We offer a variety of products to our customers to choose from so they can find what works best for them:

  • Our kratom capsules are easy for consumption for people who don't enjoy the kratom taste. The capsules are packaged using a layer of soluble gelatin. Capsules are easily portable and are easy to consume.
  • Our kratom powder mixes well with water, juice, or coffee. Kratom powder is perfect for the “toss and washes” technique. Usually, the effects are faster than the capsules. The 1oz powder is easy to store or carry.
  • Our powder kilogram bags are an advantage to people that frequently take kratom because they are paying a lower cost. We offer kilograms for our best and more potent strains, Green, Red, and white.
  • Our extremely potent and effective 2oz full spectrum kratom liquid drink is available in orange cream flavor and mocha flavor.
  • An amazing synergistic formulation of Turmeric and Kratom designed to help improve quality of life! Containing a powerful 4x curcumin turmeric root extract in our propitiatory blend of green vein kratom, this formulation has been shown to promote the reduction of inflammation with its anti-inflammatory properties and support healthy joints and muscles.
  • Akauamma has been used medicinally for hundreds of years in Africa. The different naturally occurring alkaloids found in the Akuamma seeds powder are responsible for reducing pain and coping with chronic pain conditions.
  • Chuchuhuasi is a tree that grows in the Amazon. Traditionally, people take the bark the tree orally for arthritis, back pain, broken bones, diarrhea, complications after childbirth, joint disorders, sexual arousal, and as a tonic.
  • Kava is an herb that has traditionally been brewed into tea to support healthy mood, stress, and anxiety levels. Our Kava 30% extract support healthy stress levels, also it has been shown to support sleep quality.

A guide to our kratom strains