Chuchuhuasi is a native tree from the Peruvian Amazon. This tree grows in humid tropical weather.

Chuchuhuasi is also known with other names in Latino America as chuchuguaza, chuchuguazo,chuchuwasa, chuchuhuasha,etc. It's scientific name is Maytenus macrocarpa.

This amazing tree has known for centuries for its medicinal benefits. The name came from chuchu (sunrise) ans huasha (sunset).

Chuchuhuasi has so many benefits and it has been traditionally used as:

  • Increasing libido for men and women.
  • Balancing the hormonal system
  • Relaxation
  • Anti-inflammatory
chuchuhuasi tree
Chuchuhuasi shaman

The Natives from the Bora-Bora ethnic group of Loreto, Peru have known for using chuchuhuasi as:

  • Analgesic
    Postpartum antihemorrhagic
  • Urinary problems

The healers from Lima, Peru has known for using chuchuhuasi to:
  • Bronchitis
  • Bone pain
  • Sexual Frigidity
    Pain in general

Chuchuhuasi is a powerful medicinal plant found in the Amazon rainforest, known for its numerous health benefits. With its potent anti-inflammatory properties, it helps alleviate joint and muscle pain, making it beneficial for arthritis and sports injuries. Chuchuhuasi also acts as a natural aphrodisiac, enhancing libido and sexual performance. Additionally, it supports digestive health, reducing bloating and improving nutrient absorption. Its immune-boosting properties strengthen the body's defenses, while its antioxidant content aids in detoxification and promotes youthful skin. Chuchuhuasi is a remarkable natural remedy that offers a range of wellness benefits.