, but it seemed to take 45 minutes to 90 minutes before relief was felt. I am going to try it again and post a another review.

Effective and long lasting by Michael on 11/30/2018

The pain relieving effects of this strain reminded me of green Bali, but were stronger and easily lasted a full hour longer. For myself, yellow Vietnam seems like it begins working a few minutes sooner and the pain relief starts and ends gradually.

Satisfied by Joseph on 11/30/2018

I am very pleased with the results.

Great strain by Amanda on 11/29/2018

This is a really good strain that seems to help with energy.

Customer service and product by Troy on 11/28/2018

Customer service is quick and excellent great product no problems here. A+++++

A must try for chronic pain by Robert on 11/28/2018

If you suffer chronic pain, like back pain from scoliosis...try this strain. It literally makes a world of a difference and can finally give you a break from pain. Very good for back pain.

Wonderful! by Jessi on 11/27/2018

Absolutely love this strain with Maeng Da! It works great for stress and anxiety!

Great for energy by ME on 11/27/2018

Green Malay is great for energy. I have been trying different strains and combos and like green strains for energy.

Amazing by Chris on 11/26/2018

This works really well, I got good rest when I went to bed. Helped with pain and relaxing without being tired. Gonna Buy again for sure.

Good Product! by Timothy on 11/26/2018

Overall good product, im looking for more energy though.

Fantastic! by Tyler on 11/26/2018

Great stuff! Works for everything!

Great Product! by John on 11/26/2018

This is great for pain and sleeping.

Good product by Sierra on 11/25/2018

Tried other brands, definitely prefer this one! Helps with my chronic pain!

Awesome product. by Rebecca on 11/25/2018

Awesome product. Im now ordering my 2nd bottle of the Red Vein. I wish i had found this sooner.

Good for energy and pain by M on 11/25/2018

This worked well for energy and pain.

Another good product by ME on 11/25/2018

Red Bali seemed to work well for me. It helped with pain without making me sleepy.

Yellow vein by Dave on 11/23/2018

Great for energy and pain relief.

Quality particulate by Cian on 11/23/2018

The product was sifted as mentioned, all excessive metals were removed, the smell was original and color was of decent quality, it could be lighter in color but i'm not picky about the sources the seller chooses. The thickness and quantity was great in quality over gelatin samples and had possessed qualities of such a manner which were superior to the gelatin variety. The water dissolving properties was somewhat lacking but due to humidity conditions difficult to tell based on the reactions. Personally, referencing a white strain for a new detection system is actually required due to the difficulties that may be present in detecting red, I'm not sure about this but I'm about to try the detection of the red vein because I've got too many normal detections on white vein.; the best option is to review a type which isn't so specifically understood, aka maeng da. I'll report back on any new types I try.

Great product by Jennifer on 11/23/2018

This is one of my favorite strains. High quality and great company to work with. Highly recommend! is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 4404 user reviews.