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How It Works

Once you become a member of the program, you are supplied with a pack of banners, text links and other marketing materials that you can promote wherever you like. When users click on one of the links you placed, they will be directed to our online store and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate program. Each time such users complete a purchase, you earn commission!
Earn Commission

Real-Time Statistics

The program membership ensures a twenty-for-hour access to your personal account equipped with real-time stats. Check your sales, traffic, account balance and see how your banners are performing.

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We have several programs, some paying as high as 30% per sale! Cookies expire in 30 days and we pay commission on the lifetime sales of the customers. This means huge commission for you because more than 80% of our customers are repeat customers for years.

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Most other affiliate programs pay you once a month. We know the more cash flow you have the more you can promote our products. That is why we payout weekly! Sign-up now to become a part of the best affiliate program in the kratom industry.

Are You A New Affiliate?

Please create an account at our site and navigate to your account area once logged in. Then please accept the Terms & Conditions on the Affiliate Settings tab to participate in the affiliate programs.

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