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People are getting interested in this type of supplement for a number of reasons. Many of these are based on the idea of holistic health – that your mind and body are connected, and that you can help one by helping the other. Another is the practice of herbalism, which has been a part of the human experience through many millennia, although it's kind of getting sidelined by big pharma. Herbalism is legal, though, it's often seen as a great proactive way to live naturally.

Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements tend to fall into that category of low-intervention treatments that are popular with people who don't want to rely on pills. Over-the-counter supplements don't usually have dramatic side effects that you have to worry about, and many of them are made from natural plants. Kratom is one of these, so when you research the history of the plant itself, you get the supplement's history. Of course, you always want to be careful with any supplement, and get medical advice as you would with anything!

Kratom and Opioid Receptors

The theory is that kratom acts and binds to opioid receptors, which has led the FDA to call it an "opioid substance" – which is actually abundantly subjective. But kratom is legal and sold over-the-counter. In addition, with the right care and precaution, users are not likely to get the hallucinations and more dramatic effects of higher dosages.

Like many other dietary supplement products that are rather obscure, kratom is generally seen as a mood-altering supplement or something that is basically an elective use product. There's a consensus that it doesn't dramatically impact your core medical health but may enhance that mind-body connection just enough to be worth putting into your routine. (As mentioned, it's critically important to always be cautious and think about your care plan, whether that involves a supplement, a medication or an intervention.)

That's basically what we're talking about here – a natural supplement regimen that's low-impact and low risk. Some people say that with these kinds of products, you really only get a placebo effect – but others disagree. People use kratom, ideally starting out with small micro-doses, and see what it does for them.

Take a look at our products and feel free to ask us any questions about them. We take care to bring the highest quality natural kratom to our visionary e-commerce store. We want you to feel comfortable buying from us, and embarking on a journey that so many others have taken – a journey toward herbalism and its opportunities.