There are different types of Kratom based on where it’s from and the color of the central vein


Malaysian Kratom is a moderate strain, making it great for those new to Kratom and experienced users alike. It has a balance of effects like energy and relaxation, providing both stimulation and relief in one dose. Malaysian Kratom provides an uplifting feeling without being too intense or overwhelming. Its effects are relatively short-lived, making it perfect for those who need quick relief from stress or discomfort but don't want the long-lasting effects of stronger strains. Malaysian Kratom can help you stay productive throughout the day while also providing mild relief when needed.

Thailand Kratom:

Thai Kratom is one of the most energetic and stimulating strains. It provides an intense burst of energy and focus, making it great for staying energized throughout the day. Thai Kratom is also known to have powerful relieving effects and can help users have a more positive outlook on life. However, due to its potency, this strain should be used in smaller doses than other types of Kratom.


Bali/ Borneo:

Bali Kratom is a relaxing strain that helps to reduce stress and provide mild relief. No matter which type of kratom you choose, be sure to use it responsibly and always follow the instructions provided by your supplier.



Energetic, moderate, and sedative effects. The color is normally red, green, white and yellow. The location and the color generally determinate its speed and potency. The speed can be moderate, fast or slow.

Kratom leaves and powder
Red vein kratom leaves

Fast strains of Kratom which have very high concentrations of alkaloids and tend to produce more stimulating effects than other types. These fast-acting Kratom strains can provide an energy boost and mental clarity.


The more intense strain is known as the "strong strain." This type of Kratom contains a higher concentration of alkaloids, making it more potent than other strains. It can provide an energy boost and help promote relief in larger doses. It can be used for mental focus and productivity.


Slow strains could be more relaxing and chill.


Moderate strains are between the two, making you calm and productive. Moderate strains could offer you a balanced experience of energy and relaxation. It can provide stimulation to help you focus and has some relieving effects. This type of kratom is used for improving mood, reducing stress, and helping with mild relief. Moderate strains are typically recommended for beginners in order to get an idea of how Kratom will affect them.

Kratom Doses and Speed

Kratom speed, or kratom's effect on increasing alertness and focus, is a subject of debate among Kratom advocates. While some users report an increased sense of mental clarity and focus after taking Kratom, others warn that it can cause jitters and anxiety when used in large doses. It has been said that Kratom can act as an energy-boosting stimulant when consumed in low to moderate doses; however, the effects are mild compared to other stimulants like caffeine or prescription drugs. Some people also believe that Kratom can help with concentration and mental clarity by acting as a mild nootropic (a substance which positively affects cognitive abilities).


Due to its potentially stimulating effects, it's important for those using Kratom to pay close attention to their tolerance dosis. If a user takes too much, they may experience adverse effects that could include increased anxiety or jitters. Therefore, it's best to start with small amounts and increase the dose gradually until an optimal level of effect is achieved. Additionally, it's important to remember that Kratom has not been approved by the FDA for any medical uses and should be used with caution.


Ultimately, Kratom speed is something that needs to be explored cautiously and carefully monitored in order to ensure safety and avoid unpleasant side effects. By taking the time to understand how your body responds to different doses of Kratom and paying close attention to tolerance levels, you can use this herbal supplement as a natural way to boost your alertness and focus.