Saving 20% on every order just became easier! Download the Strike app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Strike is an App that makes paying with bitcoin easy, without dealing with bitcoin.

Follow these simple steps to setup Strike so you can easily pay for your order!

1. Open the Strike App to get started.

2. Enter your email address. A confirmation code will be sent to your email.

Enter the confirmation code that Strike emailed you.

Choose a username. This can be anything you choose.

Enter your First and Last Name to setup your account.

Enter your cell phone number. A confirmation code will be sent to your phone for verification.

Enter the confirmation code that Strike just texted you.<

Strike confirms your bank account easily and securely using the same services used by Quicken and many other financial products.

Choose your bank from the screen and login to link your account. You will be able to easily and securely add money to spend once your account is linked!

After placing your order on our website open Strike and click the Pay button.

Simply scan the QR code to submit the payment after the order is placed. Thats it! You just saved 20% on your order!