Kratom is taken and prepared several ways. The most popular are as a traditional tea, "toss-and-washed", or in capsule form. While there are benefits to all of the different ways kratom is taken, kratom capsules are by far the easiest and most convenient. Here are our top three reasons why kratom capsules are better than powder:


1. Avoid the taste.

While some people actually enjoy the flavor of a traditional kratom tea or kratom powder, most people report they do not. Kratom capsules are a convenient way to take kratom without being subjected to the distinct taste of kratom. Our gelatin capsules are polished to remove residue after encapsulation, so you should taste almost nothing. Kratom capsules are a convenient way to take kratom while avoiding the distinct taste.


2. Know precisely how much kratom you are taking.

People measure their kratom powder by the tablespoon. One tablespoon is equal to about 2.5 grams, or about 5 of our 500mg capsules. The thing is, these heaping tablespoons can get taller and taller with time. People that think they are taking 2.5 grams are actually taking more than 3 grams as they heap on the tallest mountain of kratom they can onto their spoon. Each of our capsules contains exactly 500mg of kratom powder with no more than the FDA allowed margin of discrepancy. So, each time you take 5 capsules you are taking exactly 2.5 grams. No more, no less.


3. Convenient to travel.

Lets face it, whipping out a bottle of kratom powder and “toss and washing” in front of friends or family can get you some strange looks. It is almost expected for a bit to spill off your spoon and end up on your shirt, or to have some of the powder embarrassingly stuck in your teeth. Here in the USA we are accustomed to dietary supplements being taken in capsule form for a reason. It is simply more convenient! Even the TSA might give any powder substance more scrutiny while traveling than encapsulated supplements. Capsules are the more socially understood method of taking supplements.