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Yellow Vietnam Kratom Powder - 1 Ounce (28 Grams)

Product Review (submitted on April 21, 2019):

I am not one to distinguish small differences in taste or effect (coke tastes like pepsi to me). I found that mixing the powder with a couple scoops of yogurt with a good stir makes the taste fine. If using plain yogurt just add a chopped banana. I probably use too much. I use about one third of a bottle but the best thing about all of the Kratom I have tried is when I sit or lay down to rest, I feel bliss. When I get up, I immediately feel energy. I cut back on drinking alcohol a lot. Alcohol does not have the pleasure for me. I also prefer Kratom over opioid. I had a few surgeries and know the effects of opioids and also recognize their addictive qualities. We need to have Kratom legalized in all states.