White Maeng Da Thai Kratom (50 Capsules)
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Works Great.
Review by Debbie / (Posted on 9/18/2020)
Loving life now that I am pain free.
White works the very best for me. Red is second and all the others are a distant third. I suffer from severe pain in my right leg. Several surgeries later and the pain is still there. It hurts so bad it brings me to tears. The doctors pretty much said to suffer as they would not prescribe narcotics. (they did not want to deal with the DEA) I was contemplating getting pills off the street but did not trust they would be real pain pills with no fentanyl mixed in. Thank God I found your web site as the white kratom eliminates the pain without me having to worry about getting dependent like I would with narcotics. I feel like I have my life back. I can play with my grandkids and keep up with them. (they are both 5). Now when they say "Papa lets go outside and play I can actually go play hide and seek with them and I even built them a tree fort. I am part of my older kid's lives now and we regularly get together. I can go shopping with my wife and now that I am pain-free I am much more interested and able to be intimate with my wife. Thank you for the service you provide. Life is wonderful. I was missing out on life when I was in so much pain. My wife says I am no longer an old grump.
Review by Gary / (Posted on 9/10/2020)
High quality
absolutely the best quality kratom.
Review by Bob / (Posted on 8/28/2020)
White Maeng Da is my absolute favorite!
White Maeng Da is a great alternative to energy drinks and other mood enhancers. It gives you a long lasting energy boost, and improves your mental state! I highly recommend!
Review by Meiz / (Posted on 8/25/2020)
My favorite for energy!
My all time favorite so far! On those days when i don’t have the energy but a lot to do the White Maeng Da Thai does the trick! It gives me all the energy I need, no jitters and keeps me going all day! Great for those aches & pains too!
Review by Ann / (Posted on 6/27/2020)
Excellent Product
This is the only thing I use to get me thru the day on the computer with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Review by Fatina / (Posted on 6/26/2020)
One of the best strains, right up there with red indo. Great company the absolute best!
Review by Bob / (Posted on 6/10/2020)
White Maeng Da Thai capsules
This strain gives me a lot of energy, really improves my mood and takes the edge off my pain. I haven’t had any ill effects from any of the products I’ve tried from this company. Great customer service and high quality products!
Review by Deborah / (Posted on 6/3/2020)
white vs yellow
I tired both as a substitute to my vyvance and the white worked wonders for me!
Review by Kelsi / (Posted on 5/13/2020)
Great energy and concentration
I love the white strains for the mornings to help me get my day going, get me motivated, and give me energy. This White Maeng Da does not disappoint at all! I have pretty severe ADHD as well and this product really helps me focus. Try blending it with the Super a Premium Bali as well to prolong the effects. Excellent quality, very fast shipping!
Review by Kerry / (Posted on 4/8/2020)

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