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Yellow Vietnam Kratom Powder - 1 Ounce (28 Grams)

Product Review (submitted on May 9, 2019):

I have advanced a bit more in using the powder and I will only order a small quantity of pills to use while traveling or when powder can't be prepared. I use a tall glass glass. It helps control the powder from puffing out into the air. I use a couple spoon fulls of plain yogurt and about three teaspoons of Kratom. Mix slowly. From there I can eat it but also sometimes add Almond Milk and it is then a drink. I have also tried adding honey, syrup and even chocolate syrup. After drinking, I dribble water into the glass to get every last particle. Still, the best aspect of the product is that when I sit or lie down, I feel restful, But all I need to do is get up and I have plenty of energy. I have chronic back pain, disk on disk. This product helps me live pain free during the entire day. I get up every morning with back pain then do a workout of lifting weights and cardio. I am 63. It needs to be legalized in every state. We give medication to children to control ADHD. I am not a medical person but don't see the difference.